What if Your Code Was Published in Weeks (Not Months) to Over 10,000 Excited Customers?

Want to Work Alongside the Best WordPress Developers?

Join Our Rapidly Growing Family in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • Are you the talent that makes for a world class development team?
  • Want to write code that makes a difference?
  • Want to be challenged every day by brilliant people?

Be Pressured By Challenge - Not Ridiculous Deadlines

  • Don't you just hate it when someone is breathing down your neck with unrealistic deadlines?
  • How about working within a well defined process, next to a full team of skilled professionals?
  • Want to work with projects that are planned and built for innovative powerhouses, not robots?

Make an Impact Now - Not Six Months From Now

  • Want to write code that is released to thousands of clients in the next few weeks?
  • Want to create new features with your team and by yourself and get instant feedback straight from the customer?

Spearhead Innovative and Challenging Projects

  • Wouldn't it be cool to update an existing product this month - and build an entirely new product the next?
  • Want to take part in groundbreaking projects and make impossible tasks seem laughably easy?
  • We're working on a live visual website builder using edge technologies - what are you working on?

Amazing Devs Need Amazing Rewards

  • Are you tired of working your ass off and not getting rewarded for it?
  • How would you feel about being awarded handsomely for your excellent work?
  • Be amazing and we will look after you very well!

Freedom to Focus on Your WORK

  • Are you tired of meaningless tasks and fighting through red tape?
  • Do you want to put your efforts and time into what you do best?
  • How about working with the latest hardware and cutting edge technology?

Communicate With People, not Corporate Goats

  • Do you want to speak directly and easily with management and your team?
  • Your talent is unique and so are your ideas. When you think something could be improved, we want to hear it!
  • We also expect you to share any gripes or problems you have with the work process, your co-worker's crappy puns, the absence of donuts, etc.

If you are nodding your head, then READ ON!

Yes, Thrive Themes is Hiring!

We don't mess around.

Over 10,000 customers in 18 months. Sounds ridiculous, but this is standard stuff at Thrive Themes.

Our massive growth is due to our relentless focus on on shipping quality products and features every 2-3 weeks. Every feature and product is highlighted in our constantly updated blog, amongst industry leading informative articles.

This means that all of our incredible handiwork is seen by over 30,000 subscribers weekly.

Through our blog, our amazing support team and forums, and our webinars and marketing efforts, we are constantly in touch with the people who might buy. We know our customers and what they want, and we design our products accordingly.

In just a few weeks, the code crafted by our developers ends up in the hands of the customer.

It's a huge responsibility, which is why our development team consists of only world class talent. The innovative power and creative energy of our developers keep the Thrive Themes steamroller moving.

And now we're hiring.

A Few of the People You'll Be Working For

This is such an amazing offering. You guys are honestly the best in the business.
Renee G
I’ve just purchased your membership package, and I am so glad I did! You really deliver on your promise of speed, both in terms of UI, and the general snapiness :-). And the constant flow of new features is really exciting.
- Marcin L.
You keep rolling out so many great updates, not just small ones, but great new features. Not to forget the support team, they go above and beyond what one would normally expect. Buying the Thrive Membership is the best investment I have made in my 4 years marketing online.
- Kim C.
It simply amazes me how Thrive Themes keeps getting better and better and the themes are amazing, better than anything I’ve seen around! – Thanks
Once again ThriveThemes delivers! First class. Thanks.
Geoff Anthony

Sound Good?

Here's what we expect from you as a developer:

You’ll be part of our awesome team based in Cluj-Napoca. You’ll be working on the front line on exciting and challenging new software products and features to help our customers sell more products through their web site.

The most important asset that you’ll need to have is a focus on learning, improving and mastering your skills over time. A candidate that doesn’t have all the skills listed below but is willing to get on and learn will still be considered.

Skills that would be highly beneficial:

  • Solid development skills in PHP.
  • Front end technologies such as javascript, jQuery and BackboneJS are also a bonus.
  • Great communication skills. Don't worry, we're not talking about having perfect English (nearly our entire dev team have English as a second language) but you will need to communicate with lots of different people in order to get the answers you need.
  • Team work. This isn't the kind of company where you get given a job by someone from marketing and work it all by yourself. You'll be part of a team and need to take care of everything that goes along with that including proper source control (we use Git) and updating project management (we use Jira).
  • Your own ideas. You’re not a good fit for the team if you just want to follow orders. We want you to challenge us, bring your own ideas to the table and help us innovate.

Other skills that would be nice to have:

  • Agile software development
  • Experience with WordPress either as a user, or more preferably as a developer​

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