New Changes in the API Manager

If you want to find out how to navigate and use the API manager, then this article might be useful to you.

The API manager is the place where you can view all the available API connections from your website. Here’s where you can also add new connections, or edit the already existing ones.

In order to create a new API connection, you need to go to your Thrive Dashboard:

Once you access it, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the “API Connections” card:

If you click on the “Manage Connections” button, you will be taken to the API manager. Here you can see all the active API connections and you can also create new ones, by clicking the “Add new connection” button:

This will trigger a pop-up with all the supported services. Simply browse the list and select the one that you’d like to connect to:

From here onwards, depending on the integration you choose, the steps might be slightly different. You will be requested to insert some API details that you can only get from the website of the service you are using:

We have separate tutorials for each of the available connections, which you can find linked here.

Hopefully, this quick start guide about how you can use the API manager was useful to you.

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