Translating Thrive Comments Labels

If you’re using Thrive Comments on your website, you have the possibility of translating the labels, and go from this English comments section, for example: this – French comments section (or whichever language you prefer, of course):

Keep reading this article for a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

1.Access the Thrive Comments Dashboard

In your WordPress admin panel, go to the left sidebar, hover over “Thrive Dashboard” and click on “Thrive Comments” from the small sub-menu that opens:

The Thrive Comments dashboard will open.

2. Access the Advanced Settings

A list with some sections will open. Check out this knowledge base section to find articles about each section found here.

To translate the labels, you will have to open the Advanced Settings:

Scroll down to get to the “Customize & translate labels” option, and click on this button:

3. Insert the translation of each term

A pop-up will open, and each term that is used within the comments box will have a field next to it, where you can insert the translation:

For you to change a label, all you have to do is click on the field, delete the default words, and type in your own. Here’s a short animation on how you can do that:


The {number_of_comments} part represents the actual comment count, which will automatically insert the number of comments.

As this is a number, our recommendation is that you do not change the part in between brackets, only the one that comes after it.

The same goes for {username}, you do not have to translate that part, as it will be replaced with the actual username:

All there’s left to do is save everything:

As you click on “Save”, the labels will change for all of the “Thrive Comments” sections placed all over your site.

This is how you can translate and customize the Thrive Comments labels. If you need more information about this plugin and all of its features, be sure to check out our dedicated knowledge base section here.

Hopefully, this article was useful. If that’s the case, don’t forget to leave a smile below. 😄

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