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Why Does Google PageSpeed Insights Show Such Low Scores?

The usual scenario is this: You do a speed test on your WordPress website using Google PageSpeed Insights. However, chances are that it will give you an average / low score.Why Does this Happen?You might ask yourself the exact same question: Why does this happen? Because the loading time is just under 2 seconds! And here is […]

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“Something went wrong […]” Saving Error

The usual scenario of this situation is: You are using the Thrive Themes editor on a page and, if you try to save the changes, this error shows up: "Something went wrong! You might not have the required user capability": In this case, in order to not lose the changes you have made, do NOT close the page, and […]

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Why you Should set Wordfence’s Firewall on Learning Mode

Wordfence Security is a free plugin for WordPress and it is designed to protect your website from any sort of malware. However, if you enable Wordfence's firewall you risk to have certain features of our products not work properly on your WordPress website. For this particular reason, the firewall needs to be set to "Learning Mode" […]

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Endless Loading Spinner When Trying to Save – Internal Server Error 500

The ProblemA small number of Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Leads Users may experience the "endless loading spinner" when trying to save.  This is an unfortunate consequence of certain security plugins or server configuration settings. The Solution1. Check What's Causing the ErrorIf this should ever happen to you, the first step to take is to […]

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Editor Not Displaying – Conflict with Autoptimize Plugin

Autoptimize is a caching plugin that can cause a conflict with any of our plugins that contain the Thrive Architect editor (at the time of writing this is Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Quiz Builder and Thrive Apprentice).​The ProblemThe problem is caused by the Autoptimize javascript optimisation.  When trying to open the editor, […]

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Landing Page Template Won’t Load – WP Super Cache Conflict and Fix

WP Super Cache is a popular caching plugin that can cause a conflict with Thrive Architect, specifically when trying to load a landing page.The ProblemBelow you can see the Landing Page Templates layout from Thrive Architect:If you try and load a landing page from the landing pages template screen, the chosen landing page won't load […]

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Thrive Architect – Troubleshooting Problems

Thrive Architect is compatible and works perfectly with every theme and plugin that was built considering the rules from the WordPress Codex. However, there are many plugins and themes developed without having the WordPress Codex in mind, and those might block Thrive Architect from working properly. The most common issue is your theme or one of your […]

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“Are You Sure You Want to Do This?” WordPress Error Message – How to Upload your Plugin

Sometimes when you upload your plugin to your site you might receive an error message that looks like this: This usually occurs when either the PHP memory limit or max post size for WordPress has been reached. The easiest workaround for this is to upload the zip file for the plugin through FTP using something like […]

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