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Why Sliders Make Your Website Suck

At the time of this writing, sliders are by far the most widely used design element in WordPress themes and on website homepages in general. Slider plugins for WordPress are being downloaded by the millions and sold by the tens of thousands.

Yet, none of our themes have a slider feature and we don't have a slider plugin.​ As you can tell from the title, that's no coincidence: sliders (a.k.a. carousels) are bad for your website. If you're currently using a slider on your site, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Hard to believe? Keep reading...​

Google’s New “Mobile Friendly” Rules for Opt-in Forms (& How they Affect Thrive Leads)

A recent announcement by Google revealed that the use of overlays (including opt-in forms) will no longer be deemed "mobile friendly". This, in turn, can affect your website's search rankings.

Following the announcement, some panic and a lot of misinformation spread through the marketing circles and we received many questions about what this change meant for our list building plugin, Thrive Leads.​

In this post, you'll discover what Google's announcement is really about and you'll see the update we've already released for Thrive Leads, to help you stay compliant.

Starting Your First A/B Test? Brace for Disappointment!

A/B testing is a cornerstone of building a truly effective online business and something we always encourage our users to do. However, you might find the experience of A/B testing quite frustrating, especially if you're new to it and you came in with stories from spectacular case studies (like this one) buzzing in your head.

In today's post, you'll discover why A/B testing results can often seem disappointing and what you need to do to get good value out of them anyway.​

New Feature: Notification Manager

I know, I know: "notification manager" doesn't sound very exciting.

But when you see what we built this for, you may just end up doing a happy dance after all.​

For example, what if you need to notify someone by email whenever a new lead signs up on your website? Or what if you want to be notified whenever one of the automated A/B tests in Thrive Leads or Thrive Headline Optimizer has come to a conclusion, without having to remember to check manually?

With our latest feature upgrade, you can take care of these as well as many other notification scenarios. Check out the video to see how it works.​

Layered Effects & Other Landing Page Tricks – Brought to You by Facebook

We're continuing our "landing page from scratch" series due to (very) popular demand. This time around, we're looking at a landing page example from none other than Facebook - proving that even the Internet's giants need good landing pages.

Check out the video to see what tricks related to typography, "layered" effects and spacing you discover along the way.​

How to A/B Test Your Landing Pages (Free Method)

One of the major advantages that Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Landing Pages offer is speed of implementation. Thanks to the templates and the fast editor, you can get new pages set up very rapidly.

This also means that it it's no longer very time consuming to set up split-tests and start improving your conversions. This post is a step-by-step guide to setting up tests (for free) using Google's Content Experiments.​

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