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We Spent $5,311.48 A/B Testing 4 Landing Pages—Here’s What We Learned

...and the revolutionary-business-changing-secret-sauce-landing-page-variation was...


Wait, wait, wait, did you just read we spent $5,311.48 for “Inconclusive”?!​

Yes, but it’s not surprising and was actually a good thing because of the experiment’s primary goal.

I’ll explain the primary goal of the experiment at the end, and you’ll understand why.

However, first I’m going to give you:

  • The 2 mistakes we made so you don’t waste your money making them yourself.
  • All the landing pages we tested.
  • The best Facebook ads we used to drive traffic to the pages.

You can use it all for your own business so you don’t throw your money away, because even though we didn’t find a higher converting landing page doesn’t mean we didn’t learn anything...

What Our 3 Contest Winners Can Teach Us About Building Better Quizzes

The Members Only Challenge

Before we launched Thrive Quiz Builder to the public, we not only gave our Thrive Members almost a month of exclusive access to the plugin before anyone else, we also issued them a members only challenge:

Build a quiz for your business and submit it in under 12 days.

The 3 winners were promised to be featured on our blog and Facebook page where we’d then spend $50 to boost their quiz on Facebook to their specific audience.

Honestly, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. It was a quick deadline with only a live webinar for training... 

Make Your WordPress Website SEO Proof

How can I get my website on the first page of Google? 

That's the question that opens the door into a deep rabbit hole called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Soon you'll discover that it's not push button easy to get on the first page of Google...​

Where should you start? What should you do first? What is actually important? And what is not important anymore?

All these questions and more are covered in our new Thrive University course: "SEO if You Don't Want to Learn SEO".

How to Get Perfect Testimonials: 9 Real Emails to Send & 13 Questions to Ask

There is a major difference between a "meh" testimonial and a great testimonial. A "meh" testimonial doesn't really help or show the visitor anything, while a great testimonial can turn last minute resistance into a sale.

The perfect testimonial gets your visitor thinking “Hey, I’m just like this person, and if they can do it, then I can do it, too!”

To have this effect, the best testimonials will indicate a problem, how your business solved it and then give specific details or results.

Here's some examples to illustrate what I'm talking about:​

Sly Strategies to Spy Like Jason Bourne in Your Online Business

Do you like feeling naive and out-of-the-loop?

Or do you like being in the know, up to date and aware of the information around you?

When you run an online business there’s a treasure trove of helpful information surrounding you.

The most potent information is provided by your competition, if you know where to look and how to identify the diamonds they’ve left out in the open.

In this post you’ll discover the exact tools and tactics you can use to spy on your competition to find these diamonds.

They’ve already done the hard work and now you’ll be able to piggy-back on their efforts to develop your own profitable strategies, catch up and then stay ahead of them.

You’ll feel like Jason Bourne felt when he discovered he could fight for the first time...suddenly aware of his deadly abilities...

Scarcity: Discover The Massive Psychological Influence Of This One Principle Throughout Time

Want to know one of the best tactics we've found for increasing conversions?


We have found it to be It an amazingly powerful principle for creating desire in our business, and so we were curious to see if we could find any examples of deadlines, restricted freedom or limited resources having astonishing impacts on other events.

The following infographic showcases some of the most fascinating instances from the past where the scarcity principle played a major role in the outcome of events, either purposefully or accidentally.

Avoid Fatal Welcome Email Mistakes With These 3 Expert Solutions

Out of all the emails you send to your subscribers, your first few will have some of the highest open rates. It’s a HUGE opportunity to start building a strong foundation, so you should avoid the massive mistakes so many default to, especially after all the hard work you’ve already done to get the lead.

Trying to figure out the perfect first message to send to start turning your new leads into raving fans & customers might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure...

Do you reach out to every lead individually and send a personal message? Do you try to educate them? Engage them? Understand them? Or do you blunder though it and end up sending the same lackluster emails everyone else does?

When I started getting leads on my website, I felt confused on what to do and it reminded me of a dog from my childhood. You might be feeling similar...

6 Ways To Use Facebook Retargeting Ads To Grow Your Business [With Real World Examples]

“Why isn’t anyone clicking my Facebook ads?” I muttered in the same bitter tone I use to curse my toaster when it burns my bread.

See if you can figure out where I went wrong...

I was sitting on the edge of my seat after finishing reading some amazing success stories of using Facebook ads and I was eager to add a new tool to my “business arsenal.”

Briefly scanning a few “how to” articles gave me all the confidence I needed to jump right in.

“Time to start printing money,” I thought as I hit publish after cranking the audience up to 11...million using Facebook’s audience selection settings...