Case Study: Launching a Course in Just 2 Weeks and Getting Paid Before You Make It

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In this video, you'll learn:

How to launch your very first online course — and get people to buy before you even create it! Watch the video to learn:

  • Shane's 5-step Online Course Launch Strategy.
  • How to keep your online course email marketing simple and effective.
  • Why you should build your sales page first, before building your online course.
  • How to ensure you give your pre-sale customers a positive purchase experience.

"This is the best, most concise and most valuable video on the topic I have ever seen! Seriously, I watched hundreds of hours of marketing videos, purchased dozens of high priced courses from all the "big gurus" … but THIS man, wow it is just so helpful. Cause you get so easily overwhelmed when learning Marketing so you procrastinate forever… but to see that it can be so simple and straight forward gave me so much confidence. Thank you so much!"

Fabian Gru

Online Course Creator

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