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Setting Up the Typography in Thrive Theme Builder

This article will go through the options that you can use when trying to set up different sets of typography when using Thrive Theme Builder.

Keep in mind that, after installing and activating a Thrive Theme Builder theme, the process of customizing fonts or typography sets will be much quicker.

This is because you are able to edit the fonts and typography sets directly from the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard.

Normally, if you are not using Thrive Theme Builder, customizing a font can be done by going to your WordPress admin dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize.

In the page that opens, on the left sidebar, there is a “Fonts” section, where the fonts can be customized from:

However, when using Thrive Theme Builder, the “Fonts” section will not be available.

This is because, when activating a Thrive Theme Builder Theme, the Theme Builder Dashboard is where you can easily have full access to all the options of the theme, including the typography and font settings.

Keep reading this article to find out how to create new typography sets, as well as how you can customize them.

Set Up the Theme Typography

You can set up typography sets, and later, when editing the templates, switch in between them. In order to set up one or more theme typography sets, you first have to access the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard.

To do that, in your WordPress Admin Dashboard, hover over “Thrive Dashboard”:

A small sub-menu will open when you hover over “Thrive Dashboard”. Click on “Thrive Theme Builder”:

This will access the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard. Here, on the left side, there is a small sidebar. Click on “Typography”:

This is what you will see when you first open this section, on the right side of the page, before customizing or creating any sets:

This is a preview of the default typography set used for any template. You can customize it, rename, or reset it.

Customize a Typography Set

Rename the Typography Set

Firstly, if you want to rename the set, you can hover over its name. When you do that, a small “Rename” icon will show up. Click on it:

A field will appear, where you can simply write the name of the set, and then press “Enter”:

The name of the set will immediately change.

Expand the Typography Set

You can expand the set, to see how each type of text looks like inside the respective set. To do that, click on the two arrows from the top right side of the set preview:

When you want the set to no longer be expanded, go to the arrows again, and click on them to collapse the set:

Edit the Typography Set

A very useful option is the “Edit” one. This is where you can make modifications to each text type.

The editing process will be done in the Thrive Theme Builder Editor. In order to start editing the typography set, click on the pencil icon:

When you do that, the Thrive Theme Builder Editor will open in a new tab:

From here, you are able to edit each text type to your liking. Simply click on the type of text that you want to edit, and customize it using the options that appear in the left sidebar:

Since the typography sets consist of “Text” elements, the options that appear in the left sidebar are the same as the “Text” element options. If you need details about how to use these options, make sure to check out this article.

After you have finished customizing the set, click on the green “Save Work” button from the bottom left side of the editor:

You can then close the editor and go back to the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard, where you will notice that the set preview looks just the way you have customized it in the editor:

Whenever you want to make more modifications to the set, click on the “Edit” icon again, and customize the set in the editor.

Reset the Typography Set

You can also reset the typography set and bring it back to its initial look. To do that, click on the “Reset” option, next to the “Edit” one:

A message will appear, where you have to confirm that you are sure you want to reset the typography set. Click on “Reset Set” if you want to continue:

A success message will show at the bottom of the page, and the set will be taken back to the initial appearance:

How to Create a New Typography Set

You can add numerous sets, and customize each one as you please. In order to add a new set, click on “Create a new set” from the top right side of the page:

The new set will appear under the “Other Available Typography Sets” section of the page:

You can then rename it, customize it, or reset it, just as described above.

Make the Set Active / Switch Between Sets

Activating/deactivating a set is the way to switch in between the sets.

When you create a new set, it will not become active automatically. In order to make it active, click on the “Make Active” option from the top left corner of the new set:

When you do that, the new set will now be the active one.

Remove the Typography Set

Once you have more than one typography sets, you have the option to remove the one(s) that are not active. You can not remove an active set.

In order to remove a set, simply click on the trash can icon that appears to all the inactive sets:

A message will pop-up, asking you to confirm if you’re certain that you want to remove the set. Click on “Delete” in order to continue:

This is how you can easily delete a typography set.

These were the ways in which you can set up and use the typography sets in Thrive Theme Builder. If you want to find out more information about various features or settings, make sure to check the articles from our knowledge base.

I hope you found this article useful. If so, make sure to rate it with a smile below 🙂

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