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Plugin / Theme Conflicts

In this article we will take an in-depth look at the conflicts between certain themes and plugins from a WordPress website and how these issues can be addressed.Quick Fix of Themes/Plugins ConflictsNote: This solution involves editing some PHP code in your theme or plugin files. If you are not familiar with the WordPress code editor or […]

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Thrive Content Builder – Troubleshooting Problems

TCB is compatible and works perfectly with every theme and plugin that was built considering the rules from the WordPress Codex. However there are many plugins and themes developed without having the WordPress Codex in mind, and those might block TCB from working properly. The most common issue is your theme or one of your […]

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Unable to edit content with the Content Builder

The Content Builder is designed so that you can only edit content that you've created with the Content Builder plugin.  ​It's not possible to edit content that you've already created using the standard WordPress editor. ​Why Can't I Edit Existing Content?The WordPress content editor uses something called TinyMCE.  This editor is continually being updated (recently […]

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