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How to Use the Landing Pages Analytics & Scripts Manager

With Thrive Architect, you can include custom scripts in the header, body or footer of your Landing Pages - For instance, to track conversions.If you want to add separate scripts on each landing page, you can see exactly how to do that, by checking out this article: Adding Custom Scripts to Thrive Landing Pages. However, you […]

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How to Import/Export a Custom Landing Page

Importing & exporting custom landing pages saves you time and makes your job easier, when you are building one or more websites. It allows you to customize a landing page template and re-use it, whenever you want, without having to do the customization part all over again. Here is how to do that:Exporting a landing pageFirst, […]

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How to Customize your Landing Page Settings with Thrive Architect

If you have chosen a landing page template while building your website, you have the possibility to customize it to best fit your purposes. You can customize each element on the landing page individually, by simply clicking on them and using the available options for each of them. However, besides these options, you also have the […]

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How to Load a Thrive Architect Landing Page

In this article you will be able to find out how you can load a Landing Page, with the help of the Thrive Architect plugin. More specifically, how to load a Landing Page on a newly created page from your website, and also, on an existing page with some content added to it. Loading a Landing […]

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Saving and Loading a Landing Page Template

This article explains how to create a new landing page template and the steps to load an existing template.Creating a New WordPress PageFirst of all, you need to create a new page: Go to Pages > Add New: Give your new page a title, then, save the page as a draft or publish it.Then, select the […]

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How to Use the Landing Page Font and Text Options

With Thrive Architect you can customize all the typography options for the headings & paragraphs found on a Landing Page. While you're editing your Landing Page with Thrive Architect, you can go to the bottom of the editing control panel and click on "Page Setup": You can then click on "Landing Page Settings":Expand the Landing Page Text […]

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Adding Custom Scripts to Thrive Landing Pages

When you're creating a landing page, you may wish to include custom scripts in the header, body or footer of your page (for instance to track conversions). You can do this quickly and easily in Thrive Landing Pages with the following steps:Using the Custom Scripts OptionWhile you're editing your landing page, you can go to the […]

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