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How Does the Apprentice Progress Tracking Feature Work?

You can activate the Progress Tracking feature in the Apprentice options: When activated, this feature will add a checkbox like this to the bottom of each lesson: Your members can use this to indicate they have completed a lesson and keep track of which lessons are still open. In the Apprentice Navigation Widget, they will […]

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How Does the Apprentice Favorites Feature Work?

One of the features you can activate in Apprentice is the "Favorites" feature: This will add a "mark as favorite" option to the bottom of each lesson: Currently, the favorites feature only has one option it ties in with: the Apprentice Favorites widget. Go to "Appearance" and "Widgets" to manage your widgets: Adding this widget […]

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What is the Apprentice Lessons Root Page?

When you activate the Apprentice feature, one of the new theme options lets you select a "Lessons Root Page": ​The page you select here will act as an alternative homepage for Apprentice pages. The Lessons Root Page is linked to in two different ways: when someone clicks on the first item in the breadcrumbs of […]

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What’s the Difference Between Apprentice Lessons and Apprentice Pages?

When you activate the Apprentice feature, two new content types become available to you: Lessons and Apprentice Pages.The difference between the two is similar to the difference between WordPress posts and pages. Apprentice Lessons will be shown in the Apprentice Content Manager and you can organize them into a structured course. Every lesson is part […]

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Apprentice Menu, Widgets & Content: How to Create a Separate Member’s Area Within Your Site

A key component of the Apprentice feature is that it lets you create a separation between your regular content and your membership content. If you wish, you can have two parts to your website: a public-facing part that everyone sees and a member part where you deliver your course or product (and the member part […]

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Apprentice Feature: Quick-Start Guide

The Apprentice feature is part of some of our themes and it is designed to help you create high-quality course and membership content. Note that Apprentice is not a membership pluign or feature. There are many plugins available that let you ​protect certain parts of your website, make them only accessible to members and charge money […]

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