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How to Install Thrive Products On a WordPress Multisite Network?

If you have set up a WordPress multisite network and you want to use the Thrive Products that you have purchased on all of your multisites, then using the Thrive Product Manager is the first step you have to take. Note: Please keep in mind that the following instructions are valid for the sub-domain, as […]

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Why Can’t I Deactivate/Activate a License Use?

​Why? The old licensing system did not have the option of deactivating a license installation/use from a website and activate it on another.This was not possible because the old licensing system used the email address along with the license key for activation and it tracked the number of uses, not the websites themselves. Thus, it […]

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How to Activate or Deactivate a License Installation on Your Website

The new Thrive licensing system allows you to easily activate or deactivate the license installations from your website.Activating a License InstallationThis happens automatically once you have purchased your license, downloaded the Thrive Product Manager and used it to install and activate the products on your website. If you need more info on how the Thrive Product Manager […]

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How to Use the Thrive Product Manager

The Thrive Product Manager is the product installer that you need in order to access the Thrive products that you have purchased. Once you have the Thrive Product Manager, you will be able to install and activate the Thrive products on your website. Here are the steps you need to take in order to do that:Download the […]

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How to Change Your Thrive Themes Password and Account Details

This article will show you how you can change your account details and/or password for your account on the Thrive Themes website.  To get started, access the Member Dashboard entry from the navigation bar: Select My Account and Installations from the "Member Navigation" menu:On that page, look for the Account Details area: As you can see, all of your […]

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How to Extend Your Access to the Support Forum

There are two ways in which you can have access to our support forum:​You own one of our memberships and you have access to all of our products. As long as your membership is active you have unlimited access to our support forum.You have purchased one or more of our products individually. In this case, you […]

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My Product Won’t Activate – What To Do?

In case you have a valid license for a Thrive Themes plugin/theme, or membership and your product(s) won't activate successfully, here are the steps you can take to fix the problem.Step 1 - Update all Thrive productsBefore trying to activate your product, please make sure that all Thrive products are up to date. The activation […]

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What Happens When I Cancel My Membership?

Here's a summary of what happens if you cancel your Thrive Themes membership.A summary of the important points:-Continued access for paid period - You will continue to have access, including all privileges, for any period that has already been paid for.  For instance, if you signed up for our yearly plan and cancel after 6 […]

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How to Change Card Details for Membership Payments

Whenever you pay for a Thrive Membership/Product, the payment has to go through PayPal because this is the way our payment system is set up. Therefore, if you want to change the credit card details you use to pay for your Thrive Membership, you will have to do make the changes in your PayPal account. Important! […]

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Thrive Themes Agency License – Terms and Conditions

In this knowledge base article, you can read the terms and conditions of the Thrive Themes Agency License, which we really recommend before you purchase. The Thrive Themes agency license is NOT a resale, re-branding, PLR or MRR license. You MAY NOT sell the themes or plugins directly and you cannot claim credit for them.​You may […]

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