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How to Set a Favicon for Your Website

You can set a favicon for your website through the "Customize" option. This can be accessed either through the WordPress Dashboard, or from any of your WordPress website's pages/posts. Below, on this page, you can find out more about each approach.Through the WordPress DashboardUsing this approach, you will need to go on your WordPress website's dashboard […]

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How to Set Up Nicer URLs for Your WordPress Website

By default, WordPress uses URLs that aren’t very nice or easy to remember. In other words: they aren’t very “human friendly”. There are two things you can do to get nicer URLs for your website: 1) Change the Permalink Settings In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to “Settings” and “Permalinks”: From the available options, choose […]

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How to Install & Activate a Thrive Theme

In order to install and activate a Thrive theme on your website you need two things: you have to purchase the specific theme; and you have to have the Thrive Product Manager installed on your WordPress admin dashboard. If you need a detailed guide on how to download and install the Thrive Product Manager, please check […]

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