Adding a New Thrive Apprentice Design

In the new editing tool, the principle is fairly easy – you will now be able to create different designs for your online school, and publish the one that you want to be applied.

When creating a design, you will be able to start from a pre-build one, that comes with a variety of templates. The designs can be customized by managing their templates, choosing a typography set for the design, as well as going through a wizard with the help of which you can set up the basic branding aspects.

Once created and customized, you can publish the design, which will change the entire aspect of your online school.

Here is how to add a new design:

1.Access the “Design” tab

In your Thrive Apprentice dashboard, click on “Design” from the left sidebar:

2. Add Design

If you’re just now getting started with the new editor, you might see this screen, on which you will have to click on “Get Started”:

Then, to create a new design, all you have to do is click on the “Add design” button from the top right corner of the screen:

A pop-up will open, that will ask you to name your new design:

Once you’ve entered a name, click on “Create new design”:

After creating the design, it will appear under the “Unpublished designs” section of your “Design” tab:

You can then customize it as you wish, and, when it’s done, you can come back and publish it.

This is how to add a new Thrive Apprentice design.

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Hopefully, this article was useful to you. Make sure to check out this knowledge base section, for more articles and tutorials about the new visual editor.

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