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How to Use a Theme Header/Footer on a Landing Page

If you are using a Thrive Theme Builder Theme and you have created various header and/or footer designs for it, you can use those headers/footers not only on your Theme Templates, but also on your Thrive Architect Landing Pages.The way this works is the following:Whenever you create and save a header/footer in Thrive Theme Builder, […]

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How to Use the Bottom Section

This article will go through the process of customizing the “Bottom” section when editing a theme in Thrive Theme Builder.In order to get started, go ahead and launch the Thrive Theme Builder editor. Once it opens, you will immediately be able to see the “Main Options” on the left sidebar:Here, you can choose which section you […]

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How to Use the Footer Section

This article will go through the steps in which you can easily customize your “Footer” section when using Thrive Theme Builder. You can easily do that with the use of the "Main Options" from the left sidebar.  Once you access the Thrive Theme Builder editor, you will immediately notice the "Main Options" section on the left […]

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