7 Hacks to Unlock the Hidden Potential of Thrive Content Builder

However long you’ve been using Thrive Content Builder, you’ve probably realized how easy it is to use for creating web content.

Buttons, columns, tables, even complete landing page templates, all flow onto your webpage like magic.

Yet, you're merely scratching the surface of this massive toolkit.

You know that one button whose function you never really understood? Or the pile of knowledge base articles that you know exists, but never got around to reading?

You have this tingling feeling that Thrive Content Builder is much more than its basic functions.​

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface?

Join me for a dive deep into TCB. Let's unlock some of that hidden potential, shall we?​


The Expert Features Hidden Right Under Your Nose

Thrive Content Builder is not some secondhand kludgejob. It's a premium class WYSIWYG-builder designed to speed up your workflow.

It's jam packed with features designed to streamline your work process. Most of these features are intuitively available, but some require paying closer attention.

TCB Hack #1: Use the Source Code View to Export Your Content to Other Sites

Do you work between multiple sites?

Perhaps you need to duplicate content between your business blog and your personal blog. Maybe you're migrating between hosting services, or maybe you'd like to create a post on your own site before sending it out to be published.

What you're looking for is a feature for exporting and importing TCB​ content. The simplest way to do that is using the HTML button.

Here's how you use the HTML code export:

1. Click the HTML symbol on your toolbar:

2. Select all of the content that appears in the modal window (click the field and press CTRL + A):

3. Open your second TCB window and click on the HTML button again.

4. Paste your HTML content and click the "Save" button:

5. Your new post content should appear identical to your original one:

Congratulations, you've successfully exported and imported your content!​

Copying Content Inside the Same Site

Source code copy isn't necessary when you are copying content within the same site. If you're using one of our themes, you can use the cloning feature for a much quicker way to accomplish the same thing.

For a quick way to copy elements to another post on your site, use the content templates.​

Use the HTML Copy Technique for:

  • Migrating your content when moving to another hosting service.
  • Copying content between your sites.
  • Creating a post in your own WordPress site and then sending it to be published elsewhere, like a guest posting site.
  • Creating a longterm backup of your content or article.

TCB Hack #2: Reduce Your Mouse Miles With Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that TCB has a bunch of key shortcuts to save your time and ease your workflow? Here are my favorite ones:

Quick Select to Edit or Move Multiple Elements At Once

CTRL selecting and moving multiple elements

You know when you're building a huge page and need to move a group of elements to somewhere else on the page?

You realize how awkward and slow it is to drag them one by one to their new location?​

Same goes for changing a style option on multiple elements. 

Click click.

Trying to go through the elements one by one can take years!

No, much better to CTRL select multiple elements and save yourself futile mouse swinging.

CTRL + click (or CMD + click)
  • Moving, or editing multiple elements at a time.

Access the Outermost (Bottom) Element

You know when you're trying to access the outside or bottom element, but you keep hitting an element that's on top? It's frustrating and cumbersome.

Trying to delete the bottom element by clicking the red X

When you hold the Shift-key, your clicks will go straight to the bottom-most element. Now you can delete or edit the bottom-element without additional mouse acrobatics.

Same thing while holding Shift-key

Shift + click
  • Delete or edit the bottom-element in a stack of elements.

Other Key-Combinations for Basic Functions

If you're in a writing or editing flow, you don't want to break focus to move your mouse and look for a simple function button.

If you've edited documents or photos before, you'll find certain key combinations come natural to you. Luckily TCB responds to many of them, and you can continue working without interruption.

CTRL + S (or CMD + S):
  • Quick saving a document.
CTRL + Z (or CMD + Z):
  • Undoing the previous action.
CTRL + Shift + V (or CMD + Shift + V):
  • Paste without formatting - works for copy-pasting text.
CTRL + B, CTRL + I, CTRL + U (or CMD + B, CMD + I, CMD +U):
  • Bold, italicize, underline the selected text.

TCB Hack #3: Use a Static Background Feature to Add Flair to Your Page

Feeling a bit adventurous in your landing page design?

With the static background-option, your content will flow over your page like a magic carpet. It's a cool way to add some depth to your page.

Here's how you use the static background:

1. Create a new Page in WordPress and edit it with Thrive Content Builder.

2. Choose a new landing page from the menu.

3. Go to the Thrive Template Cloud.

4. Download the Blank Full Width Page template and open it.

5. Now make a few copies of the Page Section-element.

6. Click on a Page Section-element and click "Background image."

7. Select a background image you would like to scroll your content over. Now your page section should have a background image.

8. Click on the page section again, and select "Static image."

9. Make a few copies of the page section element and scroll your page. See how the background stays put, while your content scrolls?

You've effectively turned a few of those page sections into a "window", looking into a static background. Go ahead and use this technique to create some stunning landing pages!​

Static Backgrounds on Blog Posts

This guide is for creating landing pages, but Thrive Theme-users can also insert Page sections into blog posts. 

Use the Static Background for:

  • Creating an impressive and memorable landing page.

TCB Hack #4: Group and Save Your Custom Elements for Quick Re-use

You’ve polished and set up a group of elements to agonizingly specific detail. Every shade of colour, every bit of text and custom button. You’ve customized their margins and positioned them perfectly on your page.

One day you make another page, and you desperately want to use the same group of elements. Do you spend hours recreating your carefully customized elements?

You could do that, but the simpler and faster way is to create a content template out of your original design and insert it into your new page.

Create a content template using a single element:

1. Click the element you would like to reuse elsewhere. In the example below, we use a text element, but this can be any single element: an image, a content box, a table, etc.

2. Click on the Content Template-symbol in the corner of the element menu.

3. You'll be presented with an option to save your template. Give it a name and click Save. Now your element is saved for later use.

4. To retrieve your saved content template, click on Content Templates in your TCB toolbar.

5. Now you can drag&drop the saved template into your content like any other TCB element.

You've just created a content template out of a single element, but using a group of elements isn't much different.

Create a content template using a group of elements:

1. We will use a Content Container to collect your elements. Drag&drop a Content Container from your TCB toolbar.

2. Move the elements you would like to include in this template into the content container.

3. Now save the Content Container as a content template.

4. From here on it's the same as with the single element content templates.

Use the Content Templates For:

  • Quickly reproducing a single element or a group of elements into any page within the same WordPress site.

TCB Hack #5: Create a Custom Palette of Your Favorite Colors

Imagine designing a landing page using a color palette unique to your brand or image. You need to shuffle three or more color codes between a notepad and a selection of different elements, all the while trying to keep a good workflow going.

Sounds like a pain, right?​

Luckily, using TCB, you don't need to memorize all those hex-codes to create a custom palette. All you need to do is save your palette into the favorite colors-space.

Here's how you save your favorite colors:

1. Click on an element to open the element menu. Then click on the Color-selector button.

2. Click on the color button beneath "Custom Colors."

3. Choose a colour from the palette or insert a color code. Then click on "Save as Favourite Color."

4. Your favorite colors are now stored in the "Text color"-row, which can be found in every element's color selection.

Use the Favorite Colors For:

  • Save single colors or a complete custom palette for quick access during your editing process.

TCB Hack #6: Access Previous Saves With the Revision Manager

For whatever reason, you realize your current work-in-progress isn't quite going as you planned, and you want to undo a bunch of stuff. But CTRL + Z only goes so far! 

What to do? Will you retrace your steps and try to piece together your changes?

You don't need to. Let TCB handle it! Revision Manager allows you to fall back to previous save states.​

Here's how you use Revision Manager:

1. Click the Revision Manager-button in your toolbar.

2. In the modal window you'll find your previous saves. Press "Restore This Revision" to restore a previous save state.

Use the Revision Manager to:

  • Access and fall back to an earlier TCB save state than the one you're using currently.

TCB Hack #7: Animate Elements and With the Event Manager

The Event Manager is what opens the opt-in forms in your landing pages. But it hides much more power than that. You can create a number of different events with various trigger activations.

One very useful, less used event is the animation of elements. When something comes into your viewport, an element jumps at you and draws your focus. 

Here's how you use Event Manager to animate your elements:

1. Add an element, any element. For this example, we'll use an icon.

2. Open the element menu and click on "Event Manager."

3. Now you're asking Event Manager to create an event for this element. Click "Add Event."

4. Next you need to choose a trigger for the event. For this example, we will trigger the event when the element comes into the viewport.

5. Then you choose which action should take place when the event is triggered. We'll choose "Animation."

6. Define the type of animation you want for this event.

7. Click on "Save Event."

8. Your element is now animated. Save your changes and preview your page to see what happens when you scroll your element into view!

Add animations to your elements to:

  • Focus attention on a specific image, headline, or Call to Action-button.
  • Keep your reader's interest in spots where attention spans start to fail.

Tell Us Your TCB Hacks!

Now you've seen what lurks beneath those murky waters of TCB innocence.

Have you run across any special features that you found surprisingly awesome? Maybe you thought of something while reading this article.

Share your ideas and findings below!

Author: Jay Pitkänen

Jay has an affinity for red wine, Monty Python-references and content marketing. He spends his time writing killer copy for business coaches as the Copywriting Maverick.

  • Josh E says:

    Hey Jay, this is good stuff. Especially love the Shift+click to get to the bottom element tip!

    One thing I’ve been wondering, is there a way to clear out “Favorite Colors” once you’ve saved them?

    • Ayomide A says:

      This is something I’ve been wondering too, because I now have a long row of colours — mine plus the default ones, some of which I’d like to clear but can’t see how.

      Any way around this?

    • Hoya S. says:

      I have the same question regarding deleting favorite colors. There are times I change my mind about a color or change a shade just slightly. It would be nice to eliminate the one I am no longer using to avoid confusion.

    • Fiona says:

      Josh – that’s a great qn I would love to learn a way that can help me tidy up that colour pallette

    • Ayomide A says:

      I just realised something… the colours are lined up on one line, and it takes 12 options. I just got to the maximum and realised it simply pushed the first one out. So I guess that’s how the deleting happens: you just keep adding your faves until you have all the ones you need.

    • Jay says:

      Hey Josh!

      Sadly, there’s no easy way to clear out the favorites. Like Ayomide says, the only real option is to push out the old ones by saving more than 12 colors.

      • Andi S says:

        I did some thinking about the ‘Favourite Color Feature’ as I use it quite often. How about this simple solution:
        – Clicking the colors selects it.
        – SHIFT-clicking it lets the user edit the selected color to make small adjustments (or a complete change).
        – CTRL-clicking a color deletes it. (If you run out of space because your have 12 colors and you want to get rid of any other color except for the first one this is important). An alternative would be if the colors would be drag-able to change their order so the first color (the next one that gets deleted) could be chosen.

        Let me know your thoughts…


  • Hey, Jay

    Nice hacks regarding thrive content builder. It is very powerful and user friendly front end editor.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Jay says:

      Hey Tauqir!

      I’m glad you found it useful. You’re very welcome. =)


  • Sebastian U says:

    How can you make certain areas on your page printable? Such as a recipe?

    • Jay says:

      Hey Sebastian,

      That’s an excellent question. If I understand you correctly, you’d like a Print-button on some part of your post? As far as I know, it isn’t possible with TCB. At least now.

      Interesting idea though, will make a note of this.


  • Abdul says:

    I have to agree that TCB is not some “secondhand kludgejob”.

    I’m not a web designer but I feel like a pro with the results I’m getting. TCB works flawlessly 99% of the time :-) and I’m delighted with it. It FEELS like a quality piece of software when being used.

    Looking forward to more updates and functionality!

    • Jay says:

      Hey Abdul!

      So glad you’re finding it useful. Making everyone feel like a web designer is what it’s best at, I feel.

      Although 99% is quite right, it does have its quirks now and then. =)


  • Bryce M says:

    Love hack #1!! Is there any way to edit the source code for anything above the post content? I.e. I have a site that I’d like to delete the header area for my WooCommerce store so it just shows the products, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it. Any possibilities there?

    Thanks again for all the great products and information!

    • Jay says:

      Hey Bryce!

      Yeah #1 is awesome. =) You’re very welcome.

      I see what you mean, but TCB’s source code editing window is really meant only to edit TCB’s content. You can dive straight into the HTML of the page outside TCB’s limits, but I can’t really help you there. =/


  • PastorDre says:

    Wow!!! This is some good stuff. My only challenge is when I select static image my image always resizes on it’s own. Not sure why.

    • Jay says:

      Evenin, Pastor!

      Thanks, I’m glad you’re finding it useful. You can find out some real cool stuff when you start digging. =)

      Contact our support forum about the image resizing, if you like. They can answer you much quicker than I can here.


  • Ed says:

    Thanks. Nice reminder.

  • Tudor M says:

    Love the ctrl+shift+v I didn’t know about it. And other hack I’ve just discovered is that I can go to page settings>and setup the h1-h3 and paragrah fonts and style… I didn’t know that and till now I’ve set them manually on each paragraph and heading… :D

    p.s. I’m also using the thrive leads for payment forms so now I have conversions on my payment forms, impresson and so on…

    • Naizy S says:

      Page settings? Where? I can’t find this, could you point it out please? Thanks

      • Jay says:

        Hey Naizy!

        He’s talking about the Landing Page Settings you can find when you load up a landing page template and click on the Thrive Landing Pages-button, as you see here:


        Great tip, thanks Tudor!


    • Jay says:

      Hey Tudor!

      CTRL+Shift+V is awesome, right?

      The Page Settings is an excellent point, thanks for mentioning it! I hadn’t even thought of that. =)

      Also using Thrive Leads for payment forms, very clever. I’m furiously taking notes for my next TCB-project.


  • Alison says:

    LOVE LOVE this post ! The fact that TCB can do soo much is a blessing & a curse for me – new features are coming all the time and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the very power of this product. I personally would love to see frequent posts like this – just to refresh & remind me about the many tips & tricks that are at my finger tips . Cheers Alison

    • Jay says:

      Hey Alison,

      That’s so true. It can feel even intimidating to start digging into a massive product like this one. I’m glad you got some more use out of it. =)

      We’ll definitely make more of these posts!


  • Ron P says:

    This is a very helpful post and I’m a huge fan of the power and flexibility of your products. However, you mention that I can “add an element, any element” and animate it. Maybe the definition of an element isn’t clearly described (or understood on my part), but there seem to be many elements that can’t be animated. For example, text (in my defense it’s labeled as a “Paragraph/Text element” in the builder, responsive video, opt-in forms. It would be nice to animate those when they come into view. Maybe I’m missing something.

    Also, the shift-click feature is great, but if I’m in a page section, that option drills down to the page section instead of the next layer up (column, testimonial box) that I’m trying to access. Maybe create a shortcut that ignores page sections or that selects the second most bottom layer?

    Thanks for your time!

    • Jay says:

      Hey Ron!

      Thanks for the compliments.

      So, when I say “element” I mean any one of the things you can drag and drop from the TCB toolbar into your webpage.

      You’re right, it seems I was exaggerating a bit by saying ANY element. It’s indeed ALMOST any element, as the responsive video can NOT be animated in the same way as the others. =/

      But if you want to animate a bit of text, you can do it by selecting the text you want to animate and make it into a “dummylink” by linking it to #. Then you can animate this link you just created. It’s a bit of a kludge, but it might work for you.

      Opt-in forms can be animated as well. If you need help with that, please ask support!

      I understand your shift-click dilemma. Right now the power of shift-click is limited, but I’m definitely making a note of your question. We always aim to improve our products!

      Thanks for your support. =)


  • Dennis says:

    Thanks for the tips! Didn’t know all these short cuts and now I can save even more time. Love the themes and TCB!

    • Jay says:

      Hi Dennis,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Always glad to be of service!


  • Patricia says:

    Hi, I would likte to know if it is possible to make a landing page with the same header of the rest of the pages built before with word press editor.

    • Jay says:

      Hi Patricia,

      In short, no. Your header is dictated by your theme. TLP unfortunately can not replace only parts of your page.

      I would suggest you replicate your header with TCB as well as you can and save it as a content template. Then when you create new landing pages, you can just add your header from a content template.

      Hope that helps, and thanks for your interest!


  • Lavern says:

    I’m a fan of TCB and learned some things in this post, especially the keyboard shortcut to paste without formatting. Thanks for a great product.

    • Jay says:

      Hi Lavern!

      Thanks! CTRL+Shift+V is a lifesaver, innit. I don’t leave home without it anymore. =)


  • Awesome post! :)

    A lot of these features, I’ve been using already extensively with the Thrive Content Builder. Especially saving Content Templates and using the Content Containers. Very, very cool, and saves me a ton of time! :)

    Thanks for the Shift Key trick for getting to that bottom-most element!

    Other than that, I only wish there was a way to select multiple separate sentence structures in one content container.

    I know that you can hit CTRL to select multiple elements at once. However, unfortunately, it seems that I can’t select multiple sentence structures in one element at once using that trick.

    Leonardo “List Legend” LaVito
    (The Last List Building Legend)

    • Jay says:

      Hey Leonardo,

      Thank you very much. I’m glad it’s useful. =)

      I know what you mean with the different sentence structures. We’ll have to add that to the improvement list, it’s definitely a good suggestion.


  • Brayanth says:

    Great content. Just a question. Can I delete custom favorite colors?

    • Jay says:

      Hey Brayanth,

      Not directly, no. The best way to do this is replace the old colors by “pushing” them out with new ones. It’s not a perfect system right now, and we’re looking to improve this!


  • Hey Jay, awesome hacks, I wish I knew some of them few weeks ago, but they will be of help for the future for sure :)

    • Jay says:

      Hey Drazen!

      Hah you’re very welcome. Considering how much you work with this, I’m sure these tips will start saving your time very soon. =)


  • Nic says:

    Sometimes when editing, I get locked in an element with no editor menu. I used to have to save and do a hard refresh.

    We discovered by accident that the editor menu was open, but just not visible.

    Pressing escape will close you out of all elements.

    Pressing just the command (Mac) button will open and close the editor menu for the element you’re working on.

    This now saves me massive time and significant frustration.

    • Jay says:

      Hey Nic!

      Wow thanks for that tip. Yeah, pressing CTRL or ESC will get you out of most “stuck” situations.

      If this happens repeatedly, please let our support know so we can tackle the problem directly. A hard refresh shouldn’t be needed in these cases.


  • Colin says:


    Awesome tip on how to animate using Thrive (I didn’t know you could do this).
    If I have a “Buy Now” button that is an Amazon Affiliate Link can I make the button animated? Is it against TOS?


    • Jay says:

      Heya Colin!

      Yeah animations are fun, aren’t they. =)

      You can indeed animate this. You can animate ANY element. I don’t see why it would be against any T&C to do that, but if you want to be absolutely sure, might want to contact Amazon about it.


  • Jeremy says:

    Hi Shane, thank you for the continuous development of this outstanding platform!

    Quick question: if there is template A and template B, and i loved some TCB elements from Template A which i will want to “copy paste” onto Template B, how can we achieve that? Thank you!

    • Jay says:

      Hey Jeremy!

      I’m glad you like TCB. We’re very fond of it. =)

      To answer your question, the simple way is to create a template out of the elements you want to copy in Template A (using the content container, for example), then insert that template into Template B. If you want to make it neater, just remove the elements out of the content container afterwards.

      Does that help?


  • Bruce says:

    Ctrl+Shift+V – where have you been all my life!
    Presumably this will avoid that nuisance of unwanted sub paras when copy/pasting text into bullet lists.

    • Jay says:

      Hiya Bruce!

      Ain’t that the honest truth. The bullet lists, as awesome as they are, screw up SO easily. CTRL+Shift+V or pasting through notepad is pretty much the only way I get any content transferred these days.


  • aziz hida says:

    nice hacks I like the same template , but wheen I tried to use again , I clicked on it gave me the lead generation box not the whole format that I created

    • Jay says:

      Hey Aziz

      Thanks! Regarding your question, I suggest contacting our support. They can answer you quicker and more precisely than I can here!


  • David L says:

    Please, please more articles like this! Incredibly useful.

    Also a note that you need to add a dummy link to a text element (e.g. just put # in the URL field) in order to get the Event Manager to appear for “Paragraph/Text Elements”

    • Jay says:

      Hey David!

      So glad you found it useful. I had a lot of fun drilling into TCB, so will definitely try to keep this sort of content coming. =)

      That’s a great point about the dummy link. It’s because the Event Manager works through linking stuff together. I’ll see if there’s a better way than to put a dummylink there.


  • Clive says:

    I have to tell you that I simply love the Thrive Content Builder ‘et al’ and have already created pages with it that look and work great! Your extra training above will be a real help – cherry on top!

    • Jay says:

      Hey Clive!

      Thanks so much, and I’m glad you found some new ways to use TCB.


  • Alex says:

    I have a question. Can I use the event manager to hide elements on mobile devices?

    Optimize Press has a simple check box to hide elements on either tablets and or smartphones. I found it very useful.

    • Jay says:

      Hey Alex!

      Right now we don’t have that option. We try to design themes and pages completely responsive so no elements would need to be turned off in such a way.

      It would be a cool addition though, I agree.


      • Alex says:

        Thanks for the reply Jay,
        I will drop it in the suggestion box. And continue writing the custom CSS to accomplish this.

  • rg says:

    Can you elaborate on adding static pages into a blog? The blank page section you refer to is in the landing pages section. I’m not sure where to go to get such a page outside of landing pages. Thx

    • Jay says:

      Hey Rg,

      So what you need is the “Page section”-element, which is only available in some Landing Pages and Thrive Themes. You can insert it into any blog post and set a static background into the page section-element.

      The reason I didn’t elaborate on that part too much is that we have some users who (still!) don’t use Thrive Themes as their main theme.


  • Michelle Bollinger says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know about animations. Cool beans!

    • Jay says:

      Hey Michelle,

      You aren’t the only one. The Event Manager deserves its own post, it’s such a hidden powerhouse.


  • Joanbell says:

    I particularly love the content templates, this has saved me so much time. This is one cool plug-in. Thanks Thrive…. (I was happy just to not have to type into that little WP box!)

    • Jay says:

      Thanks Joanbell!

      The content templates are awesome, I couldn’t live without them myself. You can go wild with creativity with the endless customization possibilities they offer.


  • Eric Beaty says:

    After using Thrive Landing Pages (TCB included in TLP) for over a year now, I can say I don’t regret purchasing this awesome plugin for a second!

    I knew all of these shortcuts except for the bottom element one, and I’m so glad there’s a workaround for this.

    One of the things I’ve done recently is create a Thrive Blog Post template so I can clone that post instead of having to constantly create a new blog from scratch every time. Perhaps one of the best things about this is that I’ve included an image that’s sort of my “default” image for each post, containing all my settings for animations in the Event Manager.

    This way, all I need to do if I want another image is duplicate (little green button at top-left of image) it, and bam, I have another image with the exact same animations. This saves so much time having to constantly go into the EM and go through the process of adding animations.

    I also recommend saving any social media button settings in the Content Templates so you’re not always going back and adjusting them. Basically, anything you find yourself creating more than two or three times, create a template for. I also like to use this for creating any email forms, affiliate products, and twitter quotes.

    • Jay says:

      Thanks Eric!

      Making the whole blog post a template? Now that’s brilliant. I’ll have to start doing that with my own blog posts. =)

      You’re totally correct about creating templates. Make the machine do any repeat work, I always thought.


  • Jamie says:

    Great resource, but what about us newbies who aren’t sure what all the Elements even are? Is there a description of each one somewhere?

  • Daphne says:

    Very usefull! Thanks for explaining this really well!

  • Paul says:

    Thanks a million for this list of TCB hacks! I love TCB (and everything Thrive!) and now having what you have shared with us will make my job easier and and faster. And I love the animation!

    I didn’t see how to animate text, except to add a highlight color. And it didn’t stop once it was set. Are there more animations for text and can they be made to stop after one time?

  • Dale Y says:

    Great tips. Should be a direct link from the tutorials section. The ^click should help and is similar to most design programs. I have been using TCB for only a few days and finding a bit of a curve – similar to moving from PageMaker to Quark way back. The mouse has been frustrating today.
    Bullet points have been fun. And the menu is sometimes in the way when trying to write. When you chose a bunch of elements – like bullet points – can you adjust their margins and padding as a group? They seem to break into separate boxes and are like herding cats.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Dale!

      Glad you found this post useful. The issues you mentioned with the TCB interface: I agree on all counts. We’re working on improving all of those.

      Bullet points can be edited as a group, but admittedly, finding the right spot to click on can be difficult…

  • Steve C says:

    OK, how do you hide content from a mobile device? lets say I don’t want to show some content on a landing page?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      We don’t have an option for hiding content on different screen sizes yet. It’s coming in 2.0, though.

  • Jeff says:

    I’m trying to animate headlines with the Square theme and TCB… and there isn’t an Event manager option for simple text. Am I missing something?

  • Jerry Huang says:

    How do you delete the saved favorite color if you don’t want it anymore? I couldn’t find a way to do that…

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Jerry,

      New colors will override the oldest once eventually but there is no “delete” button.

  • Owen T says:

    Besides using CTRL + click to select multiple elements, is it possible to select ALL elements like a CTRL + A function? I dislike the default paragraph margin of 40 and I want to edit all the text element margins at one shot. How can I do that with tens of paragraphs? Or how can I set the default spacing?

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Owen,
      Sorry this is not an option. In the future may I suggest the following: create a text element and set the margins the way you want it. Now copy the element rather than using a new text element. This will keep the margins as set the first time (it will avoid changing all the margins afterwards). I know this does not fix your current problem, but I hope it can save you some time in the future.

      • Owen T says:

        This doesn’t work for me as I usually write in a word.doc before copying the whole article into TCB. and there are lots of paragraphs.

        I realized i could edit custom.css in theme options and it worked.

      • Hanne says:

        O I see :) I was already wondering about why it added that much margins…
        If you’re writing in a word document, word ads additional code to the text. the way to avoid this is by using SHIFT+CRTL+V for pasting.
        This will take out the formatting.
        You’ll have to put back in the paragraphs (by hitting enter after) but it’s much quicker than changing margins or CSS!

  • Joe says:

    Hey there, love Thrive and have been using for close to a year. Is there a way to create a standalone export? I create my page, press this button and have a standalone page independent of WordPress that I can then host anywhere? Instabuilder has this and I find it very useful. For now, Im having to use redirects sending them to this page from elsewhere. To me that is the coup de gras for thrive which would make it untouchable in terms of options and competition.

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