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6 Reasons Why Your Headline Is Doomed To Fail

You know those truly marvelous headlines that get thousands of shares on social media?

Those that make you stop and think "Wow! That's actually quite clever!"

Some blogs even seem to hit that magnificent note with every single headline they publish.

But when you try to create one... you always end up with something mediocre.

It's so frustrating! It's like you're missing some sort of magic spark to turn your decent headline into a fantastic one!

Perhaps you're just not cut out to write headlines. Maybe you should just move to a deserted island somewhere and focus on sending bottled messages.

How to Make Your Landing Page Sell Like Glengarry Glen Ross


Classic lines from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross echo through your mind as you nervously try to turn that blank page into a sales page.

You feel bullets of sweat forming on your forehead. It's the pivotal page on your site after all: the only thing standing between bounce and profit.

But you're riddled by questions:

How do I create even a half-decent sales page?

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Opt-in Form Type

Do you remember that feeling when you were 8 years old, ogling at the flavours at an ice cream stand, unable to choose because they all looked equally good?

You could've stood there for hours, weighing the pros and cons between pistachio and mango.

Then, in the end, your mom made you choose chocolate, just to get it over with.

You were frozen by decision paralysis, which is caused by the huge mental strain trying to choose between a variety of equally good options.

This is what happens to some of us when choosing an opt-in form type.

7 Cunning Ways to Use Opt-in Forms and Make Your Website Unforgettable

It's a scary thought, but this might be happening to you.

You've worked your ass off to make your site stand out, but following the latest design trends and conversion strategies has inadvertently lead you to the polar opposite:

You've become... just like everyone else.

In the blogging world, and in the business world of today, it's a cardinal sin to blend in. Nobody cares about ordinary.

Nobody remembers ordinary.​

You need to stand out to succeed.

Thankfully there's one element on your website specifically designed to stand out:

The opt-in form.

Could there be a way to use opt-in forms to leave your reader with a lasting impression of your site? Let's talk about that.