Hiding Premium Courses in the List of Courses

When you showcase the list of Thrive Apprentice courses, whether that is on your Course Index page, or another page/ post/ template, you can do that using the “Course List” element.

If you need help setting this element up, please check out these resources first:

The “Course List” element has a “Filter Courses” section, with the help of which you will be able to select which courses to be shown inside the element. This way, you can easily hide the premium courses from it, or any other restricted access courses.

Here is how you can do that:

Firstly, open the page or template with the “Course List” element. In case you are editing a post or page, open it using Thrive Architect, and if you’re editing a Thrive Apprentice template, open the template using the template editor.

As an example, I will edit my School Homepage Template:

I will then select the “Course List” element, by clicking on it, to open the list of options in the left sidebar:

Among these options you will find the “Filter Courses” one:

If you click on it, a pop-up will open:

Please keep in mind that this option has been described in more detail here, and this article is focused on the specific option of excluding particular courses from the “Course List” element. Should you need guidance with the rest of the options, please check out the above-mentioned article.

You will have two ways of hiding the premium courses:

  • based on the restricted content levels;

  • based on the course access and progress.

In my example, the “Only for logged-in users” label is the one used for my premium courses. The “Free Course” label is used for those courses that are available to anyone, with no restrictions.

Thus, in order to hide the premium courses from my element, I will un-check the “Only for logged-in users” content level:

However, what will happen now is that no one will see those courses.

The second option, the one where you hide courses based on a user’s course access and progress, is a little bit different from this point of view.

You can hide the premium courses by un-checking the “No access” option from here:

The difference is that, in this case, the courses will be hidden, but once people gain access to the course, they will be able to see it.

As a result, my “Course List” element will only display the free courses:

This is how you can hide premium courses from a “Course List” element.

If you need more information on various Thrive Suite features, please check out our knowledge base. Also, make sure you leave a smile on your way out 😄

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