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How Can I Add a New Theme Without Affecting My Live Website

Whenever you want to install a new Thrive Theme Builder theme, you don't have to worry about it affecting the live website in any way. This is because, after uploading a new theme, you first have to activate it, in order for it to be applied to your live site.  If you need guidance with installing and […]

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How to Export a Thrive Theme Builder Theme

When using Thrive Theme Builder, you can export the active theme in order to use it on another website. If you want to do that, firstly access the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard, and then go to the "Manage" option. Then, click on the “Export” option, below the name of the active theme:A pop-up window will open with […]

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How to Import a New Thrive Theme Builder Theme

This article will explain how to import a new theme when using Thrive Theme Builder. For this, you will have to access the "Manage" option, that you can find in the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard:This will open the section from where you can manage the themes. Here, when you want to import a theme, you can use […]

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Can I Use Themes on Other Websites After Customizing Them?

The answer to this question is pretty straight forward: yes! If you have already bought a Thrive Theme Builder theme, customized it, and you want to use the same theme on multiple websites, you can do that. Here is how:1. Export the theme from the initial siteWhat you have to do is to export the theme […]

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How to Export and Import a Thrive Theme Builder Theme

You just spent time customizing your Thrive Theme Builder theme and now you want to use it on another website? No problem! Here's how to export and import a Thrive Theme Builder theme. Note: Both websites need the Thrive Theme Builder theme installed in order for this to work. Export Your Thrive Theme Builder ThemeAccess the […]

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How to Manage Themes in Thrive Theme Builder

You can use the “Managing Options” of your theme anytime, to do things like rename, export, preview, duplicate, or even delete your themes. Managing your themes can be done directly from your Thrive Theme Builder dashboard as follows: Quick Navigation Access the Thrive Theme Builder dashboardAccess the Managing OptionsManage your active themeDuplicateExportPreviewRenameManaging inactive themesActivateExport & […]

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How to Add a New Theme in Thrive Theme Builder

Themes are the essence of Thrive Theme Builder. The main goal of using Thrive Theme Builder is to have themes with customized templates that are perfectly suited for your pages/posts. Adding a new theme can easily be done directly from your Thrive Theme Builder dashboard. Here is how:Access the Thrive Theme Builder dashboardFirst, you will […]

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