Importing Existing Members to Thrive Apprentice

In case you’ve been using other membership plugins and have created a member database, but want to migrate them to Thrive Apprentice, the solution for that is really simple.

Here’s what you’ll need to do, to import the existing members to Thrive Apprentice:

1.Export the .CSV file with your members

Most plugins will offer you the possibility of exporting the list of members into a .CSV file. Here are some examples of frequently used plugins from where you can do this:

  • MemberPress

If you’ve been using MemberPress, access the “Members” section of the plugin submenu:

On the bottom left side of the list of members, you’ll see this option:

If you click on it, a download will immediately start, and you’ll get access to the .CSV file in a matter of seconds.

  • WishList Member

Similarly, if you’re using WishList Member, go to the “Members” section:

Then, go to the “Export” option:

Configure these settings, and click on “Export Members”:

The .CSV file will start downloading.

  • WooCommerce

Things are pretty straight forward with WooCommerce, as well.

If you want to import members from here into your Thrive Apprentice dashboard, access the “Customers” section by hovering over “WooCommerce”, in the left sidebar:

The list of customers will open, and you can use the “Download” option to get a hold of the .CSV file:

You will receive the list via email:

Please note that the option will not be visible if there are no customers in your list.

  • MemberMouse

In case you’re using MemberMouse, the “Export Members” option can be found after accessing the “Manage Members” section:

To download the .CSV file, click on “Export Members”:

  • SendOwl

For SendOwl, we’ve created a separate article, that can be found here, where we’ve shown where the list of members can be found.

Of course, these are just some examples, but the option will be found in most of the membership plugins.


The exported CSV files from each of the above mentioned platforms will most likely have a different format than the one supported in Thrive Apprentice.

Therefore, you might have to manually format some of the data, in order to match the required format.

Here’s an example taken directly from a CSV file:

2.Import the .CSV file in Thrive Apprentice

Once you have the list of members, you can access the Thrive Apprentice dashboard and import it.

Hover over “Thrive Dashboard” and open Thrive Apprentice:

Access the “Members” section from the left sidebar:

Click on the “Import member” option found on the top right section:

This will open a pop-up with two options. Click on “CSV file”:

You will then be able to drag and drop the file, or click on the “Add file” option, if you need to browse through your computer and look for it:

Once the file is loaded, you can click on “Continue”:

The list of member will appear. Scroll down to get to the “Give users access to the following” section, and choose for which course(s) they should get access to:

You can choose whether you want them to be notified by email or not, and then simply click on “Save”.

As simple as that, the new members have been imported to Thrive Apprentice:

Note: If you were not able to export the list of members as a .CSV file, you can opt to manually do this, by clicking on “List of names and emails” option:

Learn more about it here.

This is how you can import an already existing list of members to Thrive Apprentice.

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