Connecting a Contact Form to Zapier

After you have set up the API connection between your Thrive Themes account and your Zapier account, and you have also set up your Zap(s); Zapier will be available for your opt-in forms and for the Contact Forms that you have on your website.

However, in order to use Zapier, you will have to connect the opt-in forms/contact forms on your website to the Zap that you have previously made.

Below you can see detailed instructions on how to connect a Contact Form to Zapier.

Note: Before starting to work on that, please make sure that you not only set up the API connection between your Thrive Themes and Zapier account, but you have also created a Zap specifically for this case and chosen “New Contact Form Subscription” as the trigger event.

If you need details on how to do that, please check out this tutorial.

Connecting a contact form to Zapier is also shown in this video tutorial, starting from minute 5:49:


Connect to Zapier

While editing your page with Thrive Architect, you can easily connect the Contact Form that you have added to the page with the Zapier connection that you have set up.

Simply click on the “Contact Form” element to access its options in the left sidebar. Then, from the “Main Options” that appeared, click on the switch from the “Connect to Zapier” section to activate it:

This will open two separate options:

  • The “Send IP Address” option: if checked this will also send you the IP address of the user who contacted you through the Contact Form, not just the information that they completed in the form.
  • The “Tags” option: in the field next to this option, you can enter tags, separated by commas. These tags will be displayed in the app you have integrated your Zap with, along with the information that was submitted through the Contact Form.

Keep in mind that these options will only work properly if you have Customized the Message in your Zap to include such information.

Test the connection on the front-end

After you have connected the Contact Form to Zapier, you can test how the connection will work for the visitors of your website.

First, save the page that you were working on, using the “Save Work” button from the bottom-left part of the page:

Then, preview it to see how the Contact Form will work on the front end. In order to do that use the “Preview” button from the bottom center part of the page:

Make sure you preview the page in an incognito window to be able to see and use it as the visitors of your website will.

Then, simply fill in the Contact Form as a visitor would:

After you submit the data, wait for the Zap to do its job. If everything was set up correctly, then you will be notified through the app of your choice about somebody contacting you through the Contact Form.

Also, the notification message will be in accordance with how you customized the message and what information you wanted in it when you have created the Zap.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you. If so, please give it a smile below 🙂

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