Changing Date Formats

When using Thrive Suite, you are able to easily edit the date formats, whether you’re working in Thrive Architect or in Thrive Theme Builder. Moreover, you can also change the default date format from your WordPress settings.

Here is how to change the date formats, according to where you want the modifications to be made:

Changing the WordPress Date Format

If you’re looking for the way to generally change the date format from WordPress, access the “General” section, by hovering over “Settings” in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin panel:

And if you scroll down to the “Date Formats” section, you will be able to select a pre-defined format, or to enter your custom one:

You can check out this guide to see how to create custom date formats.

Changing the Date Format in Thrive Architect

If you are using “Text” elements in Thrive Architect and want to insert the date on posts/pages, you can do that by using the dynamic feature.

Once you add the element, select it and click on the “Dynamic” section from the top panel:

In the first field, choose the “Time & Date” option:

From the second field, you will have a few date format options you can choose from:

Changing the Date Format in Thrive Theme Builder

In case you are looking for a way to add the date to a Post Template when customizing your Thrive Theme Builder theme, you can do as shown above, in the case of Thrive Architect, or you can use the “Post Date” element:

Once you add the element to the template, access the “Dynamic Text” feature and you will see the “Thrive_demo_post” source:

Once selected, you can use the “Date Format” field to choose a different date format:

You can choose from a pre-defined list of formats, or choose a custom one:

If you choose the custom source, you are able to choose a custom format string, and you can follow this WordPress guide:

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