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Using Shortcode Countdown Designs in Thrive Ultimatum Campaigns

When configuring your Thrive Ultimatum campaigns, you can set the countdown timer design to display as a shortcode.

Below you can see a video that will walk you through the entire process of displaying a shortcode countdown timer on your website:

Display the Campaign

After you have created a campaign, you can start setting it up in your Thrive Ultimatum dashboard.

You first need to decide where the campaign will be displayed on your website. Click on the “Edit” button from the Display section of your Thrive Dashboard::

Then, in the lightbox that opens, choose where you want to display the campaign on your website:

Choose a Design Type

The next step is to create a design for your countdown timer:

The design pop-up will appear on the screen, so make sure to select “Shortcode – display shortcode design in your content” and give it a name. Once done, click on “Continue”:

Note: You can create multiple designs for your shortcode, if you want, by clicking on the “New Design” button and you can also copy the shortcode (1), edit (2), or delete (3) the designs:

Choose a Template for Your Campaign

Click on the pencil icon in order to start creating the design for the countdown timer:

A template library will open, from where you can choose a design template:

Edit the Design with Thrive Architect

Next, the Thrive Architect editor will open, and you can start customizing each item of the template, just like you would do with any other Thrive Architect element.

For this example, you can customize the “Text” (1), the “Countdown” (2), and the “Button” elements (3):

We have dedicated articles for how to use each element, linked below:

Note: Since the main purpose of Thrive Ultimatum is to build conversion-boosting campaigns for your website, don’t forget to link the button from your timer to the product or offer you are advertising in your campaign.

You can learn more about how you can do that in this article.

When you are doing customizing the template, make sure you save all your changes by clicking on the “Save Work” button:

Activate the campaign

After you’ve done this, you can simply start the campaign by clicking on the “Paused” button on the top right side of the dashboard:

The status will change to “Running” and you will also receive a notification in the lower part of the dashboard letting you know that the campaign has started:

Add the Shortcode to Your Page

Once the design and settings of the campaign have been set, you can proceed with adding the shortcode to your page.

You can do that either by using the “Ultimatum Countdown” element, from your Thrive Architect editor or by copying and pasting the shortcode to your page, just like you would do with any other shortcode.

Use the Ultimatum Countdown Element

If you want to use the “Ultimatum Countdown” element, you first need to open the page/post on which you want to have the campaign displayed and click on the “Add Element” plus icon:

Next, look for the “Ultimatum Campaign” element in the list:

Drag and drop the element to the page:

A lightbox will open, where you will have to select the campaign and shortcode that you want to have displayed:

Use the drop-down list from each field to select the desired campaign and shortcode, and then click on the “Save and close” button :

The countdown which you have set up in your Thrive Ultimatum dashboard will automatically load on page:

If you want to change the countdown design, you can so do from the left sidebar options:

This will open the lightbox again, and, if you have set multiple countdown designs in your Thrive Dashboard, you will be able to select them from the drop-down list:

Copy and Paste the Shortcode

Another way in which you can display the campaign is by copying and pasting the shortcode directly on your page/post.

In order to do that, you first need to access the campaign in your Thrive Ultimatum dashboard and then look for the shortcode design that you want to add to your page.

Once found, hover over it and click on the brackets icon:

Click on the “Copy” button next to the shortcode:

After the shortcode was copied, click on “Done” to return to the dashboard:

Now you can paste the shortcode wherever you best see fit on your page or post editor:

Click on “Save Work” to make sure your changes have been saved:


If you want to see how the campaign would look for a site visitor, you can open the page in incognito mode. Given the fact that you are the administrator of your website, the campaign might not be displayed otherwise.

These are the steps in which you can set up and display a shortcode on your website for your Thrive Ultimatum campaigns.

There are other interesting articles in our knowledge base if you want to learn more about Thrive Ultimatum and how it works.

I hope this article was useful to you. If so, don’t hesitate to rate it with a smile below 🙂

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