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Thrive Content Builder Just Got Faster! Instant Element Loading

We have two main goals with the Content Builder and landing pages plugin:- 

  1. Minimal abstraction so that what you're looking at during the editing process is exactly what you'll see in the front end of your site
  2. The fastest and most efficient workflow for creating blog posts and all marketing pages (including sales pages, lead capture pages etc.)​

And we just recently released an update that will improve, even further, the responsiveness of our visual editor.  

Introducing: Live and Effortless Table Building for WordPress

Out of the box, WordPress doesn't offer you any way of creating tables, unless you're able to add the code for them yourself.  This is quite a big shortcoming, given how popular table functionality is. Of course there are a few plugins out there that help you build tables using the WordPress platform, but they all have one big problem in common.  A problem that we've just solved with the latest version of the Content Builder. Read More

Version 1.27 – Mirror Your Brand with Custom Colour Feature

Before I forget - Happy New Year!

I'd like to introduce you to a new feature in Thrive Content Builder that will make your lives much easier if you're trying to build pages to match brand colours for your own site or for sites of your clients.

One of the things that you fed back to us after the initial launch is that you wanted to be able to customise the colours of the elements (content boxes, testimonials, call to actions...) in order to make them match the colours of your brand.

Well, I'm pleased to say that now you can.

Version 1.25 Released – Common Bugs Fixed

One of the great things about being able to do a "pre-launch" is that you can tell us all the issues that you've been having so we can then work through them and make the plugin as resilient as possible for you.

In the latest version of the Content Builder (version 1.25) we took a few moments away from developing new features and instead focused on fixing a number of bugs that you told us were annoying you!  

Content Builder v1.19 Just Released

We've released version 1.19 of the Content Builder after a flurry of development.  You can download the latest version of the plugin by following the instructions here

​Summary of Latest Changes


In case you can't watch the video above, here's a summary of the latest changes:-

Thrive Content Builder – We’re Alive and Kicking

We launched the first version of our new Content Builder plugin on Thursday last week and the response from you has been amazing... thank you.

As you probably know, we always like to do a pre-release deal for new products we create. You get a new piece of software at a great price and we get feature suggestions, real-life testing by many users and much more.​

This was no different for this early release of Thrive Content Builder... except for scale. We have never seen this level of enthusiasm or this much interaction from new customers, for what is "just" a small pre-launch.