Thrive Affiliate Program: Tutorials

Tutorial videos and simple tricks to make your affiliate job easier!

Tutorial 1: Create affiliate-id links to a custom URL

  1. Open up your affiliate dashboard.
  2. Find "Custom Tracking Links" on the left.
  3. Click on "Alternate Incoming Links".
  4. Go to "Option 1: Automated Link Creation"
  5. Insert the page you want to link to into the space provided link generator and press Create My Link.
  6. Your affiliate id-link to a custom URL is now ready.
  7. Test your affiliate id-link in an incognito window!

Custom URLs are useful if you want to create an affiliate link to a blog post or video. You don't always need to link straight to a product page!

Tutorial 2: Check your pending commissions

  1. Open up your affiliate dashboard.
  2. Click on "Click Here to see your delayed commissions" in the status bar under your standard earnings.

​For each sale that you make, there is a 30 day "pending" period before the commission is confirmed. This is due to our 30 day refund policy for customers.

If the customer you referred hasn't refunded in the 30 day refund period, then your commission is confirmed and you will be paid on the 1st day of the month that follows.

​So, for example, if you make a sale on the 20th January​ then the sale is due to be confirmed on the 19th February and you will be paid on the 1st March.

Tutorial 3: Testing your affiliate-id links

Always test your new affiliate-id links (or other people's affiliate-id links) in an incognito window. That way you won't be self-cookied by your own affiliate link and end up getting commission from your own purchases, which is against the Affiliate T&C. 

Opening an incognito window in Chrome / Chromium:

Press CTRL + Shift + N, or start it from the menu.

Opening an incognito window in Firefox:

Press CTRL + Shift + P, or start it from the menu.

Opening an incognito window in Internet Explorer:

  1. Install Firefox or Chrome.
  2. Refer to instructions above.
  3. Never use Internet Explorer again.

Remember to also check out our Frequently Asked Questions-page for any other answers you might be looking for!

​And keep in mind: we're in this for the long haul! It's in the months and years after that the earnings will really accumulate.