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How to Use the Dynamic Links Feature in Thrive Architect

Dynamic links are useful if you want to quickly and easily various elements, such as a text, an icon or an image to a specific place, without having to type in the URL of the respective place (content). Only a few clicks are needed to insert them and then, when clicked, these dynamic links will take […]

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How to Manage the Status & Visibility of a Page/Post Directly from Thrive Architect

From now on, it is possible to set up the visibility, as well as publish/unpublish a page or a post, directly from the Thrive Architect editor. You do not need to go back to your WordPress admin dashboard when you want to manage the “Status & Visibility” of the page/post you are working on. Here is […]

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How to Use the Logo Element

You can easily upload your logo to your website, using the “Logo” element in Thrive Architect. This element not only gives you an easy way to upload your logo, but it also allows you to add different "Logo Variations" and customize them. The “Logo” element acts as a symbol. This way, regardless of how many pages has […]

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What are Smart Landing Pages and How to Use Them

The Smart Landing Pages in Thrive Architect were created to give you an even easier way of customizing landing page templates. The difference between the normal (now called Legacy) Landing Page templates and the Smart Landing Page templates is that for the latter ones have smart features, such as "Smart Color Management", "Global Styling" and "Global […]

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How to Build a Simple Mega Menu Using the Custom Menu Element

With the help of the "Mega Menu" feature of the Custom Menu element, you can create Mega Menus, where all the second and third level menu items will be displayed on your page at once, in a Mega Menu drop down.This is very useful if you want to give the visitors of your website an […]

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Thrive Leads or Thrive Architect? Which Plugin Should You Choose to Build Your Email List?

A lot of people ask us:“What’s the difference between Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads? Which one is best to build my email list?” Let me clarify this question for you. If you want to add any type of opt-in form anywhere on your website, get detailed statistics on how your forms are performing and have one of […]

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How to Add Third Level Items to a Mega Menu

Whenever you build a "Simple Mega Menu" using the "Custom Menu" element, there are a few things you should consider.  In order to have Mega Menus on your website, you need to add a menu, in the Custom Menu element, that not only has second level items, but third level items as well. Regardless of the source […]

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How to Use the Post List Element in Thrive Architect

The "Post List" element in Thrive Architect allows you to display your favorite blog posts/pages/Thrive Apprentice content (if you have created courses with Thrive Apprentice) or other custom post types that you have, inside a layout, anywhere you want on your website.  In this article, you will discover how each of the options of the "Post […]

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How to Use the Content Block Element

The “Content Block” element comes in handy, if you want to quickly combine more types of blocks to create professionally designed content on your blog posts and pages. Here are the key steps you need to take in order to use the “Content Block” element: Step-by-step guide 1. Add the element to the page2. Choose the […]

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How to Use the Audio Element

With the help of the “Audio” element you can easily add audio files, such as custom audio, or songs from SoundCloud/Spotify to your page. In order to use the “Audio” element, you have to add it to the page. Click on the plus sign from the right sidebar to open the list of elements. Look for […]

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