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The ‘Copy Link of a Comment’ Option

If you're using Thrive Comments, you should know that, if you need to make a reference to one of the comments from your website, you can easily do that.  This option is useful for the owner/admin of a website, as well as for the users, to use the comment as a reference in various places. For […]

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How to Use the Reports Area in Thrive Comments

In the Reports area you will be able to see a chart with all the comments that were posted on your website, vote engagements, as well as the most active commenters, popular posts and most upvoted comments.  The option, which is found on the navigation bar, will send you to an area separate from the Thrive […]

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How to Use the Comment Moderation Feature

The Comment Moderation feature allows you to change the way the comments are moderated. You can choose which user roles from your website can moderate comments. The feature can be accessed straight from the Thrive Comments Dashboard: User Roles We'll start from the top: You can specify the user roles that can moderate comments, by clicking on the […]

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What You Need to Know about Thrive Comments and Custom Posts

The Thrive Comments plugin can be used on custom posts, that are built with other plugins. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are numerous plugins with which you can build custom post types - In this article, we're going to use as an example the Pods plugin for WordPress. Where Does […]

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How to Use the Comment Sign-In Feature

The Comment Sign-In feature can allow guests to comment on your website, using their Social Media accounts (Facebook, Google). To start using this feature, you need to access the Thrive Comments Dashboard > Comment Sign-In:The first option inside the Comment Sign-In feature can allow guests to insert their website URL, as well, when posting a comment: In […]

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How to Use the Thrive Comments Notification Feature

Email notifications are now available in Thrive Comments! In this article you will be able to find out how the notifications work and how you can properly set them up. First of all, in order to start using the feature, you will need to access the Thrive Comments Dashboard > Notifications:Connect to an Email Delivery ServiceFirst […]

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How to Navigate Through the Thrive Comments Dashboard

Thrive Comments has multiple features which can be accessed through the Comments Dashboard. If you have just started using the plugin, don't forget to check out this article first: How to Get Started with Thrive Comments – First Steps. Thrive Comments Dashboard Navigation 1. General Settings2. Comment Conversion3. Comment Sign-In4. Customize Style5. Voting and Badges VotingBadges6. […]

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How to Find Your Way Around the Comments Moderation Dashboard

The Comments Moderation feature allows you to manage all the comments that have been posted on your posts/pages. In this article we'll go over each option found in the Moderation dashboard. Comments Moderation Navigation Set Up Who Can Moderate CommentsAccessing the Comments ModerationKeyboard ShortcutsFind Comments More EasilyFiltering OptionsBulk ActionsComment Options & InformationBasic Information (Name, Email, […]

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How to Use the Comment Conversion Feature in Thrive Comments

The Comment Conversion feature allows you to choose what happens after a visitor leaves a comment on your website. The feature can be accessed from the Thrive Comments dashboard: Moving forward, from the moment you click on the toggle, the Comment Conversion feature will show up, being displayed as a new section on the dashboard. You will then […]

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Thrive Comments General Settings – Tutorial

The Thrive Comments General Settings are the most basic options you need to set up before you start using the plugin on your own WordPress website. The changes you will make in this section will overwrite the similar default WordPress comment settings, so you don't need to worry about that. However, if you want to have a […]

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