Thrive Knowledge Base

Generate Thrive Themes Page Templates

If you want to replicate the pages seen in our demo (example: Squared Demo Page) you can do that in a few easy steps.

1. In your WordPress Dashboard at the bottom left go to Thrive Dashboard

2. In the Thrive Dashboard, click on the hamburger menu (1) of your Thrive Theme card and than on the Page Templates (2) link in the dropdown

3. Scroll down to the Page Templates section and check the pages you want to generate. 

If you have the Thrive Architect plugin installed and activated on your website you can select the highlighted checkbox to make all the selected pages editable with the plugin:

4. Click on Generate Selected Pages

You can find your newly generated templates in the Pages section of your WordPress control panel. You can edit them just like you would edit any page with the WP editor.