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How to Use Free Stock Photos on Your Website Without Hurting Your Conversions

I'm sure you'll agree that the internet is 99% a visual medium.

Photos have always been an integral part of web design and recently popular social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest raised the bar for all of us.

But what if you're not a photographer and you don't have a designer at your disposal?

You've guessed it, you can use stock photos but I should immediately warn you... Using stock images the wrong way can seriously damage your conversion rates! 

How to Create a Landing Page From Scratch – Step by Step Guide

Have you ever come across a landing page you liked and was hoping to replicate it on your website but couldn't find the exact template?

In this demonstration video, I'm showing you that you don't have to wait for us to build the perfect template! 

With the Thrive Landing Pages plugin you can build ANY landing page you want in very little time!

Watch the video to look over my shoulder while I'm creating a 2 step lead generation page starting from scratch.​

One-Click Video Frame Styles for Your Embedded Videos

A nice frame will give your visual content just that little bit extra it deserves to stand out.

With Thrive Content Builder, you’ve had the option to easily add styles and frames to your images for a long time already.

We took this one step further and added a new feature: One-Click Video Frames.

Watch the quick video to discover how to add eye catching frames around your embedded videos.

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