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How to Set the Favicon of Your Website with Thrive Theme Builder

With Thrive Theme Builder, it is very simple to set a favicon for your website. This article will explain how to do that. Set the FaviconThe first thing you need to do is to access the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard. To do that, in your WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to the left sidebar and hover over […]

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What are Theme Colors & How to Use Them

When using Thrive Theme Builder, you should know that each theme that you purchase will come with its own branding. Of course, everything can be customized as you wish. Quick Navigation What are Theme Colors? Where Can I Find Them?How Can I Use the Theme Colors?Theme Colors in the Thrive Theme Builder DashboardReset the paletteTheme […]

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How to Set the Logo of Your Website in Thrive Theme Builder

Setting a logo for your website can very easily be done when using Thrive Theme Builder.Add the LogoThe first thing that you need to do in order to get started is to access the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard.To do that, in the WordPress Admin Dashboard, hover over “Thrive Dashboard”:Click on “Thrive Theme Builder” from the […]

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