1/7 Completed

Day 1:  Make Your Opt-in Forms Irresistible

60 Second Summary

To get more subscribers, you need to answer this question:

“Why would my visitor subscribe to my mailing list? What’s in it for them?”

Nobody wants to subscribe to another newsletter. You need to bribe your visitors into giving their email address. By answering the question "What's in it for them" you'll find the benefit of your offer. 

If you're already giving away something such as a free ebook, video course, checklist,... you can start with the feature of your freebie and add "This will help/allow you to". By doing this you'll automatically find the benefit of your offer. ​

Use this benefit in the headline of your opt-in form.

Day 1 Action Plan

Write down the benefits your visitors will get if they opt-in to your list.

Extra Resources

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