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How to Create a Category Drop Down Menu (Menu With Post Gallery)

The category menu is a drop-down menu that can be applied to the main navigation of a magazine theme. It shows a gallery of recent posts in different categories and (optionally) sub-categories. Example: To create a category menu, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to "Appearance" -> "Menus": In the WordPress menu editor, […]

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How to Create a Magazine Slideshow Post

A slideshow post is a blog post that contains a slideshow, which opens in a modal box. There are two main purposes of the slideshow: It’s a very attractive content type. Slideshow posts are easy to consume and tend to garner many social shares. They are also fairly easy to create. It’s optimized for ad […]

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How to Use the Ad Manager and Create Ad Groups

Thrive magazine themes come with a built in ad manager that lets you display highly targeted ads throughout your site’s content. In your WordPress admin dashboard, click on the “Thrive Ad Group” item in the sidebar: This will show you a list of all the ad groups you’ve already created. Each ad group represents one […]

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How to Use the Homepage Layout Builder

The purpose of the homepage layout builder is to provide an easy way to create a homepage that displays a lot of content, without repeating the same posts multiple times. This is why a separate builder is used and not a default page with short codes. The homepage generated in the builder “knows” which posts […]

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