Updating your Website Safely

Here are some recommendations and things to keep in mind for when you update the Thrive Themes products on your site:

→ Use the “Check for Updates” option

Before updating the plugins and themes, use the “Check for updates” button for each one, to make sure that the latest versions of the updates are prepared:

→ Update one theme/plugin at a time

  • If you have multiple plugins or themes waiting for updates, especially after we release new versions of the products, make sure you update them one at a time.

  • In case you’re using Thrive Architect alongside other plugins that use it, make sure you update Thrive Architect first, and only after that update the rest of the plugins.

  • The Thrive Products that use Thrive Architect (such as Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, etc) will only work properly if they are updated to the same version as the one Thrive Architect is using.

    For example, if you want to only update Thrive Leads, but not Thrive Architect, you will not be able to do that. You will either have to update all of them, or keep using the older versions.

  • Also, please note that the Thrive Theme Builder themes updates will only be available after updating Thrive Architect.

→ Create periodical backups of your site

Backing up your website periodically is important either way, but especially when updating multiple products. This way, if something goes not as expected, you will be able to restore your site to the version used before updating.

If you need help creating a backup of your site, you can take a look at this article we’ve created, including scheduling automatic backups.

→ Use a staging environment if necessary

This advice addresses mostly to the website owners whose livelihood depends on their site.

You can make all the updates on your staging site first, just to make sure that there are no conflicts with other plugins, for example. Once you do that and see that everything works properly, you can migrate the staging site to the live one.

Read this article if you need help creating a WordPress staging environment.

We recommend that you handle any other WordPress plugin updates in the same way, as these safety measures will apply to any available update from the “Plugins” section of your WordPress admin dashboard.

Usually, updating your plugins should not interfere with the well functioning of your site, unless other plugins cause conflicts.

However, if you’ve respected the above-listed advice and you’re still having trouble managing the updates of the Thrive Suite plugins, please open a support conversation and our team will do our best to solve your issues.

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