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Adding Schema Data to your Content

Schema data allows you, as a publisher, to make your content so that search engines have a great understanding about what it is.

Sometimes, this will modify what is displayed in the search engines and can help achieve a higher click through rate.  For example, if you write a review piece of content and add the associated schema data, then your listing can appear like this in Google:-​

How to Add Schema Data with a Thrive Theme

We have deliberately made the decision to not build schema options into our themes because there is a well maintained and up-to-date plugin that does a very good job of this.

The plugin is called All in One Rich Snippets​ and can be downloaded for free directly from your WordPress admin area.

How to Add the Plugin to Your Site

Simply navigate to "Plugins" -> "Add New":-​

You can then search for "All in one schema":-

You can then click to add the plugin to your site:-

How to Use The Plugin

Screenshots and examples showing how to use this plugin can be found here.