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Unlocking a Lesson Once the Previous Lesson is Marked as Completed

If you are looking for a way to unlock a lesson of a Thrive Apprentice course only after the previous one has been marked as finished by the student/user, make sure you read this article.

This can easily be achieved using a specific unlock condition for the lesson, that can be set up in the drip schedule of the course.

We are going to have to create a drip schedule, set up the unlock condition for the lesson(s) that you want to be unlocked only after the previous one has been set to complete and, finally, include the course into a Thrive Apprentice product (so that we can apply the drip schedule to it).

Create a drip schedule

We have to start by accessing the Thrive Apprentice course and create a drip schedule for it. I will create a custom drip schedule, which will allow me to set up custom unlock conditions for each lesson of the course.

If you need more information about dripping content in Thrive Apprentice, please take a look at this section of our knowledge base.

For that, access your course and go to the “Drip” tab and create a drip schedule:

And, as mentioned above, I will create a custom schedule, using the “Start from scratch” template:

You will then have to name the campaign, choose what event should trigger it and choose a content unlock option:

Choosing the “At custom intervals” option will let you create custom content dripping rules, which is why I’ve chosen it. Click on “Create my campaign” when finished.

Set up the unlock conditions

You will now be able to set up unlock conditions for each lesson, separately. You can do that by clicking on this option, for each lesson, to start setting up its unlock conditions:

A pop-up opens, from where we can create the unlock rule of this lesson. If you need more information on how unlock conditions work, please read this article.

Click on “Add new rule”:

You will then be able to choose from a list of conditions. Click on “When course content is marked as complete”

Once you do that, some more options will appear:

As you can see, you have the option to choose the type of content to be completed, as well as the specific content (you are able to choose more than one lessons/courses/modules).

Click on “Add” to save the rule:

When you’re finished with the unlock condition, click on “Save”:

This will close the pop-up:

Since I want the same behaviour to be applied to all of the lessons following this one, I will do the same for the next lessons and set each one up so that it unlocks when the previous one has been marked as complete:

Add the course to a product

In order to be able to assign the drip schedule we’ve just created, we need to add the course inside a product, so that we can access the drip schedule of the product and set everything up.

You can do that from the “Products” tab of your Thrive Apprentice dashboard, but you can also do it when editing the course. Since we’re here, I will show you how to create a product directly based on this course.

For that, go to the “Access restrictions” tab of your course and click on “Create a Product based on this course”:

From the pop-up that opens, you can set up the name and content of this Thrive Apprentice product:

You can change the name that will be given by default and you can add more courses/content to the product if you wish. Clicking on “Done” will save it:

And you will be taken to the “Products” section of Thrive Apprentice, in the “Edit” mode of your new product:

Please make sure to check out these articles if you need more information on Thrive Apprentice products:

The last step is to access the drip schedule we’ve just created for the course to this product so that it will apply to our course.

Assign the drip schedule to your product

While editing the product, go to the “Drip” tab:

Here, you will see a list of the available drip schedules. Since the product only has one course inside it, and for that course, we’ve only created one drip schedule, our list will only contain that schedule:

To apply the schedule to this product, select it from this dropdown:

Set up access rules

Since the product now has a drip schedule assigned to it, you can go ahead and also set up access rules for it, so that you make sure that students will be logged in when accessing the course.

Setting up the access rules for a product is really simple, and we’ve described everything here.

This is the last step, and the setup is now complete. Now, each of the lessons that we have set up will unlock only after the student has marked the previous one as complete.

Hopefully, this article was useful to you. If so, make sure to leave a smile below 😄

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