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These Are My Favorite Topics

I adapt every presentation to match the format (keynote, workshop,...) and audience (beginner, advanced,...).

Online Marketing

I'm a marketing geek. I eat, breath and love online marketing. 3+ years as CMO for Thrive Themes gives me a solid knowledge of the newest techniques in online marketing. My pet peeves are content marketing, A/B testing and copywriting.

Software Development Research

How to know if your software idea will hit home? What's the next feature to develop? What does it take to create market leading software? Those are questions I answer during my presentations.


Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a (large) organization.  I resonate with and avocate intrapreneurship as an excellent way to develop skills while being part of something bigger.


Hanne is COO at Thrive Themes and co-host of the ActiveGrowth podcast.  After obtaining a degree in Fashion Business and working several years as a shoes buyer, she decided to follow her passion and specialize in online marketing. At Thrive Themes, her goal is to level up, do sh*t, fail, get better, improve and she strives to get everyone around her do the same.

20+ Workshops and Talks for Marketers & Entrepreneurs

And many more videos, blog posts and podcasts!


actionable workshops that create powerful "aha" moments

In the past year, I've given workshops in Europe and Asia for groups of 20 to 50+ entrepreneurs. Topics included:

  • Copywriting for Landing Pages
  • How to Start With Content Marketing
  • Create an Evergreen Sales Funnel
  • How to Improve Your Conversions
  • Get Started With A/B Testing
  • ...

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No-Fluff presentations to empower the audience

Each presentation is well-crafted and meant to help the audience, to teach them something I learned along the way and to empower them to get better. I don't simply want to inspire, I want to give the key for the audience to unlock their full potential.

A Sample of my presentations

MicroConf Growth Edition 2019 (non-official video)



Throughout my career, I recorded 100rds of videos and podcast to teach online marketing and inspire thousands of (aspiring) entrepreneurs to level up.

Upcoming Events





How Smart A/B Testing Can Help Your Small Business Increase Conversions and Revenue

18 - 19th July 2019

Budapest - Hungary

Funnel Optimization

1-4th of November 2019

Canggu - Bali

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