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How do we calculate Click Throughs?

​Please keep in mind that Thrive Headline Optimizer is not ​compatible with the new WordPress editor. Therefore, in order to have access to ​its options, you have to install the Classic Editor plugin first.

This way you will get back the old WordPress editor and you will be able to use Thrive Headline Optimizer.

As you can see in the plugin, with this feature enabled we will track the number of views and clicks that the headline you are testing gets on your website.

In the list below, you can get a better understanding on how impressions and engagements are registered when using the click through feature:

  • an impression is registered when a headline enters the viewport of the visitor while he is browsing your website;
  • an engagement is registered when a visitor clicks on that headline.

Impressions and engagements will be tracked wherever they appear on your website.

If you enable this feature, you will be able to see your headlines variations views and engagements in your headline tests Reporting area:

In order to open the view above, you must click on the "View test" button in the Thrive Headline Optimizer Dashboard: