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We Analyzed YOUR Funnels – This is Why You’re Losing Leads

When was the last time you subscribed to your website?

No that’s not a typo… I want to know when you subscribed to your own website for the last time.

For the conversion optimization before/after article, we randomly looked at opt-in forms and landing pages that you, our readers, sent us to optimize.

We took it beyond the landing page. We looked at the opt-in form, subscribed to the list, waited for the first email to arrive and looked at the confirmation, thank you and download pages.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t always pretty…

Many of the funnels left us confused and disappointed. That's why we decided to write this article, to make sure you can avoid the most common mistakes in your funnels.

Step by Step: Create a Visually Stunning Homepage From Scratch

By popular demand, we continue the landing page from scratch series and this time we'll create a visually stunning homepage.

As usual you'll see all the steps from start to finish and discover some insider tricks on how to use Thrive Content Builder like how to create a beautiful blog post grid that updates automatically (at 15:33).

In this video, we replicate the homepage from Craftsy, an online learning platform for handy crafts. Their homepage design reflects the creative vibe of the website by using full width images but is also highly conversion focused with highlighted promo codes, links to important content and an opt-in form.

This is exactly the type of homepage we like: original, good looking AND conversion focused. Check out the video to see how it's done.

Discover the Power of the One-Click Signup Link

You receive an email, click on the link and you see...

An opt-in form.

Really? How annoying is that?

They contacted you through email, they have your contact information. Why would you have to do the effort to opt-in AGAIN?

Click. Window closed. Conversion lost.

As a subscriber you understand how irritating this is, but as a marketer you've probably done this to your own subscribers at least a few times.  Because sometimes you want your subscribers to opt-in again, no?

Well, yes and no.

You want the RESULT of your subscribers opting in again. You want them to be added to a different list, receive a series of follow-up emails, get tagged, etc.

Good news, you can have the best of both worlds!

Thrive Leads is packed with one of the most powerful one-click sign up features: Signup Segue.

You get what you want and your subscribers are happy too. A true Win-Win.

Let's take a look at when using the Signup Segue feature will help you boost your conversions.​

New Thrive Leads Integration: MailRelay

Many of you asked for it and we're happy to give it to you! Thrive now integrates through API with MailRelay.

MailRelay is an advanced email marketing platform and in the latest version of Thrive Leads, you can now integrate your opt-in forms with it in a few clicks.

Check out the step by step tutorial.

How to Tailor Your Website for Different Audiences

What's THE conversion goal of your website?

Difficult question, right?

The conversion goal for first time visitors would probably be to subscribe to your email list​.

But once they are a subscriber, that conversion goal changes.

You no longer want them to become a subscriber, you want them to take the next step and become a customer!​

And this is where most websites miss out. They only optimize for subscribers, not for customers.

Check out the video to discover the solution.

How To Create Gorgeous Looking, High Converting Affiliate Review Blog Posts

Writing a review of a product or service you use is an excellent way to provide value to your readers, show off your expertise and earn affiliate commissions.

Many affiliate marketers use this strategy as one of their main income streams.

That’s why we already included a complete Review page set in Thrive Landing Pages. But sometimes you might want to write a review blog post instead of using a landing page.

In this video tutorial, you’ll discover how to create gorgeous looking, high converting review blog posts with Thrive Content Builder.

EOfire Case Study: Going from Good to Great With Your List Building

A while ago, our CEO was interviewed by the wildly successful podcaster John Lee Dumas for his show Entrepreneur on Fire. During the interview, we agreed to help John with his lead generation efforts.

Since then we’ve been working on incrementally improving the opt-in conversions on eofire.com, using the Thrive Leads plugin.

In this case study you’ll discover the step by step process we followed, which led to a 268% improvement in opt-in conversion rates.

You’ll see what worked (and what didn’t) and our take on why we got these results.