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What Can I Do If a Customer Did Not Get Access to a Purchased Course?

In instances when a customer has purchased your Thrive Apprentice course, set up as a SendOwl product, but he/she was not granted access for some reason, please use the “SendOwl Customers List” to give them access. Here is how you can do this:Access the “SendOwl Customers List”Go to your Thrive Apprentice dashboard and click on the […]

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How Can I Offer a Partial Refund in SendOwl?

If you have set up your Thrive Apprentice course as a SendOwl product that can be purchased and you want to offer a customer, who bought it, a partial refund, follow these steps: Note: Before setting up the partial refund, please make sure that you have the “Refund Issued” web hook created in your SendOwl […]

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I Want to Give Free Access to My SendOwl Products, but the Process Is Not Working – Why?

IssueIn order to give free access to customers in SendOwl, to a course that you have created with Thrive Apprentice, you need two important things: Solution 1While setting up the course as a product in SendOwl, make sure that the price of the course is set to 0.00 or left blank. This is needed in […]

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Why Can’t I Deactivate/Activate a License Use?

​Why? The old licensing system did not have the option of deactivating a license installation/use from a website and activate it on another.This was not possible because the old licensing system used the email address along with the license key for activation and it tracked the number of uses, not the websites themselves. Thus, it […]

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No SendOwl Products/Bundles Found – What to Do?

It might happen that you encounter an error message, letting you know that no products/bundles were found, when trying to access your purchase links. There can be more causes behind this error. Please consult the ​information below to see what these are and also check the solution for them: 1. No products/bundles were created in SendOwl […]

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How to Solve the ‘No License Installations Found’ Error

It can happen that you encounter a warning message while trying to install your Thrive products on your website. It will look like this:The warning message will let you know that no activations, meaning no license installations, were found for your website and the products that you have already bought will be grayed out, just […]

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Products Cannot Be Installed with the Thrive Product Manager – What to Do?

It might happen that an error occurs when you want to install your products with the Thrive Product Manager. You will see either an error or a warning message, saying that something went wrong and the products could not be installed on your website.  There can be multiple causes behind this issue. Please consult the details below to see […]

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How to Set the Right Permissions for a New API Key in SendOwl

There is an important aspect to consider when you are adding a new set of API keys to your SendOwl account in order to connect it with Thrive Apprentice.Setting the right permissionsAfter you click on the “Add API key” button (from the SendOwl Settings - API) you will see that a pop-up window will open […]

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Tips for Downloading Plugins on Mac for WordPress Websites

If you have a Mac and you want to download plugins on it, which you will later use to build your WordPress based website, then, you should keep in mind the following before starting the process: The downloading process may vary depending on what browsers you use. SafariIf you are using Safari as your default browser, it […]

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How to Ask Your Hosting Company to Increase Server Limitations

In some cases you might encounter a problem when trying to upload a Thrive plugin or theme on your WordPress website. This usually occurs because of the limitations/restrictions of your web hosting. One of the solutions for this problem is to email the company that provides your web hosting and ask them to make the necessary changes […]

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