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How to Use the Tag Dynamic Content Feature in Thrive Ovation

The "Tag" feature in Thrive Ovation works like a label for your testimonials. For example, if you are selling multiple products on your website, you can use a tag for each product, thus putting each testimonial into a product's category. The advantage of tags is that each testimonial can have more than one tag. This will be […]

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How to Navigate Through the Thrive Ovation Dashboard

Thrive Ovation has multiple features which can be accessed through the Thrive Ovation dashboard. You can find the plugin by accessing the Thrive Dashboard menu: Plugin Navigation MenuOnce you have entered the Thrive Ovation dashboard you will notice on the right hand side at the top of the page, a menu through which you can […]

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How to Configure Your Customer Approval Settings

​As soon as you have finished connecting your email delivery service with Thrive Ovation you can start configuring your customer approval settings.  To start setting up your customer approval settings you need to access the Thrive Ovation dashboard, which can be found in the Thrive Dashboard menu: After you have entered the Thrive Ovation dashboard, look for the […]

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How to Create a Testimonial from a Comment

​By using the Thrive Ovation plugin you can add testimonials on your posts/pages straight from the comment section of your website.  In order to get started on this process all you have to do is go to your WordPress Dashboard and look for the "Comments" menu item: In the "Comments" section, on the right hand side of […]

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How to Import a New Testimonial using Social Media

Another way through which you can capture testimonials is by importing them from Social Media. In order to use this feature you have to access the Thrive Ovation dashboard from the Thrive Dashboard menu: Once you have accessed the Thrive Ovation dashboard you need to look for the "Capture Testimonials" item, found on the top of […]

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How to Connect Your Email Delivery Service with Thrive Ovation

When you are creating a testimonial from a comment, you need to ask for the approval of the person that provided the testimonial. To start setting up your email delivery integration that gives you the possibility to send emails to your testimonial writers, you need to access the Thrive Ovation dashboard, which can be found in the Thrive […]

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How to Display your Thrive Ovation Testimonials

​There are two ways in which you can display to a certain post/page a testimonial that was captured in a specific way or one that you have manually added. You can either display it using Thrive Content Builder or using WordPress Shortcodes. To select either one of these options look for the "Display Testimonials" menu drop list […]

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How to Capture Testimonials with Thrive Ovation

The user interface of the Thrive editor has been upgraded!Please, check out the changes here, before proceeding. Quick Navigation Capture using Thrive ArchitectChange TemplateForm SettingsButton ColorCapture using WordPress ShortcodesAdd the ShortcodeEdit the ShortcodeCopy the ShortcodePlace the Shortcode into Your Post/PageCapture using Thrive LeadsImport from Social Media The "Capture Testimonial" feature allows you to display a […]

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How to Manually Add a New Testimonial with Thrive Ovation

​There are cases in which you want to display a testimonial which wasn't captured through our plugin or through Social Media. These cases can either refer to receiving a testimonial through email, through other websites and so on. In order to display such testimonials on your website you can see below how to manually add a testimonial with […]

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