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Your chances of ever creating something great can be predicted by your ability to DELIVER something simple.

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Author: Shane Melaugh

Shane Melaugh is a co-founder of Thrive Themes. When he isn't plotting new ways to create awesome WordPress themes & plugins, he likes to geek out about camera equipment and medieval swords. He also writes about productivity here.

  • David W says:


    This was a very informative training course. I really appreciate the simple approach that you demonstrated.

    I am convinced this is the easiest and best plug-in and theme package I have ever seen.

    Thank you


  • Indera says:

    I couldn’t access the download. Nothing Happen when I click button” Yes, Give Me Instant Access The Guide”.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for the notice! We haven’t been able to replicate this issue yet, but we’re trying to find the cause and fix it.

  • Libby Webb says:

    Awesome content and VALUE as usual Shane! Really appreciate how you make everything so clear and SIMPLE with TCB! Appreciate the mini course and looking forward to seeing module 4!

  • Paul C says:

    You’ve knocked it out of the park once again, Shane! Fantastic content and easy to take in.

    I Tweeted the page as suggested to unlock the next PDFs, but it never seems to work for me to then get access to the PDFs. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using Chrome, which can behave oddly like that sometimes, or if it’s something else. I would like to have the PDFs, though.

    Thanks a million!


  • Robert L says:

    Great advice Shane and presented beautifully.

  • a bonin says:

    Hello. I am also not able to download. Tried chrome and firefox.

  • Simon says:

    Hi Shane,

    Just wanted to say Huge Thanks to you and team for offering such great value and powerful insights into design concepts Great course better than most paid ones I have taken..
    kind regards Simon

  • Julio says:

    I couldn’t access the download as well. Nothing Happens when I click button “Yes, Give Me Instant Access The Guide”. Using Google Chrome

  • Lisa says:

    Your opt in form is not working, at leasst on iPad. It indicates 50% complete and gets stuck.

  • Thor says:

    Very helpful videos Shane. I like the straight to the point, no fluff, actionable and easy to implement methods you’re presenting. I definitely look forward to seeing more content from you in the future.

  • Deb says:

    The videos are extremely informative and make creating “good enough” landing pages and sales pages very doable. Thank you.

    I too was unable to unlock the extra pdfs. I tweeted it on two different days. Would appreciate the pdfs. Thanks.

  • Debra G says:

    I really like the course. I tweeted the link to it, but wasn’t able to access the bonus. It looks like your Sharely plugin isn’t working on that page.

  • Robert Biser says:

    I enjoyed the videos and your method of presentation of material. Looking forward to digging deeper and getting my long time overdue website re-design going.

    “A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.”

    John Henrik Clarke

  • Imran says:

    Its Really Awesome, informative and very valuable, specially the philosophy behind the designing of a landing and optin pages.

  • Peter Rose says:

    I am half way through the videos and what I have see so far is typical of Swiss precision like a Rolex watch! Shane is articulate in explaining the functionality of the plugin and I will certainly buy this product ASAP. This page building system is light years ahead of anything I have seen. Shane and his associates’s products are 110% rock solid.

  • Made my life a lot easier. Thanks, Shane

  • Mark W says:

    Shane, this is a great course for anyone unfamiliar with Landing Pages and you provide such a simple explanation in a calm & logical way. Some examples of “existing” landing pages that convert well would be a good way of highlighting what users should be striving to create.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Mark! And thanks for the suggestion. Some more examples could make a great addition or maybe a new blog post, I agree!

  • MamaRed says:

    Sweet, sweeter, sweetest. Your stuff rocks the house Shane and you’re fast becoming one of the few whose posts I read, regularly! Haven’t gotten completely in the groove and you gave me a good shove! Want to watch them again.

  • Great course! Very useful information! When I shared the link to Twitter, I was not given access to the bonus PDFs.

  • Very helpful and timely information with all the “new” builders hitting our inbox. I particularly appreciate gaining insight and wisdom and not just another tool discussion.

  • Darin J says:

    I thought this was a very well done series of Videos. I must say I have a membership with Optimized press and the education that you guys provide is way above anything they do. More like what t hey do not do. Plus you guys seem to be updating it constantly with Thrive Themes. You guys rock 🙂

  • Linda N says:

    I don’t know i this is the right place to post this, but I am having a little trouble figuring out how to use the Thrive boxes for people to input their information and how to connect to ontraport where they can receive an email with a link to a free gift.

  • Ian Ryan says:

    Great stuff. Really enjoyed the training!

  • Jim Brill says:

    Your insights are greatly appreciated. Keep them coming.
    About Thrive Content Builder, it looks great, really fantastic, but needs the ability to customize the pages for specific devices on a page by page basis. Just responsive is less than ideal. My landing or home page on a mobile phone might contain very different content and/or layout, while other pages may be fine with the standard responsive adjustments

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jim.

      A feature that allows you to show or hide parts of your content on mobile devices is on our roadmap.

  • Todd Jones says:

    Thanks for putting together insightful presentations and quality products. Your note about ‘just do it’ might be the most valuable thing I’ve seen in awhile and is totally relevant to my own delays in launching projects. Keep up the good work!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Todd! Indeed, the underlying principle of rapid implementation is the most important part of this mini course. It has been immeasurably valuable for my own business.

  • Jody R says:

    Great value! Thrive continues to impress me

  • Phyllis Benitez says:

    I’m not sure when I downloaded or requested this course, but I found the files in my downloads folder and decided to watch it just to see what it was; ended up in watching all four videos. Great tutorials, quick and to the point! Fantastic plugin! Thank you for such a fine and precise tool. How do I get the Theme/plugin?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Phyllis! Glad you enjoyed the course! 🙂

      You can get everything (all themes and plugins) here or you can get the plugin separately here.

  • Gordon Welling says:


    I really enjoyed the mini course. It highlighted how to create effective landing pages and squeeze pages. I am amazed at how flexible the content builder is and can see how it would save a website developer or owner hundreds of hours per year.

    I am wondering if it is possible to add addition graphics to the library for building landing and sales pages, like different guarantee graphic?

    Keep up the great work … I am planning on purchasing Thriver themes and content builder for my next website project.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Gordon,

      Thanks for your reply! We don’t have an option to replace the guarantee graphic yet. However, it would be fairly easy to create a guarantee box by using your own graphic and a customized content box.

  • Joke IJlst says:

    This tool looks absolutely fantastic! One concern though… someone told me that if -for some reason- you wanted to quit working with Thrive Content Builder (or any other Page Builder for that matter), you cannot access any of your pages anymore with your standard WordPress editor. Is that actually the case? And would there be a way to solve that?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Joke,

      If you use a visual builder or short codes or design elements that come with a theme or anything like that, then the content you create using those elements depends on the plugin or theme they came from.

      Think of it like this: imagine you install a contact form plugin and then add a contact form to a page. If you now delete the contact form plugin again, your form won’t work anymore and you’ll probably see an error on the page. The form is dependent on the plugin.

      The same is true for content you create with a visual editor. If you remove the plugin, you remove all the style sheets and the content can’t render correctly anymore.

      The way to solve it is to not remove the plugin. Even if at some point you don’t want to use TCB anymore, you can just leave it installed to preserve the content you’ve already created with it.

  • Linda M says:

    Thank you Shane for distilling the steps to “good enough”!! Makes is easier to start and stop spinning wheels.

  • Nick W says:

    Shane, I actually watched the video through twice. First time online, then I downloaded them and watched them again. I have to say, your material is so far out in front an anything others are doing… its just great!

    I think I mentioned a while ago that your landing page templates allowed me to cancel a $500 per year service I had with a “landing pages” service company. They provided great lead pages, but the thrive pages give me so much more flexibility. I used a blurred image background and a content box with my mailchimp code. And Mailchimp is free until you get some big numbers!

    Thrive themes really pays for itself three times over at the very least, and it is superior quality. I can’t say enough.

    And, of course, your video instruction is spot on. You don’t beat around the bush. You get right to the heart of the information quickly and efficiently.

    Not sure where I’d be if I hadn’t found you guys.

  • Bill D says:

    More of the great content we expect from Thrive. If you’re looking for a subject for the nexst episode, maybe devote some time to the tweaks you’d use to make your Rapid examples better.

  • Kate Supino says:

    Hi Shane,

    I appreciated that the course was broken up into easily digestible segments. That made it easy for me to view and learn about the various features when it was convenient for me.

    I liked the “non-salesy” approach. Though I was conscious of the fact that it is a selling tool, after all, I was still willing to watch the pitch because it felt more like a learning environment rather than me sitting in a salesroom while someone tries to sell me timeshares. Hard to explain this nuance, but there you go.

    I’ve actually already been sold on this product from your first video about it, and I’m planning to buy in the next day or so after I decide on a WP theme for the business I’m using this with, but this course really cemented my certainty that my buying decision is correct.

    Thanks for listening.

    Kate Supino

    • Nick W says:

      Hi Kate,
      I’d highly recommend that you look at Shane’s Thrive Themes. Over the years I purchased many premium themes including Studio Press, Woo Themes and Flex themes. The cost of Studio Press pays for Thrive three years over!! Shane’s themes are outstanding.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Kate,

      Thank you very much for this comment! I’m happy to know that you liked this mini-course. 🙂

  • Pete says:

    I have several of the more prominent CMS’s, mainly to help my clients who use them. However I have (I believe), all of your products and I’m in the process of converting my site(s) to Thrive. I hope to finish converting and go live with your Squared theme in a few days. I’m not enthused about learning another CMS and figuring out another tool, however I believe I’ll be better off in the long run and so will my clients. I’m a business coach, not a website designer so ease and speed of implementation is my paramount concern.
    While not perfect, the progress and updates lead me to believe that your offerings will continue to get even better.

  • Tanvir says:

    It’s a concise but wonderful training course. I’ve come to know a complete new dimension of the beauty of the brevity. Thank You.

  • Nigel Cook says:

    Hi Shane,

    I really learned a lot from your landing pages videos. It’s great that you have this as a free resource. Lots of people would probably charge for it!

    I like that in your videos (and everything else you produce), you get to the point and give the best and most essential info. You’re not holding any good info back. Great to have the downloadable pdf’s too.

    Anyways, I’m going to keep pouring through as much of your material as I can (and put it into practice!).

    Do you think you’ll create any more free or paid marketing-related courses again?



  • alireza says:

    Thanks for presenting great value in the market! I HAVE A QUESTION TO ASK: before buying.: I actually want to use your product in for a Russian website.Does your plugin have the adaptability for other languages?

  • Martin H says:

    Loved it and bought it!

  • alireza says:

    Thanks Shane for being so responsible with your quick reply for my last question! I also wonder about a very interesting method you applied here: SHARE TO DOWNLOAD! i know sometimes it’s the best strategy when the content is so good that people affraid to share with competitors! Can we use this app from your plugin?

  • alireza says:

    Sorry! I didn’t know is there any possibility to edit my comments. but I have an another important issue: can we use your outstanding landing pages or sales pages for Facebook?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s currently not possible, no. We might add this as a new feature sometime down the road, but there are no specific plans.

  • Michael says:

    Does this compare (and if so, how) to ClickFunnels? Are we limited to 4 pages?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thrive Landing Pages has some similarities with ClickFunnels in that both can be used to create and publish various landing pages. A major difference is that ClickFunnels is a hosted solution (not on your website) whereas Thrive Landing Pages is a WordPress plugin (installed on your website).

      ClickFunnels has an emphasis on creating entire, inter-connected funnels. We don’t have this functionality in our plugin (yet), which means you need to string together pages in your funnels yourself. Personally, I think our templates are a lot nicer, but that may just be a matter of taste. 🙂

  • Manohar says:

    Simply awesome… I am a beginner and could get good value from the course… Hope to join in on the Thrive Themes band wagon soon as a customer…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to know that you got good value out of the course. 🙂

  • Sherrie says:

    Found this to be extremely useful and informative

    Thank you

  • Michael Wright says:

    Lead Pages product allows you to create ‘stand alone’ pages that are self-contained and free-standing. Their product allows you to host pages on their servers or export them. I do like that you can create your own templates with the Thrive Content Builder tool set. That’s a major benefit.

    As I understand your product from the demos, without your software plugin installed, your pages are not ‘free standing’ and are not the creator’s
    property and as such don’t work without the plug-ins installed and activated. Can you address this issue, and explain how the licenses work?

    Thrive Content Creator tools allow the creation of responsive pages, that appear to be optimized to perform well, but the licenses with regard to the pages it creates unclear to me. I realize it’s unfair to compare your product to these others being mentioned here. The features and benefits of the Thrive Themes and Content Builder tool set is unique. But as a developer, the license issues are not clear to me.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Michael,

      LeadPages is a hosted solution, which means that your content is placed on their servers. You can, of course, display that content on a site of your own (including WordPress sites), but it’s still hosted with them. That means that once you cancel your membership, all your content is gone.

      Thrive Landing Pages is a WordPress plugin and as such, it’s a self hosted solution. All the content you create is displayed AND hosted on your own WordPress website. We don’t have access to your content or any of your stats, either. The plugin is available as a one time purchase, which means you can pay once and use it forever. It’s also available as a bundle, as part of our membership, but if you are a Thrive member and you cancel your membership, that has absolutely no effect on any of the pages or sites you’ve created using our tools. They are hosted on your server, so they will remain there until YOU delete them.

      The license is based on how many sites you want to activate our products on. Once activated, the product will be installed and usable on your site indefinitely.

      • Darin Johnson says:

        There was some comments going on about Lead pages I just found the question kind of out of place myself. The whole point I thought that Thrive Themes was so we can self host. The method you have suggest if one wants to use FB is the best way. I personally love the products you have developed to help with the self hosting platform. Keep up the great work keep the focus in this area for sure.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        I agree that most comparisons between LeadPages and Thrive Themes, to my mind, end with the fact that the former is hosted and the latter self-hosted. Even if we have similar features, that’s the biggest difference and the products will appeal to different audiences because some prefer the convenience of hosted solutions while others prefer the ownership and flexibility of self-hosted solutions.

  • paul p says:

    I just went over the course (excellent, by the way), and am starting by revamping my wife’s interior design-related website to include a lead generation page using one of the Thrive Theme plugin landing pages, which I only paid attention to after viewing Module 1 (duh…) You can see the work in progress here: I integrated that landing page into the Mail Poet WP newsletter plugin.
    Anyway, now I’m writing the report using information I formerly gave away free on the site without capturing any contact information. Again… duh!
    I was wondering – do you have any recommendations on writing the free report? How long should it be? How much of a product hard sell should it include? Any thoughts?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Paul,

      My recommendation is to focus on immediate value in your free report. Whether its long or short isn’t nearly as important as how much practical value it delivers to the reader. The best kind of free report gives your reader something they didn’t consider before and that they can implement in their lives as easily as possible.

  • jenny says:

    Shane I have use of Thrive Builder to play with via a friends test site they gave me access to…..I really like it and want to buy it are you doing any near future launches again of it?

    I have a couple of concerns I wanted you to clarify and address where might I quickly send them to you and ask need to find this out asap please

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Jenny,

      We don’t have any re-launches of the plugin planned in the near future. For questions you can write a comment or use the contact link at the bottom of the page. 🙂

  • Robin says:

    Very good course! I learned a lot and it will get me moving.

  • AffiliateGuy says:

    By far the best plugin and I loved the course. I have great respect for your products and what you are doing with them. You seem to understand what the client needs so a very large thank you

  • sandra says:

    The mini-course is very informative…and very easy to understand and follow, thank you.

  • Brian says:

    Do you ever foresee making it so we could publish our landing pages directly to Facebook? Also, will you ever have it so we could use this product to create full sales funnels with upsell/downsell pages, etc.?

    • Nick W says:

      Hi Brian,
      Publishing directly to FB would require an SSL. If Thrive had to host the SSL and create a platform to make this happen, it would really tax their resources. We already have services that can do this. LeadPages, for example can do it. But.. you pay $300 a year.

      The way the web is developing, it is best to have a GREAT landing page on your own site. You can do this with Thrive better than pretty much ever other alternative out there. The way it works is like this:

      1. Build your Thrive site
      2. Build a FB Page for that niche
      3. Create Google Plus Account for this niche
      4. Create a Youtube account for this niche
      5. Create a Tumblr Account for this niche
      6. Create a Disqus Account for this niche

      Drive all traffic to very well written posts that reside on your facebook page. Use the “call to action” feature of the FB page to drive traffic directly to your landing page (the thrive page).

      Create a post that will work as an “Ad” and boost it to your target market. Optimize for “likes” only. Mage the image link back to your thrive lander.

      Your lander would link to your product or offering.

      You’ll get the facebook traffic for fractions of a cent.

      This is the best way period.

      • Darin says:

        I do not know about anyone else, but by giving up control like this and my personal thoughts are that why I got into Self Hosting so I had control over my site. By giving control up to some organization like FB not sure if I would want to entertain the idea of it.

        I have seen other products on the market and personal nothing compares to Thrive Themes especially the support provided. All I can say is that the support staff for Thrive Themes you guys rock 🙂

      • Nick W says:

        I agree 100%. There is nothing on the market to compare to thrive. IT is the best PERIOD.

      • Brian says:


        Thanks for this fantastic reply! By the way, what did you mean by “Mage the image link back to your thrive lander.” I’m sure the word ‘Mage” was a simple typo. Thanks again!

    • Darin says:

      Comment about Facebook they have policies and thing they require. Plus I would think the idea of Thrive Themes is about self hosting. Just my thoughts on the subject as I would not want to publish directly to FB as I would lose control of my pages.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      There have been some great replies to this comment already. All I want to add is that making FB embeddable landing pages is something that we are tentatively considering for the future. However, you’d have to set up the SSL and Facebook app integration yourself, since our solutions are self-hosted.

      The reason we haven’t implemented any FB landing page features yet is that for most businesses, it’s a relatively low yield kind of thing. For almost all users, it’s far easier to create a landing page on your own site and link to it from Facebook than to set up Facebook tabs (the effectiveness of which has been reduced over time anyway). So, it’s not a high priority feature on our list.

  • Nick W says:

    There are a few other collateral assets that I use as well. Most are free. But you can build a mastermind group and purchase the ones you need and just have the mastermind coach run the queries and searches. A bit slower, but It keeps the cost down. If I wasn’t so busy making money, I’ll make a course of it.

  • Wally says:

    This was a great course Shane. Creating landing pages or popups is so much easier with cool tools, but too many options definitely make me freeze up and not know what to type.

    Now I know I can throw something together to get it out there and then test.


  • Dianna R says:

    I really appreciate this to-the-point course. It’s extremely helpful and I’m building pages immediately because Shane’s guidance is so clear.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Great product and loved the videos. Very helpful. I’m looking for a compatible auction plugin. Any suggestions?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Elizabeth,

      Unfortunately, I have no experience with auction plugins at all, so I can’t make a recommendation for you there.

  • Steve says:

    I thought it was brilliant stuff. If I’m honest, I ALMOST clicked away in first 10 seconds (on the main page details) but the more I watched the more I felt the value I was getting was insane and the more I realised that you really know your shizzle. Will def buy as soon as I can afford.

  • Fred C says:

    Thank-you, Shane,

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so much useful and valuable information packed into such a short amount of time. Wow! It was incredible!

    You really delivered big time on this one. You gave more for free in an insanely short amount of time than many courses that I’ve paid hundreds for and wasted hours of my time trying to put it all together. You rock big time.

    Thanks, again


  • Pitou31 says:

    Hi Shane,
    First time I am accessing your mini course. I found it very useful, very well explained and containing a huge amount of important advices to create valuable landing pages. Thank you for your so clear informations.
    Please could you tell me where to access additional courses on similar or others subjects? Do you have a specific category on tutorials and mini course? In addition I intend to become a member to benefit on your themes and plugins. I will send you a personal email to explain my position.
    Thank you.

    • Shane Melaugh says:


      Thank you for your kind comment! You can check out this section in the Knowledge Base for more in-depth tutorials.

      • Pitou31 says:

        Hi Shane,
        Thank you for your reply.
        Please be aware that I sent you a private message on #27492 Re: What did you think about the RAPID Landing Page mini-course?
        Please could you find some moment to reply to my proposal.
        Thank you.

      • Shane Melaugh says:


        I’ll take a look as soon as I can.

  • Jo says:

    Great course, got me to buy Thrive. I hope you will integrate more landing page templates, and it would be awesome to have the exact same ones from the course…

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Jo,

      We are continually creating new templates and adding them to the plugin. 🙂

      The example pages from this course were not added for the simple reason that the templates you get in the plugin are much nicer. The difference is that in the course, I used a blank page and quickly threw something together in real time. In our templates, you get the result of hours of design work that you can start building on.

  • Paul R says:

    Sorry Shane, Can’t give your video any praise. I took the plunge with Thrive Membership this morning and have been too busy making websites to watch it yet. Your stuff rocks. Awesome functionality.

  • Suvi R says:

    Man – your products and tutorials are simply awesome!

    I have been looking for a solution to make membership sites & online courses. When I finally happened to find you two days ago, I became Thrive member the same day and got so many other essential tools for my business at the same package than just membership tools. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Suvi,

      I’m very happy to know that you’ve already gotten so much value out of our products. 🙂

  • Bill N says:

    Very nice! Quick and to the point. Seems much less daunting now and feel like I can really get started with the basics and then improve.
    Glad I am a member. Your products and service are top notch!

  • Mark K says:

    Question: Do the Thrive-Themes already include the content builder, thrive lead and clever widgets OR are these pluging ALWAYS added on top of the thrive (or any other ) theme ?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Mark,

      No, the themes don’t include the plugins. If you become a Thrive Member, you get access to everything all at once, but if you buy an individual theme or plugin, you only get that specific theme or plugin.

  • Marie L says:

    Just got the Thrive themes plus the plugins. It’s a lot of material to get through and am working on getting the theme up first so am switching back and forth from one template to the current one until I have my new theme where I want it. Have not have a chance to even upload the plugins yet. lol. One step at a time. 🙂

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Marie,

      Thanks for your comment! If you need any help along the way, please don’t hesitate to post in our support forum.

  • Tudor says:

    Just finished going through the mini-course. I love the simplified upside-down approach to building landers and sales pages. Will probably grab the whole package, especially if there’s a promo/discount coming up. 😉
    I noticed someone mentioned membership sites – is it possible to use the Thrive product suite to build membership sites???

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Tudor,

      We have a feature in some of our themes that helps you create nicely structured course content, but we don’t have a membership system. I.e. we don’t have anything that protects content, integrates with payment processors and all that.

  • Bill808 says:

    Excellent info. I will become a customer.

  • Shiffon says:

    Great step-by-step tutorial for your mini course. Are you able to use your landing pages outside of Word Press? Thanks for the value Shane

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Shiffon,

      Using Thrive Landing Pages, you have to have a WordPress site as a basis. There are other tools as well as the option of using HTML pages for non-WordPress landing pages, though.

  • Torsten says:

    Hello Shane,
    first of all I would like to tell you that two weeks ago I have discovered you in some of the SwissMadeMarketing Secockpit training clips you have managed to produce some years ago. You have evidently made a lasting impression for me how you presented your competitive edged product. This was the reason why I have subscribed to both of your actual websites now.
    I am quite a newbie in this business and I know that I have found the right way to make money in the German eCommerce business as fast as possible. I have prepared no website yet, though. My first goal is to acquire the tool Secockpit and finding valuable keywords for my ideas. After that I would like to build a real nice website.
    Anyway, in your first clip of RAPID Landing Page Building Course you mentioned to always test the own website. But how does this test look like?
    Some days ago I have found on this website where I am able to have my content tested. In theory this might be helpful during the planning phase. I don’t know if it is valuable in practice after everything has been published. Like I mentioned before I haven’t built a website yet, because I first have to think about my products I have written down on my scratchpad.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hello Torsten,

      Thank you for your comment! If you haven’t built your website yet, it’s too early to worry about testing. Yes, testing is really important and will make a big difference to your business, but it requires a website and some regular traffic, first.

      So, following the RAPID principle, you should first get the website up and running as soon as possible.
      Next, you can follow this guide and then start looking into A/B testing once you have at least 100+ visitors per day.

  • Erik says:

    I really enjoyed the mini-course. And I love the bonus material, thank you! That content builder plugin seems amazing, I am thinking of buying it. But is it one-time payment or I have to keep on renewing it with every update?

  • I already have a blog, but from what I understand I’d have to start a new WP project to start anew with a new domain name. Right?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      If you have a self-hosted WordPress website, you can use that to get started with landing pages.

  • Debbie says:

    This offer arrived in my inbox the very day I had to create my first sales page. It was perfect. My mentor and coach LOVED what I created. Thank you so much!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That’s really awesome! I’m so happy to know that you could put this into action right away. 🙂

  • Jorge G says:

    It is indeed very valuable information. I saw it twice and applied somethings already. Great way of explaining and great video / material. Thank you

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    So thanks for the PDFs, too!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thanks for your comment, Renée! There’s often a delay of a few seconds, before the share unlocks the download. We’re working on improving this, to make it less frustrating. 🙂

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    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Widgets and header are should be taken care of by the theme you use. And, of course, we recommend using Thrive Themes for all your sites. 🙂

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    As a novice starting to build my 1st Authority Site, your webinar’s and video’s are much appreciated.

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    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for your comment! I’m very happy to hear that you found this course useful. As for the learning curve: I know that can be difficult. I always try to strike a balance between shipping things quickly and getting them right.

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      Hello Jodi,

      Thank you for your feedback! Very happy to know that you found this mini course useful. 🙂

      On the page with the videos for this course there’s also a PDF guide you can download, by the way.

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    Incidentally (and this may be something that I need to ask somewhere else), I inserted my API key into the form but for some reason it’s not adding email addresses to my list. Given that’s the purpose of the form, I’m v concerned that I’ve done something wrong! Any suggestions??

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      Thank you very much for your encouraging feedback, Dave! Motivates us to do more. 🙂

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      Hello Eveline,

      Sorry for the late reply. If you become a member, all our themes and plugins are included and you don’t have to make any separate purchases.

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      Thank you very much for your comment, Scott! That is very encouraging feedback and it means a lot to me to see it. 🙂

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      Thank you for your comment, Norbert! I’m very happy to know that you got good value out of the course. 🙂

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    3) do all of the template families have the template sales page?


    • Hanne says:

      Hi Holly,
      I’m glad you liked the training!
      To answer your questions:
      1) No there is no limitation, you can create as many landing pages as you want and send as many traffic to them as you desire.
      2) Many of our templates are build for this purpose you can see them in the landing page gallery for ebooks I think the mini squeeze is a very professional looking template and the “Lime” templates are pretty popular for video.
      3) Not all families have a sales pages, some templates are designed for lead generation or webinar signups but you can filter for “sales pages” from within the plugin and you’ll immediately see all the available templates.

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    Two questions remained open:
    Do I have to get a domain and hosting server elsewere or is this included in the membership? If this is the case, which interfaces are necessary on the server?
    Is the software compatible with Linux?

    Kind Regards

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Jonas,

      Our products are WordPress plugins so you need your own WordPress website (on your domain and hosting) before you can use any of the Thrive products.

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    • Hanne says:

      Hi Barbara,
      To create the landing pages, you need Thrive Content Builder (which has Thrive Landing Pages integrated) 🙂

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    • Hanne says:

      Hi Bodie,

      It’s easy to link Stripe but the plugin does not do one click upsells, if you want that, you need a paiement system that provides this option.

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    Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the instructional videos. Without which my treasured book would not be available for sale.

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    God bless your heart! I’ve been wanting to build my list for over a year and I have to say, I was intimidated by the whole process until I discovered Thrive Themes. For the past two weeks I’ve been watching a lot of your Thrive Leads / Landing Pages videos while implementing the strategies and tools immediately. I’ve accomplished so much in just a short amount of time, I’m forever grateful!

    Thank you for developing such an easy and convenient plugin for WordPress.

    Dupé Aleru

  • Rob Howard says:

    Thus far, everyone is throwing out different themes, plugins, templates and features in hopes of some of them sticking. They’re all trying to attract the viewer with killer eye-candy and widgets. For that Elegant Divi (and Themeforest right behind) leads the pack but I keep coming back to Thrive Themes. They have a strikingly stripped-down presentation, Shane is starkly lit and talking directly at the camera while Elegant shows a couple of guys in softer lighting, better attempts at pleasant visual presentation and their personal taste in both music and the volume at which it’s played. It makes it difficult to hear the speaker. This is a generational thing that goes along with the value of selfies, texting and multitasking. They are speaking from behind a social barricade that protects them.

    Shane is right there in your face, not disguised with anything that is not him and the message. That comes across as more frankness and it builds trust. Both services are consistent to their presentations. Elegant’s Divi series offers about three major categories and lovely examples that look like everyone else’s pretty pages with pretty stock photography. That has the weaknesses pointed out in one of my old layout books showing layouts with square-up photos. Without the subject matter, the actual layouts communicated nothing. One square block communicated the same as another square block. It’s lazy…and it doesn’t grab the eye.

    While using the same graphics that marks the era of artistic mediocrity we currently endure (sorry, everyone sucks at it) Thrive Themes lives up to its name in sticking to a definite theme rather than churning out anonymous eye candy and clever widgets that perform novel functions. Yes, it has lots of automated widgets that can be used to attract viewers but Thrive Themes never loses sight of the result…converting complete strangers into loyal followers who send you money…and do so happily.

    Thrive Themes begins with a problem that requires solving. Just like the way we teach at Art Bootcamp –, it begins with an objective or problem to be solved (we need to state this more often). They begin with one of those cheesy, stripped down pages for getting better abs online than in the gym…the hardest of the hard-sell. Shane starts with the objective…the end of the page where the reader responds to the CTA, gives up their email address (that’s solid gold) to move further toward ultimately sending money.
    It’s a hard-rocking marketing course, all about what elements must be in the landing page and then on to the sales page. Ugly? You betcha, but the important thing is to never forget about the reason you are there…not for fans, love, and applause. You must be like Jerry Maguire and keep asking…”show me the money.”

    Shane starts out with cranking out a page as fast as possible, nothing pretty. Just raw communication and for the sole purpose of getting it done. We are told that we can always make improvements and, with those improved pages, run them in A to B comparisons. He shows the tools to do that (he’s big into using free tools). Essentially, he is demonstrating what he’s preaching and, his stripped down, information-packed presentation is demonstrating the art of online selling in the most effective manner.

    Can those butt-ugly selling pages be converted to more attractive pages without losing the selling power? Sure, and for oldtime ad guys like us, that’s easy. Easy, if we have those underlying good bones holding up the ads. Thrive Themes’ approach is to convince us to buy their service by demonstrating it being used on us…and damned if we don’t forget that they are not just supplying free and powerful information (which they are) but using the same techniques they preach to convert us into customers. That’s impressive and it’s something I did not see with those services offering much prettier, albeit anonymous, designs that had no guiding overall purpose other than showing the work of yet another person who stumbled into a graphic design course. You can’t stand out from the crowd by looking like everyone else.

    There are services like Themeforest that offer complete and elaborate templates for creating pretty websites, but after years of seeing the attempts by artists on Facebook, I’ve concluded that 98% of them are there to feed their egos and not to create any market or business. They are like jugglers on the street corner…cheap entertainment for the masses. Those lovely websites are largely to garner applause. Thrive Themes is the acceptable alternative to ego fulfillment and those online hucksters with their pictures standing next to a hired Lamborghini by a tacky mansion. There are good qualities we can glean from both foot-in-the-door sales and pretty graphics. Shane at Thrive Themes has come as close to a useful balance as I have seen.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Wow, Rob… this is the most amazing review of any of my products I’ve ever seen. Damn. I’m flattered and honored. Thank you very much!

  • Rob Howard says:

    For many years, I have worked as an advertising art director and one of my strengths was note taking. I took copious notes in all meetings and, when watching your four demo videos I did the same thing. That gave me the chance to back up and analyze you in the same way I’d analyze a client and his needs.

    In reviewing the notes it became apparent you were using the very same advertising techniques to sell these courses that you were demonstrating…the solid backbone of advertising. It works. After all, humans haven’t changed much in the past 500 years and the same appeals that worked on people living in the 1600’s will work during the Digital Age.

    That’s a point my colleagues and I had overlooked and wondered why our online campaigns weren’t producing as well as those we ran in print and broadcast. We were looking at the online world as something exotic with its own rules rather than what you showed what it really is…just another medium of communication. Just as the tried and true methods used in print ads easily translated to television ads, you demonstrated that they have the same power in online ads.

    Anyone who was attracted to your four-part presentation had to feel the need to buy the course. Your straighforward “just the facts,ma’am” clearly showed the effectiveness of your approach.

    We will be getting the Thrive Themes package and begin by applying it to one of our product lines (appealing to a very narrowly focused niche market). We’ll be building and writing from the ground up and I’ll keep you posted as to our progress.

  • Johnnie Skiles says:

    Suggestion – re-film these with Architect, it was formative

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment! The course will be updated with Thrive Architect, coming soon. 🙂

  • Larry S says:

    I’m using another page builder but still found the course very useful and informative. Thanks for this Shane. I love the “get it published and tweak it later” approach

  • Rosemary B says:

    I accidentally came across the course whilst searching for landing page templates. I thought it looked great but I found it impossible to follow as my screen looked different from the one used in the videos.

    I enquired of support why it was different and they told me that thrive architect had been updated.

    In principle, the course is just what I wanted but in practice it was useless as it was out of date.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment, Rosemary! I’m sorry about the confusion this caused. I’m working on updating this course.

  • myunkim77 says:

    What’s the difference between thrive architect and thrive leads?
    I’m a newbie affiliate marketer. In order to create killer squeeze page, thank you page, and sales page etc for my sales funnel, which plug in should I purchase? I’ve been confusing about that. And I prefer one time payment to being monthly membership.

    • Hanne says:

      Thrive Leads is to add lead generation elements on your site (such as ribbons, light boxes, opt-in widgets,…) to create lead generation landing pages, you’re better off with Thrive Architect because you’ll get all the templates.

  • art.kinkade says:

    I love it, I haven’t had time to finish it yet, but I will. Instructions see easy enough.

  • orsonwajih says:

    Thanks for the course, I found it inspiring and useful. I am a business owner trying to learn online marketing. I am looking for a system that does everything i.e. landing page and automated follow up. Does thrive have a way of automating a sequence of emails and/or text(SMS) after people opt in through a landing page?

    • Hanne says:

      Happy you liked the course!
      In order to send an automated follow-up, you would need an email marketing service (such as Active Campaign) and integrate it with your landing pages.
      I’m not sure which platform would allow for SMS follow-up.

  • lapalmatanja says:

    I am very new at the online business, creating just now my first website for online courses. And I am german, so using english as a second language.
    Nontheless I could understand everything so very well, I already profit from the ideas in the mini-course and will be into more as soon as I see clear.
    So far I have to find out how to move my website to a server that works with wordpress. I bought my website with the biggest german company (Jimdo) and they have own, easy layouts and templates, but no wordpress. Thanks for helping me (old woman of 54 ;-)) into this new business. Greetings, Tanja

  • rishin says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Shane’s upfront attitude and open approach are what will keep me a Thrive Themes customer.

    The content that you produce and make available increases the value of your products immeasurably.

    Great job again.

  • Kwongchiu W says:

    the course indeed is valuable. just as Shane said you can never possible to deliver something after it is perfect but only deliver something and then to improve it.

  • Bart says:

    Hello Shane,
    I experienced great value from the mini-course: short to the point and actionable. Motivated to get started asap. I like the way you are showing and sharing all your knowledge.

  • Shoana says:

    Awesome thank you Shane.

  • Alexander W says:

    Hi Shane,
    very cool and really helpful. For me, the best idea of all was:
    Good enough + published is 1000x better than Perfect and not yet finished 🙂
    By the way: I am looking for a tool, that helps me finding the biggest need of my target group. So this would be the step BEFORE creating the Rapid Landing Page… and I can position myself with the right topic for my dream prospects…
    Thank you and best regards!

  • ljiljana says:

    Absolutely the best course ever!!! Thank you! Finally something that works, simple steps, understandable language and free. You are my big revelation.

  • I love your video tutorials, Shane! They are short, to the point and sooo fabulously practical and easy to implement. And it is so refreshing to watch something without having to press the fast forward button all the time to skip the marketing blabla that others like to throw in. Since I joined the Thrive Themes Membership a few months ago, I have never regretted my decision for a single moment.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  • janisse says:

    The Rapid Landing Page Mini Course was over the top. I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere else on the web, where this process is explained with slides, in so much detail. Thank you for sharing .


    Thank you for training your course so i have get at help on a new blog

  • Szakal Zsolt says:

    Grüezi! Thank you for the course, it was very helpful for me. I have already printed the landing page, what you created in the video. Next time I would like to see an advanced landing page/sales page building techniques.
    Thanks a lot

  • vincianelacroix says:

    Shane, You are a fantastic teacher! So efficient, so pedagogical and so professionnal!

    I have not made the landing page yet as my pdf document is not ready, but it will be done this week, I promised.

    Thank you for this first lesson and especially for listing all procrastination reasons; in this sense you are not only teaching technical material, you are also coaching us.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment! I’m happy to hear that the first lesson really resonated with you. I wish you all the best in getting your PDF finished!

  • Dan M says:

    Great especially vid #4 with a/b testing with Thrive Optimize. One question I do have is that if you split test two landing pages with big differences in value proposition and yet using 1 ad to drive equal distribution of traffic to the two pages, wouldn’t the FB ad not align with one of the value propositions? How do you handle that beyond having two ads?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Hi Dan,

      Great question! In this situation, there are 2 options for you (and neither is inherently better than the other):

      First, you can have a test running on the landing page, with the 2 variations and use an ad that is created in such a way that it applies to both your value propositions.
      Second, you can run the test on the level of the ads, where you have 2 different ads, each linking to a different (matching) landing page.

  • Julie J says:

    That first video could have been a course in itself. That was so incredibly helpful to hear that things just need to get done, rather than waiting around until it’s perfect. It seems obvious and I’ve heard it before, but the way you described it in the first video was invaluable. Thank you!

  • Joan B says:

    The gift that keeps on giving – I mean who wouldn’t want customers to think like that? That’s what Thrive Themes evokes. And Shane Melaugh, I am so grateful for you. You have the skills, talent and smarts to be doing anything you want, and here you are. How lucky are we? This course is brilliant and exactly what I need right now. Your teaching style and skills should be bottled and sold!!

  • Richard L says:

    Great timing Shane. I’m about to start a website for a friend/entrepreneur. The client is overwhelmed with the number of options though. So much out there! He is moving from Joomla to WordPress, so ideal opportunity to introduce him to Thrive themes. Will certainly include your revelations on A/B testing since there is a need to find the right landing/sales/op-in that will work best for his organization.
    Thank you for your very informative and timely presentation. Read your and Hanne’s videos and comments religiously.
    Much appreciated

  • Jens I says:

    Great piece of work, Shane!
    I enjoy working with your products. You really point out the essentials and bring them alive, you “ship” it very well! 🙂

  • Rosinaldo D says:

    Congrats for the course. It was really informative and formative.

    But I have a question about the “number of variables” to be tested at once.

    In the third video you have shown the A/B test where the “Elite” variation was defined by changing 2 things: the headline AND the image.

    I have heard some people saying that if you change more than one element is difficult to determine what was the element that really made the difference to the winner.

    But I have also noticed that the “Elite” variation was a “BIG” change in terms that only changing the headline would not be enough to distinguish both versions, right?

    So, maybe I don’t need to pay attention only to the “number of elements changed” but to the whole message behind the change.

    What do you think, Shane?

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Good question!

      This really depends on context. The advice about only testing one thing at a time can be good advice, but only in some contexts. If we take the control vs. elite test example, we’re testing a value proposition that is a big change from the original. Would it make sense to only change the heading to the new value proposition and leave the image and text? No, because then the heading wouldn’t match the rest of the page. We would essentially “break” the page by changing only one thing.

      Changing only one thing usually applies to smaller changes. For example, we should change the headline and the button text at the same time (while keeping the overall value proposition and message the same).

      In the example, we are also only changing one thing, but it’s a “higher level” thing. We are only changing the value proposition. If we changed the value proposition AND changed the signup flow from a single step to multiple steps, for example, we’d have a problem again.

      So, I think a better way to formulate this rule is: make sure you don’t test potentially conflicting changes at the same time.

  • Ross L says:

    Great course Shane. A must see for every procrastinator including myself. Thank you for setting my priorities straight.

  • Ron W says:

    Thanks, Shane. Awesome info… that even I can put to use immediately! If I can do it anyone can.

  • Donna Green says:

    What a great reminder about why rapid implementation of something imperfect beats waiting till you’ve refined something so much it may be perfect but it’s not “out there”. A good reminder for us procrastinating perfectionists out there… Done is better than perfect!

  • LUCA says:

    Your chances of ever creating something great can be predicted by your ability to DELIVER something simple

    It’s really a great quote!

    Who’s the author?

    Is it’s yours Shane?

  • Lian H says:

    I find you clear and direct Shane Melaugh and I would like to try to use your products. Where can I read about how to integrate your product with my Word Press site. I am far from being computer smart. I would have loved to use a VA but I may have been unlucky but those I have tried to use promise more than they can deliver. So this time with your tutorials I would like to learn it and do it myself. Thanking you in anticipation. Best regards, Lian Henriksen

  • David Lee says:

    At noon today, I had no idea Thrive Themes existed. I was going through some Google AdWords training when I came to a point where building landing pages on my wordpress site was necessary. So I googled “wordpress landing page module,” and saw a lot of significantly positive comments on Thrive Architect. I read enough reviews that I knew this was my direction.

    The problem is that my landing page requires five fields (not just name and email), so I started googling that. I found Thrive Theme University, and so I checked it out. I went ahead with the free login, absolutely sure that once I got in, the training I needed would cost me an arm and a leg – which is standard fare across the internet today.

    What I found is that the training was, as stated, actually free.

    What an amazing thing!

    This is the first training video I watched. Frankly, this is better, by far, than anything else I have watched in the past month. Shane (et al) are “walking a walk” that blinking few of their peers are. This shows a level of integrity that is significantly higher than most of the other organizations I have been working with for training.

    I am starting a new business venture. I am using AdWords and YouTube and Google to do the advertising, and my WordPress site for the target landing pages — and from the example I have seen from this site, I will be using Thrive Themes as my business intrastructure.

    Now, having said all of that, let me actually comment on the course. Shane did a masterful job of compressing a significant amount of information into an hour of videos! The sheer breadth of information he covers is almost indescribable. Pulling all of this information into one, easy to follow, set of videos made everything make a bit more sense.

    Obviously the videos highlight the modules from, but as a web programmer (in a previous life), I know I could have taken the lessons away and duplicated most of it all on my own. However, using the modules is (blatantly obviously) the simplest way to do it.

    When he showed the A/B testing using one of the many modules, I was converted! I had scoped out what it would take to do full A/B testing using various ad groups in AdWords, and what he set up in moments would have taken much more than a day to pull off otherwise.

    So in summary:
    * This open training site shows Shane (et al) to be of the highest levels of integrity.
    * The quality of the training in this one course is superb.
    * The breadth of the topics covered in the course is incredible.
    * The apparent simplicity of using the modules from is astounding.

    I am excited to have found this site, the modules, and training. This will help my new business venture to become successful within days, not months.


    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you so much for your comment and review, David! I really appreciate that you took the time to do this. 🙂

  • Shane, Your introduction to this course hit the nail squarely on the head. You perfectly defined my weakness… and that’s embarrassing but true. I love your idea of keeping it simple but launched and then improve it over time. Almost but not quite finished is exactly where I get stuck way too often. Thanks for your amazing course!

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you for your comment! I’m thrilled to know that this course addressed such a hot button issue for you. 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for the free course. I thought it was clear and easy to implement the strategies. I look forward to spending more time on thrive architect and implementing what I’ve learned.

  • Andrea C says:

    I find all your teaching to be SO useful. Firstly you speak at a pace which is easy to keep up with. I built the page along with you (a few rewinds were required!). Secondly, this course is clear and concise, and I feel better prepared to implement a rapid launch rather than procrastinating over design for months. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the detail and it has certainly been one of my failings. Excellent tips on copywriting and A/B testing too. Thank you for your great work Shane.????????????

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