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If you like practical examples and actionable systems, you'll love ​the completely ​​updated Rapid Landing Page Building mini-course we just ​released ​for Thrive University.


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Your chances of ever creating something great can be predicted by your ability to DELIVER something simple.

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by Shane Melaugh  November 9, 2018


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  • Shane,

    This was a very informative training course. I really appreciate the simple approach that you demonstrated.

    I am convinced this is the easiest and best plug-in and theme package I have ever seen.

    Thank you


  • Hi,
    I couldn’t access the download. Nothing Happen when I click button” Yes, Give Me Instant Access The Guide”.

    • Thanks for the notice! We haven’t been able to replicate this issue yet, but we’re trying to find the cause and fix it.

  • Awesome content and VALUE as usual Shane! Really appreciate how you make everything so clear and SIMPLE with TCB! Appreciate the mini course and looking forward to seeing module 4!

  • You’ve knocked it out of the park once again, Shane! Fantastic content and easy to take in.

    I Tweeted the page as suggested to unlock the next PDFs, but it never seems to work for me to then get access to the PDFs. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using Chrome, which can behave oddly like that sometimes, or if it’s something else. I would like to have the PDFs, though.

    Thanks a million!


  • Hi Shane,

    Just wanted to say Huge Thanks to you and team for offering such great value and powerful insights into design concepts Great course better than most paid ones I have taken..
    kind regards Simon

  • Hi,
    I couldn’t access the download as well. Nothing Happens when I click button “Yes, Give Me Instant Access The Guide”. Using Google Chrome

  • Very helpful videos Shane. I like the straight to the point, no fluff, actionable and easy to implement methods you’re presenting. I definitely look forward to seeing more content from you in the future.

  • The videos are extremely informative and make creating “good enough” landing pages and sales pages very doable. Thank you.

    I too was unable to unlock the extra pdfs. I tweeted it on two different days. Would appreciate the pdfs. Thanks.

  • I really like the course. I tweeted the link to it, but wasn’t able to access the bonus. It looks like your Sharely plugin isn’t working on that page.

  • I enjoyed the videos and your method of presentation of material. Looking forward to digging deeper and getting my long time overdue website re-design going.

    “A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.”

    John Henrik Clarke

  • Its Really Awesome, informative and very valuable, specially the philosophy behind the designing of a landing and optin pages.

  • I am half way through the videos and what I have see so far is typical of Swiss precision like a Rolex watch! Shane is articulate in explaining the functionality of the plugin and I will certainly buy this product ASAP. This page building system is light years ahead of anything I have seen. Shane and his associates’s products are 110% rock solid.

  • Shane, this is a great course for anyone unfamiliar with Landing Pages and you provide such a simple explanation in a calm & logical way. Some examples of “existing” landing pages that convert well would be a good way of highlighting what users should be striving to create.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mark! And thanks for the suggestion. Some more examples could make a great addition or maybe a new blog post, I agree!

  • Sweet, sweeter, sweetest. Your stuff rocks the house Shane and you’re fast becoming one of the few whose posts I read, regularly! Haven’t gotten completely in the groove and you gave me a good shove! Want to watch them again.

  • I thought this was a very well done series of Videos. I must say I have a membership with Optimized press and the education that you guys provide is way above anything they do. More like what t hey do not do. Plus you guys seem to be updating it constantly with Thrive Themes. You guys rock 🙂

  • I don’t know i this is the right place to post this, but I am having a little trouble figuring out how to use the Thrive boxes for people to input their information and how to connect to ontraport where they can receive an email with a link to a free gift.

  • Your insights are greatly appreciated. Keep them coming.
    About Thrive Content Builder, it looks great, really fantastic, but needs the ability to customize the pages for specific devices on a page by page basis. Just responsive is less than ideal. My landing or home page on a mobile phone might contain very different content and/or layout, while other pages may be fine with the standard responsive adjustments

    • Thank you for your comment, Jim.

      A feature that allows you to show or hide parts of your content on mobile devices is on our roadmap.

  • Thanks for putting together insightful presentations and quality products. Your note about ‘just do it’ might be the most valuable thing I’ve seen in awhile and is totally relevant to my own delays in launching projects. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, Todd! Indeed, the underlying principle of rapid implementation is the most important part of this mini course. It has been immeasurably valuable for my own business.

  • I’m not sure when I downloaded or requested this course, but I found the files in my downloads folder and decided to watch it just to see what it was; ended up in watching all four videos. Great tutorials, quick and to the point! Fantastic plugin! Thank you for such a fine and precise tool. How do I get the Theme/plugin?

    • Thank you, Phyllis! Glad you enjoyed the course! 🙂

      You can get everything (all themes and plugins) here or you can get the plugin separately here.

  • Shane

    I really enjoyed the mini course. It highlighted how to create effective landing pages and squeeze pages. I am amazed at how flexible the content builder is and can see how it would save a website developer or owner hundreds of hours per year.

    I am wondering if it is possible to add addition graphics to the library for building landing and sales pages, like different guarantee graphic?

    Keep up the great work … I am planning on purchasing Thriver themes and content builder for my next website project.

    • Hello Gordon,

      Thanks for your reply! We don’t have an option to replace the guarantee graphic yet. However, it would be fairly easy to create a guarantee box by using your own graphic and a customized content box.

  • This tool looks absolutely fantastic! One concern though… someone told me that if -for some reason- you wanted to quit working with Thrive Content Builder (or any other Page Builder for that matter), you cannot access any of your pages anymore with your standard WordPress editor. Is that actually the case? And would there be a way to solve that?

    • Hello Joke,

      If you use a visual builder or short codes or design elements that come with a theme or anything like that, then the content you create using those elements depends on the plugin or theme they came from.

      Think of it like this: imagine you install a contact form plugin and then add a contact form to a page. If you now delete the contact form plugin again, your form won’t work anymore and you’ll probably see an error on the page. The form is dependent on the plugin.

      The same is true for content you create with a visual editor. If you remove the plugin, you remove all the style sheets and the content can’t render correctly anymore.

      The way to solve it is to not remove the plugin. Even if at some point you don’t want to use TCB anymore, you can just leave it installed to preserve the content you’ve already created with it.

  • Shane, I actually watched the video through twice. First time online, then I downloaded them and watched them again. I have to say, your material is so far out in front an anything others are doing… its just great!

    I think I mentioned a while ago that your landing page templates allowed me to cancel a $500 per year service I had with a “landing pages” service company. They provided great lead pages, but the thrive pages give me so much more flexibility. I used a blurred image background and a content box with my mailchimp code. And Mailchimp is free until you get some big numbers!

    Thrive themes really pays for itself three times over at the very least, and it is superior quality. I can’t say enough.

    And, of course, your video instruction is spot on. You don’t beat around the bush. You get right to the heart of the information quickly and efficiently.

    Not sure where I’d be if I hadn’t found you guys.

  • More of the great content we expect from Thrive. If you’re looking for a subject for the nexst episode, maybe devote some time to the tweaks you’d use to make your Rapid examples better.

  • Hi Shane,

    I appreciated that the course was broken up into easily digestible segments. That made it easy for me to view and learn about the various features when it was convenient for me.

    I liked the “non-salesy” approach. Though I was conscious of the fact that it is a selling tool, after all, I was still willing to watch the pitch because it felt more like a learning environment rather than me sitting in a salesroom while someone tries to sell me timeshares. Hard to explain this nuance, but there you go.

    I’ve actually already been sold on this product from your first video about it, and I’m planning to buy in the next day or so after I decide on a WP theme for the business I’m using this with, but this course really cemented my certainty that my buying decision is correct.

    Thanks for listening.

    Kate Supino

    • Hi Kate,
      I’d highly recommend that you look at Shane’s Thrive Themes. Over the years I purchased many premium themes including Studio Press, Woo Themes and Flex themes. The cost of Studio Press pays for Thrive three years over!! Shane’s themes are outstanding.

  • I have several of the more prominent CMS’s, mainly to help my clients who use them. However I have (I believe), all of your products and I’m in the process of converting my site(s) to Thrive. I hope to finish converting and go live with your Squared theme in a few days. I’m not enthused about learning another CMS and figuring out another tool, however I believe I’ll be better off in the long run and so will my clients. I’m a business coach, not a website designer so ease and speed of implementation is my paramount concern.
    While not perfect, the progress and updates lead me to believe that your offerings will continue to get even better.

  • Shane,
    It’s a concise but wonderful training course. I’ve come to know a complete new dimension of the beauty of the brevity. Thank You.

  • Hi Shane,

    I really learned a lot from your landing pages videos. It’s great that you have this as a free resource. Lots of people would probably charge for it!

    I like that in your videos (and everything else you produce), you get to the point and give the best and most essential info. You’re not holding any good info back. Great to have the downloadable pdf’s too.

    Anyways, I’m going to keep pouring through as much of your material as I can (and put it into practice!).

    Do you think you’ll create any more free or paid marketing-related courses again?



  • Thanks for presenting great value in the market! I HAVE A QUESTION TO ASK: before buying.: I actually want to use your product in for a Russian website.Does your plugin have the adaptability for other languages?

  • Thanks Shane for being so responsible with your quick reply for my last question! I also wonder about a very interesting method you applied here: SHARE TO DOWNLOAD! i know sometimes it’s the best strategy when the content is so good that people affraid to share with competitors! Can we use this app from your plugin?

  • Sorry! I didn’t know is there any possibility to edit my comments. but I have an another important issue: can we use your outstanding landing pages or sales pages for Facebook?

    • That’s currently not possible, no. We might add this as a new feature sometime down the road, but there are no specific plans.

    • Thrive Landing Pages has some similarities with ClickFunnels in that both can be used to create and publish various landing pages. A major difference is that ClickFunnels is a hosted solution (not on your website) whereas Thrive Landing Pages is a WordPress plugin (installed on your website).

      ClickFunnels has an emphasis on creating entire, inter-connected funnels. We don’t have this functionality in our plugin (yet), which means you need to string together pages in your funnels yourself. Personally, I think our templates are a lot nicer, but that may just be a matter of taste. 🙂

  • Simply awesome… I am a beginner and could get good value from the course… Hope to join in on the Thrive Themes band wagon soon as a customer…

  • Lead Pages product allows you to create ‘stand alone’ pages that are self-contained and free-standing. Their product allows you to host pages on their servers or export them. I do like that you can create your own templates with the Thrive Content Builder tool set. That’s a major benefit.

    As I understand your product from the demos, without your software plugin installed, your pages are not ‘free standing’ and are not the creator’s
    property and as such don’t work without the plug-ins installed and activated. Can you address this issue, and explain how the licenses work?

    Thrive Content Creator tools allow the creation of responsive pages, that appear to be optimized to perform well, but the licenses with regard to the pages it creates unclear to me. I realize it’s unfair to compare your product to these others being mentioned here. The features and benefits of the Thrive Themes and Content Builder tool set is unique. But as a developer, the license issues are not clear to me.

    • Hello Michael,

      LeadPages is a hosted solution, which means that your content is placed on their servers. You can, of course, display that content on a site of your own (including WordPress sites), but it’s still hosted with them. That means that once you cancel your membership, all your content is gone.

      Thrive Landing Pages is a WordPress plugin and as such, it’s a self hosted solution. All the content you create is displayed AND hosted on your own WordPress website. We don’t have access to your content or any of your stats, either. The plugin is available as a one time purchase, which means you can pay once and use it forever. It’s also available as a bundle, as part of our membership, but if you are a Thrive member and you cancel your membership, that has absolutely no effect on any of the pages or sites you’ve created using our tools. They are hosted on your server, so they will remain there until YOU delete them.

      The license is based on how many sites you want to activate our products on. Once activated, the product will be installed and usable on your site indefinitely.

      • There was some comments going on about Lead pages I just found the question kind of out of place myself. The whole point I thought that Thrive Themes was so we can self host. The method you have suggest if one wants to use FB is the best way. I personally love the products you have developed to help with the self hosting platform. Keep up the great work keep the focus in this area for sure.

      • I agree that most comparisons between LeadPages and Thrive Themes, to my mind, end with the fact that the former is hosted and the latter self-hosted. Even if we have similar features, that’s the biggest difference and the products will appeal to different audiences because some prefer the convenience of hosted solutions while others prefer the ownership and flexibility of self-hosted solutions.

  • Shane,
    I just went over the course (excellent, by the way), and am starting by revamping my wife’s interior design-related website to include a lead generation page using one of the Thrive Theme plugin landing pages, which I only paid attention to after viewing Module 1 (duh…) You can see the work in progress here: I integrated that landing page into the Mail Poet WP newsletter plugin.
    Anyway, now I’m writing the report using information I formerly gave away free on the site without capturing any contact information. Again… duh!
    I was wondering – do you have any recommendations on writing the free report? How long should it be? How much of a product hard sell should it include? Any thoughts?

    • Hello Paul,

      My recommendation is to focus on immediate value in your free report. Whether its long or short isn’t nearly as important as how much practical value it delivers to the reader. The best kind of free report gives your reader something they didn’t consider before and that they can implement in their lives as easily as possible.

  • Shane I have use of Thrive Builder to play with via a friends test site they gave me access to…..I really like it and want to buy it are you doing any near future launches again of it?

    I have a couple of concerns I wanted you to clarify and address where might I quickly send them to you and ask need to find this out asap please

    • Hello Jenny,

      We don’t have any re-launches of the plugin planned in the near future. For questions you can write a comment or use the contact link at the bottom of the page. 🙂

  • By far the best plugin and I loved the course. I have great respect for your products and what you are doing with them. You seem to understand what the client needs so a very large thank you

  • The mini-course is very informative…and very easy to understand and follow, thank you.