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What Does a Thrive Theme Builder Theme Come With?

When you start using Thrive Theme Builder and its themes, you will see that it also comes with some features that you can use in order to make the experience of building a theme much more easy for you. First of all, when you want to install a theme, Thrive Theme Builder will automatically be installed, […]

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How to Use the Site Speed Section of the Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard

Thrive Theme Builder gives you the possibility to quickly and easily set up basic site speed related settings, to get a head start in optimizing your website’s speed.In order to set these up, first you need to access the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard and its “Site Speed” section. To do that, hover over the “Thrive […]

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How to Add Scripts to a Thrive Theme Builder Theme

In Thrive Theme Builder, you can easily add scripts to your theme. This article will guide you through the steps in which you can do that. In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to the left sidebar, scroll down a bit and click on "Thrive Dashboard":This will open a list of the Thrive Products you own, as […]

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How to Connect Your Social Media Profiles to Thrive Theme Builder

Connecting your social media profiles to Thrive Theme Builder is important because it will not only save you time, but also make the process of customizing your theme and its various templates easier.You can connect your social profiles using the “Global Fields” feature, from the “Smart Settings”, available in the Thrive Dashboard. After you do […]

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How Do I Access or Switch to the Thrive Theme Builder Editor

There are more ways of accessing the Thrive Theme Builder editor, or switching to Thrive Theme Builder, in order to customize the templates of your theme. Note: Naturally, you will need a Thrive Theme Builder theme installed and activated, in order to have access to the Thrive Theme Builder editor. Access the editor from the […]

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How to Start Using Thrive Theme Builder

Important!Before installing and activating a Thrive Theme Builder Theme on an existing website, we recommend setting up a staging website, to avoid making any big changes (such as a theme switch) directly on your site. When you install a Thrive Theme Builder Theme, the Thrive Theme Builder will be automatically installed along with it. This […]

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How to Install & Activate a Thrive Theme Builder Theme

Installing and activating the themes from Thrive Theme Builder is an important first step towards being able to use the themes. There are a few aspects of the installation process that you should know before doing this:Each theme you want to use will have to be installed and activated on the website you will want to […]

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How to Use the Site Wizard

This article will show you how the Site Wizard works and how easily you can use it to create your website using Thrive Theme Builder. The wizard helps you setup your site's most important elements very quickly. After using the wizard, you can go to the template editor and further customize your site. Furthermore, you […]

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