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Boost Visitor Conversions with these Customizable Progress Bars for WordPress

Have you checked the latest updates to Thrive Suite yet?

You might discover a powerful new element that could easily be offered as a separate, premium WordPress plugin on its own... but instead, we decided to add it as a free update to all Thrive Suite customers.

In this post, you’ll learn how the Progress Bar element can be used to improve conversion rates across your sales and marketing funnels!

It’s easy to use, versatile, visually stunning and, of course, endlessly customizable.

Transform your WordPress Login Screen with 20 Beautiful & Customizable Templates

Does your website offer membership content, a client dashboard, a user community, or online courses?

Then your audience, clients and customers must pass through your WordPress login screen.

But how does this default login experience affect their opinion of your brand?

And how can you wow them at this crucial stage, even before they’ve reached the content within?

You need a gorgeously designed WordPress login screen that sets their expectations, and tells them, right off the bat, that they’re in for a treat with your brand.

In today’s post, you’ll discover our new, professionally-designed templates that will transform your login screen into a visual delight for your users.

Add Scarcity Marketing to Your Next Launch, Event or Sale with the Best Countdown Timer for WordPress

It’s coming soon…

What is?

You really don’t want to miss it.

Miss what?

It’s almost time. It’s going to be well worth waiting for!

When? Please tell me!

Well, actually it’s already here: The new and improved Countdown Timer element that you can add to any page of your WordPress website.

In today’s post, you’ll discover:

  • How to get people excited about your upcoming product launch or event.
  • How to build a waiting list of people interested in your launch.
  • Why FOMO will increase your conversion rate.

10 Ways to Super-Charge Your WordPress Site with the New File Upload Feature

Time for some inspiration!

Something to get those creative ideas flowing.

Today, you’ll discover how to:

  • crowdsource amazing blog content
  • reduce hiring costs
  • collect compelling before-and-after client testimonials
  • run online competitions and challenges for your audience

... and so much more using our latest update to Thrive Architect!

Today, we'll explore 10 powerful ways to use Thrive Architect’s new File Upload feature on your own website.

How Kaye Putnam uses Quizzes to Sell Her Online Course… and You Can Too!

Online quizzes are just a bit of fun, right?

Something to pass the time and test your knowledge.

They can’t possibly bring over 100,000 people into your marketing funnel...

… or can they?

Today, we’ll share the secrets of Kaye Putnam’s quiz-focused marketing funnel, and how it powers her highly successful online business, so you can learn how online quizzes can drive leads, grow your email list, boost your social media presence, and sell products by the bucketload.

You’ll discover:

  • Kaye’s self-supporting social strategy she uses to get over 100k people to take the quiz
  • How to balance giving value with building an email list
  • The intelligent way she's using just the right amount of personalization in her email follow-up sequence.

The Ultimate Case Study Blueprint – Learn How to Build a Great Case Study for Your Website

You know that your client-focused business provides great results... but how can you prove it?

How do you convince your website visitors that you’re the real deal?

Do you know how to write a case study to convert lukewarm leads into paying clients?

You’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle – compelling content that will make a visitor go from "I need this kind of service" to "I need to work with these guys!"

You need case study pages!

They’re perfect for agencies, trade services, coaching, membership sites, and any other business model that showcases client success stories to convert new leads.

But it’s not enough to throw together a PDF or boring blog post!

In today’s epic post, we’ll look at 7 examples of real case study pages, to discover what works and what doesn’t.

To make this super-actionable, you’ll also get our new Ultimate Online Case Study Blueprint to help you showcase your services, and convert leads into paying clients.

Boost Conversions by Offering Each Visitor a Personalized Landing Page Experience

Ever watch a film or read a book, and discover the main character shares your name?

Or hear your hometown mentioned on the radio?

Chances are, you find yourself paying more attention and becoming invested in what happens next. The message or story starts to connect on a personal level. It starts to speak to you directly.

Imagine how effective your marketing funnels would be, if you could offer this personal connection with each visitor on your landing pages.

Well you don’t have to imagine!

Today you’ll learn how to supercharge your landing pages and sales pages, by providing a personalized experience for every visitor.

How Pat Flynn, Mindvalley and IGN Get the Most Out of Their Multimedia Blog Posts

Great blog content isn’t limited to just written formats.

Successful brands like Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income, Mindvalley and IGN, have embraced video and audio content to grow their audience, drive traffic to premium content, and build massive brand authority.

Pat Flynn's podcast episodes are a critical component of his successful online business.

Mindvalley regularly publishes videos to breathe life into what could otherwise be stale written content.

IGN’s game reviews practically demand video to showcase graphics and gameplay, and encourage wider consumption of their content.

If their success inspires you to publish video or audio content on your blog, then this article is for you!

Today, we'll help you create powerful multimedia blog posts, specifically designed to showcase your video and audio content.

The Only Table of Contents Solution You’ll Ever Need for WordPress

Do you find yourself glazing over when reading a long blog post or article?

Or skipping ahead, searching for the actionable content?

Worst of all, have you ever just given up reading, rather than face an intimidating wall of text?

In this article, you’ll learn how to solve these frustrations for your website visitors with a Table of Contents, and encourage them to keep reading what you have to share.