Audience from Scratch


Audience from Scratch


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38 Lessons

Building an audience of true fans is the highest leverage, most underrated way to grow a profitable online business. In this course, you’ll discover the complete system that has grown multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses in a lean and efficient way.

Module 1: A Different Way to Build a Business

The approach and methods you'll discover in this course are different from typical online marketing advice. Sometimes radically different. In this module, we'll install the mental models that form the basis of a more effective way to build a business.

Module 2: The Manifesto

Create a manifesto and you'll find every subsequent step easier, from creating content, to building an audience & mailing list to even selling your products.

Module 4: Authentic Audience Interaction

Interaction with your audience is one of the key components to building a real tribe of fans. In this module, we'll cover the do's and dont's.

The Distribution System

In this module, we set up a system that distributes your content. Distribution is about everything that happens after you hit "publish".

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