Use this Strategy to Create a Super-Valuable Mailing List

Shane Melaugh   32

We've published many posts that are about list building in one way or another (and the majority of templates in Thrive Landing Pages are lead gen templates). In today's video, we're going a step further.

It's one thing to add people to a mailing list, but it's an entirely different thing to actually engage those people, make them look forward to your next email and turn them into real fans. And that's exactly what today's strategy and set of templates is about.​


Experience the Video Course Method!

​As usual, the template set and tutorial you find here is based on a proven formula that I've used in my own businesses. I've taken one of my existing video courses and updated it using the templates you saw in the video.

The course is called "Build a Dramatically Better Blog (in 4 Steps)".

If you want to avoid the biggest mistake most bloggers make, this course is for you.

If you want a simple strategy that will ensure you'll never run out of ideas for new content, this course is for you.

If you want to know what the best way to monetize a blog is, this course is for you.

Sign up here to discover these blogging secrets and experience the method discussed in this video for yourself:​

The Better Blog mini-course is delivered in 4 parts. You can also find an example of the "value overwhelm" style of delivery in our RAPID Landing Pages course (see bottom of post), although that one doesn't use the templates shown in this video.

Let us know what questions and ideas you have about this method by leaving a comment below! And of course, we'd love to see examples of your own video courses that you create based on this method.​


by Shane Melaugh  July 16, 2015


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  • Love the templates Shane! Seriously, great stuff man.

    I’d love to see more styling options though (such a borders, background repeats/more background options) like optimise press/clickfunnels has

    And to have them features + page section/rows build into thrive leads too,

    They’re the few things I’ve been dying for this this year 🙂

    • Shane, just wanted to say how much enjoy and learn from your presentations. Your a great example that you don’t have to go over the top to draw people in.

  • Hi Shane,
    I’m curious in what lavalier microphone you used in the video for this blogpost? You clearly hear it’s a condensor microphone. What recording device did you use to convert the analog microphone signal to digital?

    If I may, I would recommend using a noise gate (in software or hardware) to eliminate any ambient noise in the short moments that you’re not speaking.

    You’re still use the Rode Podcaster microphone too?
    I’m using a Rode Procaster, but might change that in the near future.

    What software package did you use to edit the video together?
    What package did you use the make the video intro for you latest videos?

    I also see you lately only use YouTube. You don’t use Wistia anymore?

    Thanks for sharing,

    • For details on my video and audio equipment as well as lower-budget equipment that I recommend, the best source I can offer is my video tools guide.

      In this video, I’m recording the audio onto a Zoom H1 (one of the tools recommended in the above link). I’ve had issues with noise gating in the past, because I’ve found it adds an annoying choppy quality to the audio. Perhaps that’s something that can be improved with better settings, though.

      Depending on the video, the software tools I use include PowerPoint, Camtasia Studio, Premiere and After Effects. I also use templates for things like intro animations.

      To learn more about when to use YouTube and when to use Wistia, check out this post.

  • As Claude Rains should have said (when talking about Thrive Landing Pages and you):

    “I’m shocked, shocked to find that conversion has been going on here…”

    Others talk; you do … and show how to do… and then provide the TOOLS to do.

    Well played.

  • Genius move, Shane. I love this. Thanks for helping us to keep our most important tools native and custom built within the Thrive Culture

  • Hey Shane, great stuff as always!

    So on the video lesson template where you have the coming soon videos. I’m guessing you just create 4 versions of the page and link them all up to the corresponding email sequence in your autoresponder. So that no matter when someone joins the list, they start with video one and so on. Is that how you’d do it?

    Thanks, Jace

    • Yes, exactly. It’s a very simple follow-up sequence that can be created in any autoresponder system. 🙂

  • I’m finding it a great combo using Thrive LP templates and GumRoad for the ecomm. My last launch went very well from a workflow and conversion standpoint with these two technologies. Thrive is awesome.

  • Hi Shane, I signed up for the Better Blog mini course to see how you used this template, but I’m having problems with the first video. At about the 2 minute mark the audio is fine but the examples aren’t shown. The screen is stuck on “Content and Conversion” Eliminate 90% of confusion bloggers struggle with, and in the top left-hand corner is shows that it’s “Loading…”. Is this a problem with the actual video? Seems strange that the audio plays fine but the examples aren’t showing. I went to example three through to 6.05 min but it was still the same, even when I reloaded the page.

    • Hello Debbie,

      Sorry about this issue you’re having. I just tested the video again to make sure and I can’t reproduce this issue. Maybe try in a different browser?

  • Shane-I love everything you are doing with thrive themes. I am going to use this template for a video series I am going to put together on how to establish a morning routine. I’ve found thrive content builder mixed with your landing selection to be the best product on the market. I really think you guys do a great job with your tutorials and I’ve since put all my eggs in the Thrive Themes basket! With your new thrive leads plugin there is really nothing you guys don’t cover. A plus on everything man. From customer service to amazing products you guys have really done an incredible job. Thanks again!

  • Hi Shane,

    Forgive me if this is a silly question, but what is the difference between a landing page and a lead page? Don’t they basically function with the same objective in mind, and that is to build email lists?

    • Hello Chris,

      “Lead page” is not a generally used term. “LeadPages” is a brand or product that many people use to build landing pages and perhaps that leads to some confusion between the brand name and the term “landing page”. So, that would be a bit like saying “Thrive page” because many people use Thrive Landing Pages to build their landing pages. 🙂

      The objective of a landing page is not necessarily to build an email list. In fact, a landing page is really just any page that a new visitor first lands on. Most commonly, the term is used to describe a page that is made specifically to drive visitors towards one (and only one) conversion goal such as signing up to a mailing list, purchasing a product or getting on the phone. This is what differentiates it from “regular” web pages, where we present users with many choices via navigation menus.

      You can also read this post to see more about landing pages vs websites.

      A term I use often is “lead generation page”, which is just a shorter way to say “landing page made to generate leads/build a mailing list” just like “sales page” is short for “landing page made to generate sales”.

      I hope that answers your question.

  • Hi Shane,

    I’m extremely grateful for you to take the time to clarify my inquiry at length – so thank you heaps for that. 🙂

    Yes, I do indeed understand a landing page can be any page a visitor arrives at. It was just slightly confusing how ‘landing and lead’ have been intertwined in regards to building a list.

    However, I do now understand completely from how you’ve described, and also thank you for your kind effort to place the link in your reply as well.

    Very pleased indeed to be a part of your community Sir.

    Have a great weekend and thank you again. 🙂


  • I love these templates, Shane, especially since I’m following your results-in-advance type of marketing where value is vital.

    I am wondering if it will be possible one day to make the headline in your theme customizable with the url. As it is, I have several optin pages aimed at different segments, and it would be nice to have just one or two.

    Secondly, you need to take a post-it note or something and stick it on your camera that says, “Auto White Balance – NO!”


    • According to my camera guy, the white balance isn’t set to auto. But you’re right that there’s still some auto-adjustment going on that shouldn’t be happening. 🙂

  • Confused… Where do we find the “set of templates” shown in the current Video and demonstrated in the Video Course Method course? Are they part of the landing pages and Content Builder Plugin?

    • Hello Maricris,

      Yes, these landing pages are part of the Thrive Landing Pages feature in Thrive Content Builder.

  • Love your stuff Shane…and the way you present it…so clear!
    Also a great example of giving the value you describe in this video. I always look to see what you’re saying in your latest e mail. Thank you 🙂

  • Is a course that would take about 90 minutes to complete too long? It’s topic is how to set up a WordPress website. Seems like high value but so long many people may not complete.

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