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How does the ‘Forward Results to URL’ option Work in Thrive Quiz Builder

​Whenever you add redirect settings to one of the quizzes that you build using ​Thrive Quiz Builder, you will have an additional option: the "Forward Results to URL" option.

With the help of it, you can forward specific query-string parameters into the URL/the link of the page/post, or external page, that you set up as the redirect for the quiz (the place where users will be redirected after they finish the quiz).

How to activate it

In order to use the "Forward Results to URL" option, all you have to do is to activate it by checking the checkbox next to it:

After the option is activated, a new section will be displayed, showing the query-string parameters that will be forwarded into the URL of the redirect page/post:

These are the name, the email and the quiz result parameters. When forwarded, these query-string parameters will also contain the values associated to them, based on the information provided by the quiz takers.

Where do the parameters appear

After you set up the redirect settings for your quiz and activate the "Forward Results to URL" option, the above mentioned three parameters and their values, will be displayed in the link of the page/post, or of the external page, that you set up as the redirect for the quiz.

You will be able to see this, if you preview the page, where you have placed the quiz. When you preview the page, take the quiz to be redirected to the redirect page/post that you have applied to the quiz.

Once you have reached the redirect page/post, you will see the query-string parameters and their values in its link/its URL, displayed in the browser's address bar. The "name", the "email" and the "quiz result" parameters will be preceded by "tqb", which naturally stands for "Thrive Quiz Builder".

Here is an example of how this looks like:[email protected]&tqb_name=chrissy&tqb_quiz_result=introvert

Note: In case you have not set up an opt-in gate for your quiz, the "name" and the "email" parameters will be empty, they will not have any values associated to them. However, since a finished quiz will always have a result, the "quiz result" parameter will always have a value.

These forwarded parameters and their values can be used by tech-savvy users to further customize the redirect page from a programming point of view.

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