Get More Leads with Multiple Choice Opt-In Forms

Ever since the release of Thrive Leads, we've been on a mission to get you more email subscribers from your website. Read on to discover a very powerful method for increasing your opt-in conversion rates and making your mailing lists more valuable and responsive at the same time...


If you're a Thrive Leads user, make sure to update the plugin to the latest version and you'll be able to start adding states to your forms and setting up any kind of multi-step opt-in you need. In the current version, you'll also find 3 multi-step templates for lightboxes (with more templates to follow soon).

Bonus: Get the Multi-Step Mastery Guide!

​I've put together a guide for you, that provides some specific examples of multi-step opt-in forms and gives you ideas about the most effective ways to use this feature for your business. Click here to get access to this free guide:

Further Training

For more information and detailed training about how this new feature works, then be sure to check out our multi step knowledge base article that can be found here.

If you have any questions about the new feature or any feedback to share, please leave a comment below!


Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is one of the co-founders of Thrive Themes and in charge of marketing, content and product strategy. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about startups and marketing here.


Sonya R Reply

Thanks Shane! I’m so glad I made the decision to invest in Thrive Leads!

This is awesome! Can we embed this in pages and posts, as opposed to just pop-ups too?

    Hello Will – yes you can embed this in lightboxes, screen filler lightboxes, post footers, widgets, shortcodes, slide ins……basically everything.

      Now that’s a whole new level of badassery!

      Andre L Reply

      Totally agree! :-)

      Saw this on other websites but didn’t think of implementing this via Thrive Leads. This is super badass! You guys always rock!


Fab. Thank you Shane.

Steve C Reply

This yet another great innovation from you guys! You just seem to keep adding awesomeness to all the products in the Thrive family.
On another note I tried to unlock the PDF by clicking the g+ but nothing happened. I’m signed into my Google+ account in this browser (Firefox), but no luck.
Just thought you should know.

Nice! Will be putting it to use asap-

Marc-Eric P Reply

Hi guys (and gals?), I like the way your are connected with the dreams of users of your plugins: You go beyond !!! :-)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thank you for your comment! Glad you like what the team is producing.

Eric B Reply

This looks like an excellent implementation of multi-step micro-commitments. I have three questions:
1) Can you have multiple choices (not just yes or no) so that it can be somewhat like a survey? (e.g. “What’s your biggest sales problem? Choose from one of the following 3 or 4 choices.”)
2) Can you use simple text links inside the multi-step, or do they have to be graphics?
3) Are the responses tabulated or exportable for research purposes (e.g. how many of our visitors clicked this particular choice) or for segmentation (e.g. passing along the clicks or answers to the autoresponder form in hidden fields, so that one can trigger different autoresponders based on their choices)?

    Hello Eric
    1) You can have multiple buttons or links, however we don’t have support for drop down selections yet.
    2) Yes, you can
    3) For segmentation you would simply attach a different autoresponder code in each state. So, for example, your default state may contain two buttons. Each button would load a different state and, in each of those states, you would have the autoresponder code of your choice (containing whatever fields you want associated with that particular choice). In terms of exporting – no, you can’t do that. The conversion rate and associated statistics are calculated as a whole, not individually for each channel.

For those who currently on the fence… Seriously… Just buy it!

Eddy S Reply

Finally! You guys know I’ve been waiting for this for months and it’s great to see how you guys respond and make things happen. I was finally able to get rid of my other plugin because you added this. It’s very clean how you did it too! Great job!

Carolyn Reply

Just love your innovations! Keep them coming :)
Have shared the post but it hasn’t unlocked the guide…would love to read it as I’m setting up my opt-ins right now. Any other way to access it? thanks

Mike B Reply

Looks terrific! Will be implementing this on my sites…

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Good stuff! Please feel free to share your results with us. :)

john p Reply

So is thrive leads and what you just taught here a replacement for Leadpages? Lead pages has been great for me. I use it on several sites. They have something called Lead Magnets, which is really cool because I can automatically send them whatever free item i want at the click of a button. Not sure if you are familiar with that feature they have.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hi John,

    We’re not trying to compete with LeadPages and there are many differences between what they offer and our products.

    For example, if the lead magnets thing is an important feature for you, you should keep using it. We might implement something like this for Thrive Leads at some point, but it won’t happen in the near future.

      Thomas M Reply

      I’m a Thrive Leads owner and enthusiast, but I appreciate your honesty here. You aren’t just trying to make another sale. your genuineness certainly comes through to me. Btw, there are no better plugins in your arsenal than Thrive. Seriously!

      Shane Melaugh Reply

      Thank you! I’m glad to hear that. :)

This is great. I already have a plugin that does this and I was hoping for a feature like this from Thrive so I could delete it! As time goes on, I’m finding it much better buying products from a handful of companies that provide good support than buying “one off products” from companies that are here today and gone tomorrow.

A few days ago I noticed the site I bought the first plugin that I referred to above – it was for sale on Flippa!

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thank you for your comment, Jim!

    You definitely won’t find Thrive listed on Flippa. We have too many big plans for that. :)

Please we need more horizontal friendly widget forms as in Hybrid connect. This was requested earlier. Despite all the new features of the Thrive leads, it does not have such basic forms for widget option

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Malik,

    We’ll be adding more design templates in the near future.

Karim A Reply

It’s amazing, time to get rid of many other services that I use to achieve this. Keep up the great work guys (Y)

Been looking forward to that video! It’s a great feature in ThriveLeads.
One thing I realized is that when you Clone the form it doesn’t clone the stages with it, it just keeps the first state, same thing when you save it as a template.
Would be nice to make it happen:)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Ah, interesting point. I didn’t know that about the cloning. I will add it as a task so our developers can check it out.

Awesome Shane. (I really hope you’ll be able to solve the spiderspanker conflict soon so I can use this great option)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hi Gio,

    Spiderspanker? Sounds naughty. :)

    If you’ve posted it in the support forums, then our guys are on it.

Dean P Reply

Can you guys explain the “Already Subscribed” state please?

    Dean P Reply

    And does a person have to have signed up through that particular form before (or can be any as long as they’re on that particular list etc)

    I’m just curious how it knows etc :D

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    When you create an Already Subscribed state, that’s the content that will be shown to existing subscribers, instead of the regular form content.

    This is currently quite a basic feature and is based on whether someone has opted in through that specific form before. The functionality will be expanded in future updates, though.

Share to unlock doesn’t work for me. I also bought wpSharely and it didn’t work and now on your site if I +1 it, I don’t get the guide.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hi Martin,

    I’ve sent you an email with the access link.

Brian K Reply

Hi Shane,
it is, as always. Super easy and super useful. We have implemented immediately today. Look here:

Thanks and friendly greetings from Germany

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Very cool! I love to see quick implementation like this. :)


Thank you very much for that great work!

And for those who just plan to buy – it is a must have! And you all will be enthusiastic!

I just love the way you folks go about continuously developing your products!! Adding features you sometimes make separate plugins obsolete and help keep a WordPress installation lean.
I am happy, I invested in your products :)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks for your comment, Detlev! I prefer an integrated system to an endless list of plugins as well. :)

Jonh Reply

Hi there,

I just have a question regarding the content builder.

Can I change the elements of my sidebar by using the content builder? By element I mean, opt-in boxes, clickable images, recent posts, etc.

Can I modify those elements?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Unfortunately, no. You can only change what’s inside the content area of your theme, using the Content Builder.

    However, Thrive Leads has a widget option, which means you can design an opt-in widget with the Content Builder and then determine where the widget will be displayed in Appearance -> Widgets in your wp-admin dashboard.

Steven M Reply

This is great Shane, just bought it to try it out. I’m not sure if this is a Thrive issue or mailer issue, but if someone is already subscribed to my list and sign up again on the same form or different form, they just get sent to my Mailchimp “Already Subscribed.” I’d like them to still go to the download page to get whatever offer they want. Would I just need to add the “Already Subscribed States” to all my optins? Is there or will there be a manual redirect for Thrive Leads forms

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Steven,

    This is an issue with MailChimp (and many other autoresponders as well). They determine how to handle duplicate opt-ins like this.

    If you add an Already Subscribed state, you can show content that links directly to your download page to everyone who’s already signed up.

Thomas M Reply

Holy cow!! There are so many uses besides opt-in forms here!
I’m wondering what kind of feedback will be reported in the “Reporting” page. Will I be able to see and analyze the path of clicks users take as they go through the different states? Even if I don’t attach an autoresponder?
I’m thinking I may have the ability to do simple user surveys or something similar with this (which would be awesome)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hi Thomas,

    Currently, the reporting doesn’t go to that level of detail. The reporting section in Thrive Leads is really focused on the conversion goal of generating leads, so there’s no click-path information.

Great new enhancement Shane.
I tweeted and G+ but the guide did not unlock for me.
Can you email it please.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thanks for your comment, Barbara! I’ve sent you an email with the access link.

David Gosnell Reply

Great idea – we’ll be implementing it on our new site.

I also didn’t get an unlock when I tweeted this. Please send me a link to the guide. Thanks!

Lewis E Reply

Excellent – as ever. I can see this as being really useful for a non-profit I work with, giving options to volunteer, donate or both.

Lewis E Reply

The unlock didn’t work for me either…

Love this plugin and shared on twitter, but download did’nt work. Hope you can help me to get the guide – thank you ;-)

MamaRed Reply

Holy cripes…just gets betterer and betterer! Now I know why I’m becoming an addict and ignore any info about themes, plugins, etc. unless it’s for something very specific (like an LMS). I tweeted and didn’t get the guide, and would love to see it!

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thank you very much! Glad you like it. :)

    I’ve sent you the link via email.

Atif B Reply

Good stuff, onlt thing is I G plused the button but got nothing.

Shaun L Reply

Hi Shane. I shared with Google+ but the box didn’t unlock. Any help with getting the guide with ideas?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Sorry about the issue. I’ve sent you an email with the link.

Matthias J Reply

wow! great job!

Great stuff Shane – fantastic regular updates. Keep ’em coming :-)

Ken B Reply

I’m on an iPad and not seeing the video I expected based on the email link I clicked.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    What video are you seeing? It should be no different on an iPad, of course. :)

      Ken B Reply

      There’s no video at all when I was viewing page from my iPad. Now that I’m on my desktop, there’s a video at the top of the page I can watch.

      Ken B Reply

      BTW – Like others have reported, I clicked on the G+ link but the Guide didn’t unlock. Counter went from 61 to 62 so it seems to have done something…

      Shane Melaugh Reply

      Sorry about that. I’ve sent you the link by email.

      Dean P Reply

      Yeah I had this issue too Shane,

      It didn’t work on my phone buddy – only on my desktop :)

Hey Shane

Once again a great addition from you guys. Thank you.
Is it possible to link to different email lists via different forms in each state?



Shane & Friends, I’m so sorry for this question, but it’s time I “opt-in”. Just confused – am I signing up for a Thrive Themes membership or buying a Thrive Leads plug-in. Sorry I’m slow on the uptake…

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Dave,

    You can purchase the Thrive Leads plugin separately or you can choose to become a Thrive member, which gives you access to all of our plugins (yes, really all of them, no exceptions) as well as all of our themes (yes, really all of them, no exceptions). :)

Multi-Step Mastery: I tweeted and shared w/Google+. No download link. Sad.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Sorry about that, Jenny. I’ve sent you an email with the link.

Mark S Reply

Hi Shane, it just keeps getting better and better.

Also the Guide did not unlock with the tweet — looks like a glitch. ;)

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Sorry about that. I’ve sent you an email with the guide!


I came here after Neil Patel from Quick Sprout linked to you guys, and I must say this is basically everything I was looking for.

Above all, I am currently close to finishing a PDF guide, and was looking to see how I could make a sidebar opt-in form close to the one on Could the designing of the forms get close to that extent?

I’m about to buy right now, but I’d like to know the answer as well!



    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Eduardo,

    Yes, you can replicate a design like that quite easily.

Jayson Reply

Hi Shane,

On another note, while using Thrive Leads – how can I remove the ‘Name’ box? I only want to have an E-mail box and the submit button, but I’m really struggling to remove the Name box. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Shane! Thanks for this, it looks awesome. I’m new to Thrive and am just starting with my website. I’ve managed to create a Thrive leads widget, linked to mail chimp and add it to my sidebar menu, but how do I make the menu appear on the homepage? Or even just as a button on the main photo? I’m using he Minus theme. Any help much appreciated.

Can I do something like VideoPopFunnels with it?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Yes, no problem. From what I can see, everything that product does can easily be replicated with Thrive Leads.

Paras Shah Reply

Hey Shane,

This is awesome !

Is it possible to show a Thank You lightbox (like “Thank you for signing up. Please confirm your email”) after clicking on submit button of a form?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Paras,

    No, this is not something we can do in Thrive Leads, at the moment. You can only choose to redirect to a URL that contains your thank you message and further instructions.

Ron N Reply

I think I’m finally getting the hang of Thrive Leads (moving from Hybrid Connect), but it would help me if there were a full user manual, aside from other online help. Is there such a guide to reference or download?

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Ron,

    You can find the user manual online, here: Thrive Leads Knowledge Base

    We are constantly expanding the product, making improvements and adding new features. Because of that, a downloadable manual would be problematic, as it would have to be updated all the time and once you download it, it would quickly be out of sync with the latest version of the plugin.

This is great! I have been building these decision trees by hand for some time now. They work great! This will make building these so much easier.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    They can definitely be very powerful. Glad you’re putting these features to use. :)

Hey Shane, my twitter share didn’t open the content locker :/

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Sorry about the issue with the content locker. We’re working on an improvement for that. In the meantime, I’ll send you the guide by email.

Do the opt-ins have unique URLs that could be used as links off of my site? For example, when I do guest posts or a LinkedIn post, can I include a link that says, “Grab my free resource guide here” and have it go to a Thrive opt-in? Not to compare apples to oranges, but with a LeadPages LeadBox, I can get a URL that I can use anywhere, and it’s been super helpful in getting subscribers in any place that I publish. I was wondering if there’s a way to do something similar with Thrive because I love all the things that Thrive can do!

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    This is currently not possible with Thrive Leads.

      Matt Reply

      Thanks, Shane. I was thinking about this. Maybe my simple workaround could be to create a blank page that only has an opt-in box. That would be the same effect.

I am just learning how to do this on my site and I so appreciate your simple tutorials! I have almost left all other lead page and themes as I learn to do more and more in Thrive Themes. I am not strong in the optin form, light boxes, etc. I get confused about when to use which one and how to create them,etc. I am taking it one step at a time which is exactly how you explain things in your tutorials. Thanks, I really appreciate your blog and videos!

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Thank you for your comment, Katerina! It’s very motivating to know that the tutorials are really helping you.

Richard Reply

would be cool if you guys had radio button micro commitment:

would be even cooler if there was radio button followed by click next > then more questions and radio button then click next > then put in email address

like this:

but with more flexibility to add more questions/radio buttons/steps

if you guys have something like this let me know because I am in the research mode right now and still looking for a plugin that can do the mention above which don’t require a recurring monthly fee.


    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Richard,

    This functionality would be in the domain of a quiz builder or form builder, which would be a separate plugin. Note that you can actually create a quiz-like flow using the multi-step feature and the different states, but it’s not really built for that.

    We do plan to create a form/quiz building plugin at some point, though.

You shouldn’t market without this plugin. Period.

Hi, I’m just starting to use Thrive Leads Boxes on our website and still have a lot to learn! How do you link the Opt-in Box to the text? I know hyperlink text but I don’t know how to do link it to this one.

    Shane Melaugh Reply

    Hello Wiem,

    When you’re editing a Thrive Leads form, you can link from a button to one of the form states through the “Event Manager” feature. You can also use this to create a lightbox state and open that on click of a button.

Hello Sir ! I have created a form using thrive leads and connected it with my mail-chimp account. Everything is working fine. But I have faced some issue related to subscription of returning user. If an user is already subscribed. Then how can I validate his email and how can I print a message that “Email Address is already subscribed !” Thanks !

Thanks Shane, very nice, crisp and actionable tips for optin forms, I have convertKit as autoresponder and actively planning to take thrive membership for scaling my travel blog

Ardeleanu P Reply

Very Valuable :)

Nisim J Reply

very valuable!
can you make this also playable on mobile? it in Flash and only working in Desktop with Flash Player support.