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Creating and Using Thrive Apprentice Templates

When creating your online school, you will be able to create multiple designs and customize them as you wish, and publish the one you prefer. Those designs are created using templates that will be applied to your content.

There are a few types of available templates:

You have the possibility to choose between the pre-built templates that our team has designed, to have a base to start from. You can customize these templates as you’d like, to reach the end result that you wish.

You can create new templates, and you can choose to start from scratch or to start from an already existing template.

To get to the Thrive Apprentice Templates, you will have to access the “Design” section of your Thrive Apprentice dashboard:

This will open the “Design” section of Thrive Apprentice:

Here, look for the design that you want to use, and click on “Edit Design”:

This will take you to the page from where you can edit and customize the design of your school:

To access the section with all of your templates, click on “Manage Templates”, under the “Template editor” card:

The “Templates” section will open. If you’re familiar with the Thrive Theme Builder Templates section, navigating through the “Templates” section of Thrive Apprentice will be very simple.

When you first access the section, you will see all of your core templates:

View Templates

As a first action that can be done in this section, you can view all of your templates. By default, the Core Templates will be shown, but you can click on this field, to open a list of viewing options:

You can choose to view:

  • the Core Templates: all of your default Lesson (text, audio and video), Module, Course and School Homepage templates;

  • the Homepage Templates: all of the Homepage templates for your school (to not be confused with the Homepage Thrive Theme Builder templates – these are only applied to your online school);

  • the Lesson Templates: this will only display the templates designed for your lessons;

  • the Module Templates: this will only display the templates designed for your modules;

  • the Course Overview Templates: these are the templates designed for your course overviews;

  • All Templates: clicking on this option will show all of your templates on this page;

Add Templates

You can add new templates whenever you wish, and to do so all you have to do is click on “+Add New”, on the top right side of this page:

A pop-up will open, from where you will be able to set up the new template:

  • a. New Template Name

In the first field of the pop-up, you will have to insert the name of your new template:

  • b. Choose Content Type

In the next field, you will have to choose the type of template that you want to create, according to the type of content.

If you want to create a template to be applied on modules, for example, you should choose “Module” here, and the same goes for the other content types:

  • c. Choose Post Format (for Lesson Templates)

In case you’re creating a Lesson Template, you will be able to choose the post format of the lesson, as it can be an audio, video or standard (text) one:

  • d. Start from Scratch / Choose Template

And lastly, from this pop-up, you will be able to choose whether you want to create the design of the template from scratch, from a blank canvas, or you want to start by choosing a pre-built template and customizing that one:

If you click on “Choose Template”, a pop-up will open, from where you can choose a pre-designed template from our cloud:

After choosing one, click on “Create Template”. In this case, and in the case of clicking on “Start from Scratch” in the previous pop-up, the new template will be created and you will see it listed under the suitable category, on the templates page:

We have created separate articles on how to add each available type of template, and you can check them out here:

Edit and Manage Templates

Once you have created a template, it can be modified and customized to your own liking.

You can edit the templates using our editor, or you can manage them using the basic managing options.

Manage the Templates

If you click on the three dots icon of each template, in the templates section, a small sub-menu will open, with some basic template options:

We have explained all of these in a separate article, that you can check out here.

Edit the Templates in the Editor

However, besides these options, each template can also be opened in our editor, just like in the case of Thrive Theme Builder templates. In fact, the entire template editing process is very similar to Thrive Theme Builder one,

If you want to add/remove elements from a template, or modify various aspects of its design, you can hover over the template and click on “Edit”:

The Thrive Apprentice editor will then open:

From here, you can edit various parts of the template.

Using the left sidebar of the editor, you can modify the layout and visibility of the template, show or hide various sections, modify the background of the template, and so on.

These options have been explained and we have gone through in-depth details about them in the articles regarding the Thrive Theme Builder templates, and they can essentially be used in the same ways when modifying Thrive Apprentice templates, as well.

Please check out our knowledge base if you need specific instructions on how to use the left sidebar options of this editor.

From the right sidebar, you are able to add or remove elements to the template, use the Central Style Panel, reset the template, or edit its content.

Again, since the Thrive Theme Builder editor and the Thrive Apprentice one are very similar, I will link this article that you can check out if you need information about how the right sidebar options can be used.

These are the ways in which you can navigate through the “Templates” section of Thrive Apprentice, as well as how to add and customize templates.

If you need more information about the new Thrive Apprentice editor, please check out this knowledge base section.

Hopefully, this article was useful. If so, don’t forget to leave a smile below 😄

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