Using Triggers in an Evergreen Campaign

When you are setting up your Evergreen Campaign in Thrive Ultimatum, there are five trigger options you can choose from, for determining what action will activate the campaign.

After you select the campaign type, several options will appear within the same lightbox, allowing you to set features such as the duration, recurrence, and trigger type:

Underneath the “When should the countdown start” field, you have a drop-down list with three options:

This article will explain each scenario for when the first option is selected, “When a lead generation form is submitted”.

You will notice that once you select this option, a new field will appear on your lightbox:

Click on it, and a list with all the available trigger types will open:

Lead Group

If you select a “Lead Group” from the list, then the campaign will be triggered when the visitor will fill in and submit an opt-in form from a Lead Group:

In order for this to work, you need to have a Lead Group created in your Thrive Leads dashboard which is set to display on the same page on which the campaign is a trigger to appear:

This way, as soon as the user has filled in the form, the campaign will be triggered on the same page.

Alternatively, you can also choose to display the campaign on a different page from the one on which the opt-in form is.

For that, you will need to make sure to set a redirect URL while creating your API connection:

This way, you are making sure that after the user submits this form, he or she will be redirected to the page on which your campaign is set to appear:


Another trigger type available in the list is the Shortcode:

This can be used exactly as an opt-in form from a Lead Group: you can choose to display the campaign on the same page o which the shortcode is set to appear, or, you can redirect the user to the campaign page after the form is submitted.

You can read more about what a “Shortcode” is in this dedicated article available in our knowledge base.

Thrive Box

The third trigger type you can choose is the Thrive Box:

This as well works just like the Lead Groups and Shortcodes. We have a separate article about how to create and use a Thrive Box, which you can read if you want to learn more about it.


Another available trigger for your Thrive Ultimatum campaign is the quiz one:

When you are setting up your campaign, you might want to create a targeted campaign that only appears to some users.

You can set up your quiz in such a way that only the users who score a certain amount of points or fall into a certain category from your quiz will be redirected towards your camping.

For this example, I have a free e-book promotion for a “Beginners Marketing Course” in my campaign, and I only want the campaign to be active for the users who get the “Beginner” result category while taking the quiz.

In order to do that, I first have to add an Opt-in Gate in my quiz structure:

Then, from the same dashboard, I make sure that the Results Page is set to URL Redirect and then click on “Manage”:

In the new page that opens, I will set the redirect page to be the exact one on which my campaign is set to display as well:

Now whenever someone gets the “Beginner” results while making my quiz, that person will be redirected to my campaign page where I am promoting my “Beginners Marketing Course” e-book.

This is just an example of how a quiz could be used as a trigger while setting up your Thrive Ultimatum Campaign if you want a very targeted campaign

Alternatively, if you want all your quiz takers to be redirected to your campaign, then simply add one redirect URL for the entire quiz.

We have several tutorials about how to use the redirect settings while setting up your quiz, which you might find useful:


Lastly, if you want to use a page as your trigger, then you can do that as well:

You just need to make sure that the page has a “Lead Generation” element with an API connection added to it, otherwise, it will now show up in the trigger list.

Form identifier

You can easily and quickly search for a particular form by using the unique form identifier. This can be found in the “Advanced” settings of any “Lead Generation” element:

Simply copy this code, and then paste it into the trigger field. The system will automatically recognize it:

You might have multiple forms on a page, and maybe you’d like to have the campaign triggered by only one of them. You can easily do that by using the form identifier.

Note: To make sure your search list is always displaying accurate results, try adding the searched content between quotation marks.

These are the ways in which you can use the trigger options available in the Evergreen Campaign.

If you want to learn more about Thrive Ultimatum, don’t hesitate to check out the dedicated section available in our knowledge base.

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