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Can I Upgrade my License? If so, How?

Yes, you can upgrade your license to have our products available on up to 15 sites. The procedure is as follows:

Individual Products Update

Important! - This procedure applies only to the plugin licenses (Thrive Architect, Leads, etc.) However, if you have a single website license for one of our themes, you will have to separately purchase the multiple website license at its full price. 

Firstly, you need to go on the Member Navigation, and access "My Account & Licence Keys":

Pick one of the products that you would like to be upgraded and then click on the "Upgrade" button:

After you've clicked the button, you will have two upgrading options for the product that you have selected. These options differ depending on your initial license type:

Once you have chosen your upgrading option, you will be redirected straight to the Paypal payment page. After your payment is conducted and verified, the license will be changed automatically and you will be able to see the changes in the "My Account & License Keys" section:

IMPORTANT! – This procedure applies only when upgrading to a different level within the same product. For example, upgrading from Thrive Architect single site license to the Thrive Architect license that can be used on 15 different sites.

Individual Product to Membership

If you already have at least one of our individual products, but you wish to upgrade to membership, simply purchase it here: Please note that in order to get the special only-for-customers price, you need to have at least one of our individual product that you cannot ask a refund for. 

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